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When I first laid my hands on a Parker Fly guitar I was blown away.  So much so that I had to have one. I still use  that first Parker I bought over 15 years ago.

I have been in the Guitar business for 36  years. I have been a large dealer for a lot of companies. Many of these companies have given me guitars (beautiful ones) for free.  I have been given 5 or 6 PRS guitars for free. I had Brian Moore # 25 given to me free, G&L built me a gorgeous S500 in 1993, Fender, Heritage and Gibson  have given me beautiful Custom Shop guitars. Kramer gave me a spectacular Stagemaster for Xmas one year. Steinberger gave me 6 guitars as severance pay in 1991 when I worked as their artist relations and domestic sales manager.  I could go on but you would only hate me more.


It is a common practice for companies to make it very easy for their large dealers and/or their top salespeople to own their products for next to nothing. Nobody can sell a guitar better than someone who personally owns one can. Besides it's human nature for someone not to off-sell a company that gave him or her a free guitar.

The point I am getting to is this: In 35 years of buying, selling and trading thousands of new and used guitars, I have NEVER had to pay much money for any of my personal guitars - With one exception.

I actually paid for my Parker I bought it at full dealer price. It was the non tremolo model (All the Originals were non Tremolo). That is the absolutely HIGHEST possible compliment I could pay to any guitar. When Parker first came out they were very scarce.  Incidentally it came to my attention that Eddie Van Halen actually paid for his Parker also. So I guess I'm in good company.

The Parker guitar is light as a feather it resonates beautifully and it plays almost too easily. It is definitely one of the best guitars to come along since I have been in the business. Ken Parker is a genius!!!

If you happen to see one in a store, more than likely the salesman will not be able to give you a good demo. Most guitar store salesmen are too busy playing guitar to bother helping you. Give me a call and I will explain how you should demo the guitar. (It's all in the demo).

I recently installed a pair of Seymour Duncan Pickups in my Parker and that made the guitar sound about 4 times better than the stock DiMarzios. Don't try doing it yourself it is a very tricky complicated job and it requires special Seymour Pickups to make it work correctly. Contact my shop if you want the modification done.

Parker is finally offering Seymour Duncan Pickups as a factory option.....Yea!

Ed Roman
updated 12/05/07

Currently Washburn has purchased Parker, 

I have waited over a year to post this commentary, because I wanted to see what was gonna shake loose. I am pleased to report that Washburn is doing a great job of keeping the quality alive !!!
I am speaking about the original Parker Fly.  No comment on the lower end models.

     Ed Roman 01/08