Novelty Guitars

Novelty Guitars

Novelty Guitars can be incredibly collectable. I am showing here a small amount of high quality brand name Novelty & Collectable Guitars.  Look at Guitars like the Messenger or Mouradian or Chrysalis. These will make excellent investment grade guitars.

For example I currently have a PRS flat top acoustic guitar.  Ok, Ok, not much of a novelty with a standard Acoustic/Electric guitar. However the fact that PRS made it back in the early 90's, makes it very rare and a definite novelty.

Jackson Zoraxe
Available From Ed Roman

Wang Dang Wangcaster
Yes We Will Make This Guitar !!!

Very Cool Andreas Guitar With Ed Roman Custom Body


LSR Mini Ergo
Very Popular High Quality Travel Guitar Comes in 25 different Body Shapes

Stealth Bomber Guitar
In Stock
Available From Ed Roman


Rickenbacker Light Show Guitar
Currently Looking For These Models

Unknown but very nicely designed !!!!



High Caliber Derringer
Matching Korina Grips

High Speed Magnetic
 Quick Deployment 

Dimebag should have had one of these
Maybe he could have blown that  A-hole's head off

One Of  Ted Nugent's Gun Guitars  Built By Ed Roman 


Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop