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No Guitar Collection Is Complete Without A Mosrite

A Word About Johnny Ramone & His Mosrite Guitars

Now that Johnny Ramone & Semie Moseley are no longer with us, there are people out there who are claiming things that are simply not true.

These people want you to think that Johnny played their guitars when he was alive.    NOT !!!!
I was one of the lucky people who got to meet both Johnny & Semie. Personally, I think it's despicable for any company to take credit for designing any part of any of the Mosrite Guitars. Especially when they know damn well that Semie himself isn't around to call them a liar.
I think it's totally despicable for any company, to use representations or pictures of Johnny Ramone, who always played real Mosrite guitars,  posing with something that is obviously an absolute fake.
If you are going to make a fake, I guess I can understand that. To use a persons name after he is dead to try to represent that he actually played a different brand. That just plain sucks !!!!
Fakes will always exist, lets face it not everyone can afford the real thing. My thoughts are a fake is OK as long as it is represented as a fake.



 I have made a large commitment with Mosrite to carry 16 different colors & represent the line thoroughly.

Back in 1996 I had the privilege of being at a ceremony where Johnny Ramone would kick off the new Johnny Ramone Mosrite Signature Models. 

Johnny presented me with Serial #1 Johnny Ramone Model.  Below is a photo I took of Johnny when he signed the guitars to me "Hey Ed, Gabba Gabba Hey Hey."

Ed Roman Guitars Always Has Some Type of Authentic Johnny Ramone Guitar Available.  New Or Used

Over the years we have carried several lower cost imitations but there is a noticeable quality difference. These are intended for the beginner players.

The Only Exception is the American Made CBGB Model. It costs about the same as a real Mosrite. It's intended for a shredder who requires a flatter radius and bigger frets with a Tone Pros bridge but still wants the Original Mosrite Mark II look. 


Johnny Ramone Signing Guitars
Johnny Ramone Signature
Ramones 1974~1996

Photo By Ed Roman

Another One Of Johnny's Mosrite Guitars
Exact Replica's Of This Guitar Available
All Guitars On This Page Are Discontinued Models
 But They Are Still Available Without The Johnny Ramone Logo
We Also have Several New & Used Ones Still Available With The Logo

Original Johnny Ramone Signature Models 
These are discontinued  now, We are always acquiring used ones
 And for people who can't afford the Originals

We Have The Original Genuine Mosrite Mk II   

Specifications Original Discontinued Model C.B.G.B.
Body:  Same Shape Basswood  Basswood or Alder
Neck:  Same Shape Maple Maple  Quartersawn
Finger Board: Rosewood Ebony
Tuners:    (same) Grover USA 102  Grover USA 102 
Pickups:  (same) Dimarzio FS-1, Seymour Duncan, SM-1  Mini Humbucker
Bridge:  Mosrite Roller Bridge Tone Pros Tune-O-Matic
Controls: (same) One Volume, One Tone   "Mismatched"  Same on Both
Where Made Made In USA Made 100% in USA
Logo Mosrite Scorpion
Certificate Yes Yes
  Discontinued At This Time Upgrades Are In Red


The C.B.G.B.

 This guitar built entirely in the USA comes with upgraded components !!!

Original Tone Pros Bridge, Ebony Fingerboard. Quartersawn Neck
Same Dimarzio, Duncan Pickups, same knobs & electronics.

This guitar retains the look & sound of the original and has better components
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Ebony Fingerboards

Genuine Mosrite Mark II Guitars Are What Johnny Ramone Played For His Entire Career