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All Mosrites Mark 1 Models Now Built Entirely In USA

Don't Be Fooled By All the Shady Fakes!!! - These Are the Genuine Mosrite Guitars

No Guitar Collection Is Complete Without A Real Mosrite

Model #

Mosrite Mark I USA Made



M165VUSA Mark 1, 1966 Original Reissue, USA Made, NEW 2010, BEST DEAL $3,695,00 $2,795,00
M163SJRI Mark 1, 1963 Original Reissue, Side Jack, Bound Body, Set Neck $3,300.00
M164RI Mark 1 1964 Original Reissue, Front Jack, Bound Body, Set Neck $3,195.00
M165VUSA Mark 1, 1965 Original Reissue, USA Made By Dana Moseley $4,995.00 $3,195.00
M165-EP Mark 1, 1968 Elvis Presley Model, USA Made, NEW 2012, Taking Orders. Red Metallic Is Standard, Other Colors Optional. $5,000,00 $3,595.00
M1 RV Mark 1, 1965, Discontinued Model, Several Left $2,900.00 $2,595.00
MD JH Doubleneck Jimi Hendrix Model $8,900.00
M1 Gospel Gospel Model, In Stock $2,495.00
M165-50 Mark 1, 1965 50th Anniversary, Bolt-On Neck, Metal Flake $5,995.00 $3,995.00
M1BV Mark 1, Bass Guitar, Limited Quantities, Mosrite Basses Available $3,295.00 $2,495.00
CCER Custom Colors On Any 1965 !966 Or Gospel Model (Customer Specifies) $1,000.00
GHER Gold Hardware $1,000.00
LEFTY Mark 1, Left-Handed, 1965, USA Made, Ventures Style, Limited Quantities $3,495.00

Johnny Ramone Branded Models

Now Discontinued Although We Still Have Several Available
Don't Be Fooled By Cheaper Shady Imported Models Even If They Did Strike A Deal
With The People Who Now Control Johnny's Name.

Johnny Always Played A Real Mosrite !!

Model #

Mosrite Mark II JR



M2 Mark 2 Standard Guitar Stock $1,595.00
M2-JR Mark 2JR Exact Guitar That Johnny Ramone Played For His Entire Career $3,395.00 $2,495.00
M2-JR Mark 2 JR, Exact Guitar That Johnny Ramone Played, Left-Handed Model $3,695.00 $2,995.00
M2B Mark 2 CJ, Ramone Bass Guitar, Limited Availability $2,449.00 $1,995.00
Mark 2 CJ, Ramone Bass Guitar Left-Handed Model (Order Only) $2,995.00 $1,995.00
JR-F Johnny Ramone Forever Ltd Edition (Blue Metalflake Gold Hdw), (In Stock), Designed Entirely By Johnny Just Before He Died $4,995.00
JR-LTD Johnny Ramone Ltd Edition, White, Discontinued, Very Few Left Call

Model #

55th Anniversary Mosrite Bass



Mosrite Silver Sparkle Bass, 55th Anniversary, Only 55 Made $3.500.00 $2,500.00

Part #

Cases, Gigbags, Straps, Etc.



Case 1 Mark 1 Black Hardshell Case, Fits all German Carve Models, Ventures $249.00
Case 2 Mark 1 Brown Alligator Case, Fits all German Carve Models, Ventures, $299.00
Case 3 Mark 2 Hardshell Case, Fits Johnny Ramone & Mark II $149.00
Case 4 Mark 1 ATA Road Case, Fits all German Carve Models, Ventures $839.00
Case 5 Johnny Ramone Ltd Edition, Fits Johnny Ramone & Mark II $349.00
Case 6 Mosrite 50th Anniversary Case, Fits all German Carve Models, Ventures $349.00
Case 7 Mosrite Gospel Case, Comes With Mosrite Gospel Logo on Case $189.00
Case 8 Mosrite Elvis Presley Black Hardshell Case $239.00
Case 9 Mosrite Elvis Presley Silver Deluxe Custom Case Silver Interior $1,000.00
Case 10 Mosrite Jimi Hendrix Doubleneck Black Hardshell Case (Joe Maphis Also) $780.00
Case 11 Mosrite Jimi Hendrix Doubleneck Polka Dot Custom Road Case $1,440.00
STRAP Mosrite Original Style Leather Strap, Limited Availability $100.00
Gig Bag Mosrite Gig Bag Fits Mark II & New & Used Johnny Ramone Models $59.95
Gig Bag Mosrite Labeled Gig Bag Fits 1963, 1964 & 1965 Models $69.00
Gig Bag Mosrite Labeled Gig Bag Fits Bass Guitars $79.00

There are still several available new & pre-owned in perfect condition.

The Mark I  63  sidejack  models all are fully bound & have set necks. In Ed Roman's opinion they don't sound as bright as the 65 bolt on neck model. The glue tends to muffle some of the high end that Mosrite is famous for. Collectors will undoubtedly still want the 63 sidejack anyway.  Fully Made In USA

The Mark 1 64 Reissue is a bolt on model that resembles the Sidejack in every way except it has a bolt on neck.

The Mark 1 USA Made 1963, 1964, & 1965 Guitars all come equipped with the Vibramute System. They all have the trademarked Mosrite German carved body.   These are all Made In The USA

The Mark 1 Japanese Made 1963, 1964, & 1965 are no longer being imported into the USA. These guitars are every bit as good as the USA made ones but they cost considerably less. We expect to run out of these soon,  Move quickly and you will save quite a bit of money. They all come equipped with the Vibramute System. They all have the trademarked Mosrite German carved body. They are virtually indistinguishable from the USA Mosrite. 

The Mark 1 USA Made 1966 Guitars are brand new for 2009. They all have the trademarked Mosrite German carved body.  These cost less than the 65 Models They are made in the USA and intended to replace the Japanese models price point. These 1966 Models are almost exactly the same as the 65 model but offered for less money because the 65 model is considered the most collectible.   These all sound just as good as the 65 model which is the most sought after one.

This One Is The Least Collectable But The Best Price Point.

The Mark 1 Bass Guitars are extremely rare and hard to find. I have received a total of 13 pieces over the past 12 years.  I hope to have something in stock at all times.  (NOW BEING DISCONTINUED)

The Mark 1 50th Anniversary  (Limited run of 50) Guitar is based on a Mark 1 Model but it comes with an extremely cool metal flake paint job and a custom 50th Anniversary pickguard. These guitars are priced radically differently based on the colors and availability.  They are discontinued in 2004 but there are still collector pre owned ones popping up here and there.  Prices are escalating on these guitars.  A GOOD INVESTMENT

The Gospel Solid Body Model. Very hard to get model if we could ever get any supply of these the price would probably drop. I am lucky to get one of these a year they are extremely collectable and many Christian players as well as Jimi Hendrix & Kurt Cobain Fans want them.

The Mark II Junior These guitars come with 2 single coil pickups while the basses have 1 single coil pickup. Mosrite's least expensive guitar.

The Mark II JR  With Seymour Duncan & Dimarzio Pickups.  This is the exact guitar that Johnny Ramone opted to used for most of his career.  When Mosrite released the Johnny Ramone Model it was simply this guitar with his name on the headstock.  (This guitar was actually the one he used)

The Mark II  Johnny Ramone Forever Guitar,  The most collectable of the Ramone models. Built right around the time Johnny died.  This was the new photogenic model that he spent several years designing with Mosrite.  Only 30 of them were made for the entire world counting Johnny's personal model.
Johnny's favorite color was blue, he wanted the guitar to "Have a Lotta Bling"  So he opted for blue jumbo metal-flake with gold hardware.  Truly a handsome looking instrument. 

We have them in stock in fact none were ever shipped to any other dealers or distributors. These guitars were sold to celebrity fans & influential people in the music business. Call Ed Roman personally if you want one of these guitars.

The Mark II  Johnny Ramone Guitar,  The Limited Edition that would not die, We sold over 250 of these guitars retail and many more to European distributors. Currently we have very few left in stock that can be purchased.

The Mark II  CJ Ramone Bass,  Now In Stock


 Incredibly Wide Array Of Great Colors

Metalflake Models Are 50th Anniversary Models
Call For Information


Currently there are only 2 companies that are being copied more than Mosrite. These companies are Gibson & Fender. Usually as in the case of Mosrite & Fender the copies are cheaply put together Korean crap. In the case of Gibson I have seen at least 40 companies that are making better copies than the originals. Tokai, Madore, Navigator, Burny, Triggs, Dean I really hate to say it but Epiphones are built to a higher level of quality than many original Gibson guitars.  The only thing wrong with the Epiphones are the basic designs are so old that they don't lend themselves to today's music.

It's really easy to recreate Fenders & Gibsons because they use generic parts.

It's near impossible to correctly imitate the Mosrites because of the custom proprietary, bridges, pickups, knobs, tremolos.  {All the copycat companies don't use the real or even near real components)

The most popular models, which are the ones "The Ventures" played with the German Carve & Vibramute, They sell for about $1,595.00 to $3,495.00. Beware of cheap imitations with Bigsby tremolos or pseudo Fender tremolos. Wilson Brothers,  Eastwood, Wosrite, Excellent, to name a few.

The guitars that Semie's 4th wife Loretta Moseley is attempting to produce are a blight on Semie's product. The few that I have seen are atrocious and not at all worthy of being called a Mosrite. Dana Moseley Semie's daughter by his first wife is the one true keeper of the flame. Along with some assistance from us & Fillmore she has now been able to recreate the entire USA product line and is producing the best quality USA made Mosrite guitars that we have ever seen.

Be extremely careful of the (Excellent Brand) The word "Excellent" is nothing more than a brand name. I have seen ads for Excellent Mosrite's which is a very misleading because it sounds like it's an Excellent Mosrite.

In all actuality they might as well be called Acme Mosrites (Remember the word "Excellent" is nothing more than a brand name.   It's the same scam that  some Korean companies making guitars & calling them American. The word "American" is just a model name. They could have called it a "Mexican" or a "European" or a "Canadian" or a "Laplander" (This is just another scam to watch out for) You will see alot of this on FeeBay.

The second most popular model is the Mosrite JR 2 which is an exact replica of  the guitar that Johnny Ramone played including all of Johnny's custom modifications. They are finally available for a lower cost. These guitars are built in the USA. 

The signature hand made models, only 2 available per month, sell for over $4,000.00. There is a 50th Anniversary Model available priced on request (only a few left). Johnny Ramone Models are discontinued and only a few left in stock.

Ed Roman

Mosrite One Of A Kind 50th Anniversary in Gold Metalflake

Only 50 made 16 red  16 Blue  16 Green  1 Silver 1 Gold