Mosrite Guitar Parts Genuine

Mosrites Can Come In Any Color You Like On Custom Shop Models

Ed Roman Is The Only Dealer In The World that Carries Mosrite Original Genuine Parts

The copies we have seen are inferior, most of them can't pass even the slightest inspection for originality.

Mosrite Mark I Parts

Mosrite Original NOS 1965 Ventures Molded Pick, White Picks With Ventures Logo & Mosrite Logo Limited Quantities $10.00 Each
Mosrite Of California Decal Less Than 20 Left Limited Quantities $65.00
Ventures Decal, Less Than 5 Left Limited Quantities $95.00
Mosrite Strings Coming Soon
Mosrite 1963 Style Strap Coming Soon $150.00
Mosrite Coil Cord Coming Soon
Mosrite Tremolo Spring - In Stock MARK I $34.00
Mosrite Tremolo Bar - In Stock MARK I $149.00
Mosrite Vibramute Tremolo - In Stock MARK I $590.00
Mosrite Moseley Tremolo - In Stock MARK I $490.00
Mosrite Roller Bridge Markk I: 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 (Includes Studs) MARK I $260.00
Mosrite V Groove Bridge, Original Mosrite Part - New Old Stock MARK I $333.00
Mosrite Bridge Studs MARK I $25.00
Mosrite 65 - 66 Ventures Body Raw In Stock MARK I $475.00
Mosrite 65 - 66 Ventures Body Factory Paint In Stock White, Sunburst MARK I $675.00
Mosrite 65 - 66 Ventures Body Pearls Metallics MARK I $750.00
Mosrite 65 - 66 Ventures Body Ink Blue Metallic MARK I $850.00
Mosrite 65 - 66 Ventures Body Custom Paint MARK I Price On Request
Mosrite Joe Maphis Doubleneck Body (Custom Order Only 8 Weeks) MARK I $1,000.00
Mosrite Jimi Hendrix Doubleneck Body (Signed Non Disclosure Agreement) MARK I $1,300.00
Mosrite Pickguard (Better Fitting Than The Original) MARK I $125.00
Mosrite Neckplate Curved MARK I $90.00
Mosrite Nut MARK I $66.00
Mosrite Pickup MARK I $175.00
Mosrite Pickup Surround (Pickup Bezel) Each MARK I $42.00
Mosrite Original Necks Mk I MARK I $660.00
Mosrite Aftermarket Necks Mk 1 Custom Made Necks Start at $500.00 MARK I Not Available
Mosrite Aftermarket Necks Johnny Ramone Ebony Fretboard Dots MARK 2 $760.00
Mosrite Original Knobs (M on the Knob) - SOLD OUT MARK I $39.00 ea
Mosrite Original Knobs Vintage MARK I $35.00 ea
Mosrite Vintage Kluson Style Tuners MARK I $100.00 set

Mark II and Johnny Ramone Model Parts

Mosrite Mk II Body Raw MARK II $300.00
Mosrite Mk II Body Factory Paint MARK II $600.00
Mosrite Mk II Body Custom Colors MARK II POR
Mosrite Original Strap Pins Limited Quantity MARK II $24.00 pair
Mosrite Original Neck Mk II MARK II $600.00
Mosrite Original Neck Johnny Ramone w/ Ramone's Decal Occasionally Available MARK II POR
Mosrite Aftermarket Neck Mk II Custom Made Necks, Start at $500.00 MARK II not available
Mosrite Aftermarket Neck Mk II Ebony Neck Ramone Size Dots MARK II $760.00
Mosrite Pickguard Mk II MARK II $80.00
Mosrite Neckplate Curved MARK II $90.00
Mosrite Roller Bridge Including Studs MARK II $260.00
Mosrite V Groove Bridge Original New Old Stock MARK II $333.00
Aftermarket Tone Pros ABR Bridge and Tailpiece MARK II $129.00
Mosrite Tuners Mark II Grover MARK II $70.00`
Johnny Ramone Conversion Kit: Pickups, Pickguard, Wired, Electronics, Custom Knobs MARK II $499.00

There are people out there who are building Mosrite guitars illegall. If you are dealing with Loretta Moseley be aware she does not have the legal right to manufacture Mosrite Guitars or parts. Nor does Eastwood, Wilson Bros, Hallmark, Wosrite, or the rest of those copycats.


Parts sales are always non-refundable unless it has pre-discussed.
Please make absolutely sure you order the right part.
We will be glad to match your part up at no cost to you to ensure you make no mistakes.

Pickup Selector Knob

Mosrite Vibramute Tremolo Arm


Mosrite Vibramute Tremolo

Mosrite Mosely Tremolo

Mosrite Roller Matic Bridge

We Actually Have the Original V Groove Bridges In Stock Also

Mosrite Spring Tremolo Spring


Mosrite Knob these do not come chromed so please don't ask.

Mosrite Nut