Great White Quicksilver Shark Guitar

Mark Kendall Shark Guitar

This Fish Has Attitude!
2nd Prototype Design 2011

Quicksilver Shark for Mark Kendall
First Prototype Design 2011

Designed By Mike Risinger, Ed Roman & Mark Kendall

This Shark is Swallowing A Quicksilver Guitar Instead of a Surfer!
Formerly Mark's Shark guitars looked cool but they were not used much becaUse they played poorly
This guitar is built entirely on the Quicksilver Platform and should play awesomely.

The picture above is just the black base coat before the paint goes on
The teeth are real mother of pearl & they will be bloody & more jagged

 A Work In Progress

Below Are Photos Of The Original J Frog Shark Guitars
This J Frog body was set up by BC Rich for Mark


This guitar was never even playable
it was uncomfortable to play & Mark only used it as a prop

The Great White Mark Kendall, J Frog Guitar

Original J Frog Model Donated To The Hard Rock Back In The 80's