LSR Guitars Price List

LSR Guitars Price List

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BASIC MODEL 100% USA Made List Price Your Price
LSR Headless Guitar         2,989.00 $ 1,995.00 
LSR Headless Guitar (Bolero, Raven, Stinger) 3,489.00 $ 2,595.00
LSR Headless Bass      4 String 3,289,00 $ 2,295.00  
LSR Headless Bass      5 String 4,289.00 $ 2,695.00  

Below is a list of what is included in the basic price

Custom Inlays available at extra cost

We are now offering the Floyd Rose Speedloader System as an upcharge. 
Ed Roman has enough original Steinberger bridges for approximately 800 more guitars.
When the original bridges are exhausted we will design a new one !!!

List of Free Options

Superstable TM "Machine Screw & Brass Insert" neck fastening system   (No Wood Screws) No Charge
New Technology Sonically Engineered Upgraded Neck       (Directly Coupled)  No Charge
Original Steinberger Tremolo   (Also Available In Hardtail) Slight Extra Cost) No Charge
Double Ball String System or Double Barrel String System No Charge
Externally Adjustable Truss Rod       No Charge
Direct Coupling  (wherever possible)    *Suggest Hardtail For Best Tone No Charge
Side Dots & Center Dots On Neck No Charge
24 Fret Double Octave Neck Cut For Ed-wheel  (Exclusive On LSR Guitar)  No Charge
EMG  USA Made Active Pickup or Duncan Premium USA Passive Pickup  No Charge
Hard-Mounted Directly Coupled Pickup No Charge
Electronics, Tone, Volume & Pickup Selector  No Charge
Basswood Body  No Charge
Alder Body No Charge

 Extra Cost Options

Extra Pickup  & Controls     With Routing Hard Mounted      (Directly Coupled) $130.00
Parametric Equalizer System (onboard) same as the one used on the Lindsey Buckingham guitar.  New For 2009  (Fully Active) $199.00
Preamp System     Several Available) POR
Stop Tailpiece     (Directly Coupled) $150.00
Carbon Graphite Neck    No Charge
Truss Rod Adjusting Wheel $65.00
Maple Neck & Fingerboard (All Wood)  Custom Made Only $290.00
Macassar Ebony  Neck   Custom Made Only $680.00 
Macassar Ebony Neck   Extra Fancy Grade   Custom Made Only $980.00
Brazilian Rosewood Neck  Custom Made Only $550.00
Brazilian Rosewood Neck Extra Fancy Grade  Custom Made Only $850.00
Body Binding $250.00
Archtop Carve $375.00
Steinberger Trans Tremolo (Original pre Gibson model or later model) Market Price
Steinberger Fixed Bridge   (Original Steinberger Bridge)  (while they last) $290.00
Floyd Rose Speedloader $390.00
Swamp Ash Body $100.00
Honduras Mahogany Body $160.00
Obecia Body (Super Lightweight) $100.00
Body Lamination Charge  (not always applicable) $200.00
Cocobolo Top  POR
Maple Flame Top AAAAA  POR
Maple Quilt Top AAA (PRS Quality)  POR
Maple Quilt Top AAAA (PRS 10 Top Quality)  POR
Maple Quilt Top AAAAA (Signature Quality)  POR
Korina Back White $350.00
Korina Back Black $650.00
Korina Body Paint Grade $250.00
Poly Finish High Gloss $400.00
Double Stain Process Enhanced Finish $200.00 Addtl
Distressing or Relic' ing POR
Nitrocellulose Finish 200.00 Addtl
Custom Inlays POR
Gig Bag Full Body Models Guitar  KB-1 Bolero            Fits Steinberger  M Series  
Gig Bag Medium Body Guitar    Mini Ergo   WB-1        Fits Steinberger  P Series  
Gig Bag Small Body Guitar     PB-1                              Fits Steinberger L Series  
Gig Bag Full Body Models BASS                                  Fits Steinberger  M Series  
Gig Bag Medium Body BASS    Mini Ergo   WB-1         Fits Steinberger  P Series  
Gig Bag Small Body BASS    PB-1                                Fits Steinberger L Series  
Because of the many different body sizes some of the items could not be priced unilaterally. We have therefore made these item POR  (Price On Request)  The price list would be 2 pages long any other way.