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Bolero Neck Thru Guitar

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Neck-Thru Bolero with Built In Midi & Piezo
From Ed Roman's Custom Shop
Neck Thru Body Version Of Our Popular LSR Bolero

This guitar is available with or without a headstock
Over 15 different style headstocks,

 This Guitar is available with a Steinberger Trans Trem or a Floyd Rose Speedloader.

Abstract/LSR Bolero Hollowbody

This Guitar was commissioned by Chris Burke. This guitar represents some new and innovative things that we are doing on our headless guitar line.

This beautiful instrument was hand built entirely in our custom shop. It has a very resonant Korina Body, Purple Heart Stringers and a gorgeous emerald green Quilted Maple Top.

This guitar took us longer to build than normal. We had to overcome a number of engineering obstacles. This Guitar switches from Midi to Piezo and it also can blend in the normal electric guitar sound.

It has a birdseye maple fretboard with distinctive custom inlays 


Abstract Version Of The LSR Bolero Model

Also Available With A Headstock If You Like

Choice Of Headstocks


Neck-Thru Construction

This guitar is the first headless Guitar to be built using a neck through the body construction.

This Guitar is the first hollow body Bolero and also the first hollow body headless guitar we have ever built.
We are currently ramping up many custom designs for this guitar


 Full Piezo & Midi Built Into A Trans Trem

This guitar is the first Steinberger Trans Trem bridge to have a full piezo system and MIDI saddles installed. We are quite thrilled at how well this guitar tracked. It actually came out better than we had expected. Observe the neatly designed recessed Midi Din Plug port mounted next to the normal output jack.


Full Control  Toggles

This guitar has full Midi switching right on board and is designed to totally control all the patches on the Axon or Roland Midi system.  )))) Another Ed Roman First ((((
This was the first guitar ever to have Piezo Electric Saddles built into a Steinberger Trans Trem.

LSR Bolero Model
Bolero's are usually made with graphite necks Bolero's usually are classified as LSR Guitars In this case this Bolero is built as a neck thru body Therefore it is officially an Abstract Guitar