J Frog Kit Guitar

Updated kit inventory and photos: Here

Kit Available Now $899.00

This Guitar is American Made. This Guitar Is A J. Frog Kit

Your Choice... Get It Your Way

Body Premium Alder  (other choices)
Neck Eastern hard rock quarter sawn maple, non tilt banana headstock as used by Eddie 
Tremolo Floyd Rose original, complete with studs, springs screws etc. (This is the Hardened Steel Model)   (Kahler is available)
Pickup Seymour Duncan 59 Pickup, or Other Options Available (POR)
DCK Kit Complete with 4 stainless steel mounting screws  (choice of grommets)
Tuning Keys Grover or Sperzels (Top Quality)
Lock Nut Floyd Rose Original, (Hardened Steel)  
Retainer Floyd Rose Original, heavily plated
Knob Choice of steel or plastic
Cavity Cover Black Plastic   (Cut in original  EVH Style Parallelogram)
Potentiometer 500K(Volume Pot)
Input Jack  Switchcraft Made in USA
Strap Pins Heavily Plated
Screws All  screws for covers, pickup mounting


Reverse Hockey Stick Headstock $50.00
Swamp Ash Body $150.00
Black Korina Body $550.00
White Korina Body $250.00
Mahogany Body $200.00
Basswood Body $80.00
Poplar Body $90.00
Frankenstrat Broken Pickguard with VH Style Humbucker Route $60.00
Schaller Tuners $60.00
Custom Headstock Shaping $100.00
Other Head Stock Shapes POR
Seymour Duncan Proprietary Black/Back Pickup  (Same pickup we installed in EVH's Guitar) $125.00
Custom Pickup Routing $50.00
1500 G Neck Mod  (Makes Your Guitar Play Like The Devil On Hot Oil) $250.00
Kramer Decal Original Limited Quantity $50.00
Kramer USA Neckplate Original Limited Quantity $100.00
Reflector Set For Van Halen Style Gtr $35.00
Black Hardware all Screws included $150.00
Gold Hardware all Screws Included $185.00
Stutter Switch  $18.00
Straplocks $25.00
Install Floyd Studs Set Neck Geometry $50,00
Direct Couple Neck Kit $25.00
Install & Align Brass Inserts In Neck for Direct Couple Kit $60.00
Left Handed $100.00
Pre-Build Assembly $150.00
Dis-Assemble Pre-Build $25.00
Fret Level & Polish (REquire Pre-Build) $150.00
Red Covered Single Coil Pickup (Frankenstrat) POR
5-Way Blade (Frankenstrat) POR
Skunk Stripe on Back of Neck $100.00