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Beware Fake Skull Guitars Sold on Ebay!

It has come to our attention that there are not only fake guitars being sold. The person or persons selling them are supplying fake certificates of authenticity. If you have purchased a J Frog from anyone else but us please contact us ASAP. The quality of these fakes is horrible but still not as bad as the ESP fakes of 1998.

30 Plus Years of Radical Guitars and Gory Designs

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Don't Be Fooled By Cheap CNC Imitations!!!

Mark Kendall Shark Guitar

The First Hand-carved Prototype 10/27/2011

Mark Kendall Quicksilver Shark

Important  Information
Contrary to what most people think. ESP Guitars had nothing to do with the original Skull N' Bones Guitar. The original George Lynch played model was hand carved & built by Johnny Frog a well known Hollywood horror movie makeup artist who has done makeup on many scary movies such as Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street.  (See below for the whole story).  Ed Roman & Johnny Frog bring the original officially licensed model to you.

Lita Ford With Ed Roman

Johnny "J. Frog" Garcia is the very talented artist, designer & personal friend who conceived and  created the original George Lynch Skull N' Bones Guitars. Everyone  knows about the ESP Korean made copies of the original guitars that rode to fame on the coat tails of the J. Frog designed guitar. Johnny also did Mark Kendall's Great White Shark Guitar. George Lynch's original famous 3D Skull N' Bones Made in  J. Frog's Custom Shop.

Time Line Early 80's

Dokken was back in L.A. from a successful world tour and they were preparing to do the video which would eventually make the J. Frog 3D Skull n' Bones Guitars world famous. Present at the Video Shoot were the members of the band, J. Frog himself, The director, camera and lighting crews. Just before the shoot a representative from the Japanese ESP guitar company showed up and affixed an ESP sticker to the headstock. Johnny wasn't very pleased but the ESP representative insisted that George advertise for them or they would not allow the guitar to be used in the video. Since that time many other companies have used ideas and concepts from the creative mind of J. Frog.

J. Frog had been pursuing his other career as a successful Hollywood makeup and Special FX Artist. He has worked with most of the Los Angeles hair band scene metal acts from Guns & Roses, Great White, Dokken, Ratt and of course George Lynch. He has also worked on many Hollywood horror flicks.

Timeline Late 80's

J. Frog built both Shark guitars for Mark Kendall of Great White. Mark went on to feature those guitars on videos and stages all over the world. Even though many people think that BC Rich created those guitars that is also a falsehood. John hand carved both the Shark guitars.

Timeline 1999

The J. Frog 3D Skull 'n Bones as originally played by George Lynch are being reissued. They will be recreated painstakingly entirely handmade in the USA. Beware of cheap third world imitations. Each J. Frog 3D Skull 'n Bones Guitar will be have a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate will be signed by none other than J. Frog himself.

J. Frog Shop

The J. Frog Custom shop can build you a guitar using any neck you like.  PRS, Jackson, Fender, Gibson, BC Rich etc Let the J. Frog Custom Shop build you a unique conceptual guitar. One that will be identified with you as your signature guitar.

 Watch my site for new even more radically designed J. Frog Guitars
 There will be a limited signed edition available soon.


 Fear Faked Frogs


Mark Kendall   Great White

Swimming With The Sharks
In A Sea Foam Green Sea

Prototype J. Frog Double Skull

Ebony Fingerboard, Duncan Black/back Custom Pickup (Blows away the Screamin' Demon)
Screamin' Demon Pickup available no extra charge.
Beware of Cheapo Imitations from Cheapo Japanese companies.

All Hand Carved In The USA
J. Frog bodies in preparation for construction.
Many people think these guitars are molded.
They are all hand carved from real tonewoods
 Skilled craftsman take the better part of a week to complete one.
Dealer Inquiries Accepted

Glock 24 Model
25" Scale
Huge Selection Of Necks Available

j frog terminator electric custom guitar

j frog terminator electric custom guitar

J Frog Terminator Glock 22 Guitar

J Frog Glock 22
Also Available in kit form

J Frog Glock 24
Also available in Kit Form

  Other Obscure & Hard To Find Guitars For Sale

 Coffin Case


White Coffin Case

J. Frog  V Skull Custom Order