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JET Guitars Gallery

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This is a gallery of some of he JET guitars we have sold. There will be a lot more coming.
 These are all sold but you can order one just like it.

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JET Earlewood #319
Sold To John Naz

JET Earlwood Guitar #376, Ed Roman Guitars 

JET Earlwood #376 - Custom Built for Chris Liatsos

JET Earlwood Guitar #374, Ed Roman Guitars
JET Earlwood Guitar #374
JET Earlwood Guitar #382, Ed Roman Guitars
JET Earlwood Guitar #382
Sold to Robert St. Clair

JET Earlwood Guitar #379, Ed Roman Guitars
JET Earlwood Guitar #379

One of a kind JET guitar available for sale

Call Ed Roman

Jet Earlewood  #364


Jet Earlewood  #363



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  Sold To Brian Donnellan  # 258
Bethesda Maryland

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  Sold To Craig Beck  # 238
Santa Clarita, CA

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  Sold To Kevin Schuster  # 140
Prescott Arizona

Sold to Coleman Morrissey

Caldera #162 Sold to Henry Sostman

Earlewood #139 - Sold to Craig Casca

The JET factory tour is quite interesting
Body Construction

 Neck Construction
Finishing and Assembly

Dealer Inquiries Invited

Ed Roman is the World Wide Distributor for JET Guitars,  There have been a few recent changes in our USA dealer roster. Any warranty issues will be handled by Ed Roman personally or if you are in closer proximity to the Factory by Jeffery Earle T.  Ed Roman is authorizing a double warranty wherever the customer might be inconvenienced in even the slightest way.

We are currently looking for new distribution in Japan, Australia & England
There is 1 new opening in the USA
Please contact Ed Roman directly

Caldera #120 Sold to Joe Marchello

Hi Stephan and Ed:

I had wanted to contact you sooner, but really only got to spend some time with JET #261 this past weekend.

In short, the thing is absolutely amazing. It looks like itís on fire!  Until I visited your shop last June and played a JET, I was convinced I owned the greatest guitar in the world: My PRS Signature #197.  I had been looking for a single cutaway, solid body archtop for a long, long time that would give me a fuller sound than my PRS Signature, but I was completely unprepared for just how amazing the JET was.  I had been lusting over one ever since.  Simply put, I have never played anything like it in my 22 years since first picking up the guitar.  In addition to being one of the most visually stunning instruments I have ever laid my eyes upon, the sound and playability of the JET are just unreal.  It is EXACTLY what I had been searching for: A better player (amazing compound radius neck with satin finish) with an extended bottom and top end from what the PRS offers.  It makes a typical $5,000 Gibson Les Paul í59 Reissue sound dead and dull by comparison (not to mention a few pounds lighter), and the coil tap option provides versatility that the Gibson canít touch.  I think the single coil sounds are even truer than the PRS. 

At any rate, Iím glad to finally be a paying customer of Ed Romanís World Class Guitars and canít wait to come in and shop for another fine instrument next time I am in Vegas.
Thanks again,

 Adam M. Zaiger, Esq.
Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP


This is a photo of JET Caldera  #1.  It was purchased by  Kelly Glazener, Kelly had previously  purchased a magnificent JET parakeet Guitar. He liked it so much that he got involved in the designing of this Caldera model that he wanted to replace his Gibson Les Paul with. The Caldera is now a permanent model from JET guitars.

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