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JET Guitars Earlewood Studio Model

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JET Guitars Are Probably The Finest Built Guitars We Carry

JET Earlewood Supreme (Pictured)  Exact  Same Hand Built Construction As The Studio

The JET Earlewood is available in a version, suitable for studio or stage work. It retains all of the unique innovative construction features and quality components that makes the Earlewood the most playable and versatile electric guitar in the world.
This guitar is handmade in the same USA shop right alongside all other JET Guitars by Jeffrey himself. In order to offer this guitar, costs have been cut in decorative trim and wood figuring:
Your choice of any single color shade; no bursts, two-tones, or solid colors
 Headstock veneer and control cavity covers are equal or better quality, but may not match surrounding wood
You may specify woods or add options a la carte, but following the above list will allow the lowest cost and fastest delivery.
The Studio is available exclusively through Ed Roman Guitar King. 


This Studio Will Appear Exactly The Same As A Full Blown Earlewood Custom, It Will Sound & Play Every Bit As Good. The Compromises Will Only Be Cosmetic.  JET Normally Uses Quilted Maple That Costs In The $650.00 Range Wholesale On Their Guitars.  The real cost is more like $800.00 because some pieces aren't good enough to put on a guitar selling between $5,500.00 & $10.000.00  These pieces are put to use on the Studio Model.

Features On The JET Earlewood Studio  retained
1.  Peaked top joint
2.  Brass End Fret
3.  Maple Headstock Veneer
4.  3 piece Quartersawn Maple Neck
5.  Hand Signed by Jeffrey Earle T
6.  Angled Recessed Jack
7.  Pearl JET logo
8.  Direct mounted Seymour Duncan Pickups

 A Wood Trim on Pickups  Optional On Low Cost Model

9.  String thru with rosewood, cocobolo, or ebony tailpiece (to match fingerboard)
10. Tone Pros Tune-o-matic style bridge, 
11. Radiused Top, rear contour & chamfer

Features that will be cut or changed to lower cost !!!!
1.  AAA maple top, quilt or flame, builder's choice only * Normally
2.  Poplar or paint grade korina body, builder's choice only *
3.  Lower-figuring maple neck
4.  Rosewood, cocobolo or streaked ebony fingerboard, builder's choice only *
5.  No bindings

6.  May or may not be chambered for best balance, builder's judgement
7.  Simple dot, or no neck inlays (cust. choice) and no headstock inlay other than logo

8.  Wiring layout #1 or #5 with push-pull pot
9.  Single-stage color shades or natural (customer choice). No bursts, color matching or solid colors

10. Same Color applied over top, neck & back
11. Sealed gear tuners, builder's choice only

12. 12" radius fingerboard
13. Recessed wood rear cover
14. Hand rubbed Oil finish

* = Customer may specify for $50 fee per item, and may extend build time