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Jaros Hell Fire Guitar

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Hell-fire is a color that we worked up back in 1997
Colors Used
Red, Yellow, Salmon, Orange, Brown, Gold, Off White

Front and Back pictures, This is the Original Hellfire Guitar

The Jaros "Hell Fire"
 Limited Edition

James Jaros has come up with a new extremely cool painting process that makes the wood look like it's literally on fire. Through a private arrangement with James Jaros these guitars will be available exclusively from my shop.

Under stage lighting the word Flame top takes on a whole new meaning 
This is a front view before the top is installed Observe the tone chamber and the deepest neck pocket in the industry


As with all Jaros guitars the neck extends 80% into the body. This feature offers an unbelievable stability while it maintains a traditional construction technique.   Almost a neck through body that still utilizes a full body sound block.  The best of both worlds

The Jaros headstock is simple and very tasteful.

The Logo is Burned into the Headstock. Look closely at the figuring and coloration.
Jaros boasts some of the nicest quilts I have seen all at no extra charge.

The Aztec Stairstep inlay is made from MOP and real Abalone.

Ed Roman's Personal Jaros Hellfire Guitar

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Standard Features Optional Features
Aged master-grade woods throughout:
Gorgeous flamed or quilted maple top:
Gorgeous flamed or quilted maple back:
Quilted  or flamed headstock:
Deepest neck pocket in the Industry:
Tone chambered:
Sperzel locking tuners:
Tone/Pros tuna-matic bridge system:
Aged premium mahogany:
Seymour Duncan Black/Back pickups:
Pickup covers:
Direct coupled construction:
Flamed maple fingerboard:
Ebony fingerboard:
Brazilian rosewood fingerboard:
Hell Fire painted fingerboard (Diamond-kote):
Aztec Stair step inlays:
MIDI systems
Black Saddle piezo electric system:
Gold hardware:
Custom inlays:
All popular tremolo systems available:
Flamed electronics cavity covers:
All popular pickups brands:


  Jaros Hellfire

This Guitar was sold to John Franklin from Oklahoma    James Jaros just switched from the Duncan Pearly Gates and the 59 to the  Duncan Black/backs TM.  Jaros Guitars are now also available with full MIDI implementation on board.


Hellfire Orders are 6 month Delivery