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This Hamer Explorer Shaped Guitar Underwent Massive Cosmetic Surgery 
The Customer even directed us to reshape the headstock to look like a drawing he sent us

Beautiful Amber Quilt Top Done in the BC Rich Tradition with Rosewood or Ebony Rails






Original Phantom Model



Hamer Californian Custom Conversion

 Guitar starts out as Basic Hamer Californian.
The Californian Model is no longer manufactured by Hamer.

The first thing I do is hand carve a new body.  Aside from the beautiful flame maple top, You will also  notice the solid mounting  steps in the pickup routes.  This solid mounting technique that took me 2 years to perfect greatly enhances the tone over the original spring mount pickups.

The second photo is the back of the guitar.  This one is built from solid Korina, Something Hamer never offered on a bolt on guitar.  In fact I can't think of any company who ever offered it.  In this photo the body is still in a roughly carved state.

Finished Painted
Finished & Ready to Rock

Completed guitar for Bill Daley of Connecticut 
Currently Hamer has chosen not to manufacture this guitar. Except in import versions.
So until they decide to reissue the guitar, I will be doing custom ones like this one.

Ed Roman   09/16/99