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Date Your Hamer

Hamer Guitars are among the finest guitars ever built.
This page is to help you identify the year of any Hamer.
Hamer uses 2 serial numbering systems.

Numbering System # 1
1976 to 1981
#0001 to #0680
A Total of 680 guitars

All Custom Shop guitars or custom made for someone special etc etc.
 All of these instruments have a stamped into the wood 4 digit serial number

Numbering System # 2
1977 to Present Day

This system would have at least a 5 digit number with a space between the first and second digit
example    2 2047
This would be a 1982 guitar the 2,047th guitar ever built
not including the 680 custom guitars that used the original serial number system

Some samples would be
#7 4871
Made in 1987 the 4,871st Guitar Made

#6 45892
Made in 1996 the 45,892nd Guitar Made

Other pertinent facts to help you figure year out
If you use the numbers below as a gauge you will be able to put the first number in the correct decade

7 0001   is the first one made in 1977 and the 1st guitar built

0 1451   is the first one made in 1980 and the 1451st guitar built

0 24193 is the first one made in 1990 and the 24,193rd built

8 49101 is the guitar that was being built as I was working on this page

 The numbers above were provided to me by Frank Untermyer at Hamer 07/02/98