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Luna Guitars

"Luna Guitars was conceived as a creative organization,
dedicated to affirming and empowering females of all ages,
by encouraging their growth and expression through music."

That's a quote from their politically correct catalog.

Ed Roman Has Luna Guitars Available At Low Prices. 

Why? Because Luna guitars are the same middle of the road quality as Daisy Rock,
however the prices are much better than many of  the other companies. 

Daisy Rock Guitars
Mini Rant
There is nothing wrong with Daisy Rock Guitars !!!!
They are a mid quality Christmas type  department store guitar.
 Just like  90% of the other brands you will see at a Sam Ash or Guitar Center
 The only thing that bothers me is
 they charge way too much for their guitars !!!!!
 They do this because it serves as a smart marketing ploy.

Charge more and the customer will think the quality is better
Definitely no better than Fender, Dean, Jackson, Ibanez,  etc etc

Watch out for Commissioned Salespeople

Beginner Guitars

We Have Minarik Guitars As Used By Alexa Vetere

Daisy Rock Is Making A Mint

Hyping Their So Called "Girls Guitars"
Oh boy, I can feel a rant coming on !!!
Or should I say Oh Girl !!!

OK. First of all there is no such thing as a girls' guitar!!  A guitar is a guitar is a guitar! It makes no difference in the basic construction. Please don't fall for any hype that spews about "Girls Guitars".   (A girls' guitar could be compared to a left handed microphone)

There is nothing wrong with a girl buying a black guitar or a gothic looking evil freakazoid megalamog instrument. Many great women guitar players don't have pink guitars. I can just picture Joan Jett with a pink guitar. I think NOT !!!!! Players like Jennifer Batten &  Bonnie Raitt don't have pink guitars either.


Now please, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against pink guitars. In fact I played a pink translucent PRS for almost 7 years as my main instrument from 1991 to 1997. Some people chided me a little about it. I just tell them Hey, I have absolutely no doubt about my masculinity. In fact if someone told me I had to play a blue guitar because blue is considered masculine, I would most likely spit on them. Then I would play a pink guitar just to piss them off.

I say if you want to buy a pink or pastel guitar adorned with hearts, flowers, fairies, unicorns or teddy bears, that's cool. Your guitar is supposed to be an extension of your personality. I think people who play certain popular white bread brands because they want to fit in to a particular clique have no personality and are basically dull, boring, bland individuals.

I mentioned Daisy Rock in the heading, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Daisy Rock Guitars.  They are the advertised leader of the teeny bopper, grade school girl guitar companies. I looked at the brand for my store and I discovered that they were way overpriced. (That Advertising Campaign Brings up the Price Substantially).

The Luna Guitars are priced much better and they are every bit as feminine and then some !!!!

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Custom Painted one of a kind jobs we have done in the past

Christina Applegate Marilyn Monroe Christina Aguilera

Are these Girls guitars or are they Men's guitars....

Methinks the Marilyn would be for a man like Elton John Or Liberace !!!!!
In any case we can paint Dolphins, Unicorns, Tinkerbells, or your favorite soap opera star !!!

Custom Firefly Inlays
They all light up and flicker. We can also do butterflies !!!

This is the finished Headstock for the neck pictured above. Look how it lights up:
We all know how much Girls like pretty things.
Give us a call with your ideas and we can make you a high quality instrument
to your desired specifications that is also pleasing to the eye.

Steinberger With Ed Roman Custom Wooden Top.

This fully professional high quality guitar is idealt for a smaller framed person.
It's also an excellent travel guitar for anyone !!!!!
The one in the picture is an original guitar with a custom made red wooden top fitted on to the body.

Check out these available brands of smaller guitars

See Hohner      See LSR    See Steinberger

Squier Hello Kitty Mini-Stratocaster electric guitar

Squier Hello Kitty Stratocaster Electric Guitar

I have seen many Sanrio fans pick up the guitar because of just how cute they
thought these designs were. Squires are generally a beginner's guitar.
Comes in two sizes for the kiddies!

These Acoustics are very affordable and great for beginners!!
Different styles and colors available. Call for details.