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Many Of These Guitars Are Available As  Fabulous Fakes


Type Or Style

Picture Coming
Angus Young SG  
Lenny Kravitz Flying V & Les Paul
Neal Schon Les Paul & Schon Guitars
Ace Frehley Les Paul
B.B. King Lucille 335 w/Varitone
Joe Perry Les Paul
Joe Walsh Les Paul
Lonnie Mack Flying V
ES 335 Double Cut Slimline Model
L- 5 & Gibson L5S    
Super 400 Jazz Guitar
Tal Farlow Jazz Guitar
Les Paul Supreme Les Paul
Les Paul 59 Reissue Les Paul
Les Paul Standard Les Paul
Les Paul Studio Les Paul
Les Paul Custom Les Paul
Les Paul Black Beauty* Les Paul
SG Custom* SG
Gibson Slash Model* Les Paul
Howard Roberts Model* Single Cut Slimline
Johnny Smith* Jazz Guitar
Spiderman Les Paul
Corvette Les Paul
Corvette Sting Ray SG Does Anyone Have A Picture Of This Guitar?
Tony Iommi SG
Eric Clapton 335 335   This Guitar Is Available As A Fabulous Fake
Eric Clapton Fool SG
Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates Les Paul
Trini Lopez 335
Mick Jones Les Paul
Peter Frampton Les Paul