Eric Clapton's "Fool Guitar"

Gibson Icon of the 60's "Cream" Era

Ed Roman has been offering this paint job for 25  years.
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Criss Angel & Billy Gibbons At Ed Roman Guitars Jan 07

If it's Cool Enough For Billy It's Cool Enough For Me !!!

Foolish History

The original 64 or 65 SG was owned by George Harrison.  Remember that tone he got on "Day Tripper."

That was certainly no Gretsch or Rickenbacker. When the Beatles went through their psychedelic era, George commissioned a group of 4 Dutch artists collectively known as "The Fool" (Hence the name of the guitar) to paint his Gibson SG.

  These Have All Been Made From Original Gibson SG 1961 Reissue Guitars

2008 Gibson 61 Reissue Version Brand New 

Eric Clapton          Godfrey Townsend

Jimmie Vivino

Bill Murray
Note From Ed Roman
I had that exact same shirt in 1969

Jack Bruce                              Ginger Baker                Eric Clapton

Jack Bruce Matching Bass

Eric Clapton Whipping Up some Fresh Cream



The Legend According to
"Professor Ed McCarthy".

George Harrison after commissioning the paint job, gave the original guitar to his buddy Eric Clapton who used it on "Crossroads" and all throughout the 60's "Cream" era.  We see this guitar slung on Eric throughout all his different hairstyles, hair colors, radical outfits etc.  Eric was very cool when he was Rockin'.

Eric loaned the Guitar to "Jackie Lomax" a songwriter known mostly for the song he wrote for my favorite singer of all time "Eric Burdon" of  "The Animals". The song  was covered by another great group "Grand Funk Railroad"  Grand Funk had the hit with it 10 years later "Inside Lookin' Out". I'm not sure just how long Jackie had the guitar in his possession but in 1972 he SOLD the guitar to "Todd Rundgren"  for an undisclosed sum of money. (Remember Eric never gave him the guitar he just loaned it to him).

Todd has had the guitar for more than 28 years.  He has used it on a lot of studio tracks. I ran into Todd's manager backstage at a Donny & Marie Osmond concert here in Vegas and he told me Todd finally did sell it !

One day about 1979, Todd strolled into my shop totally unexpectedly. (He was looking for a Wah Pedal)  I casually attempted to broach the subject of the guitar but Todd was very closemouthed. "I think Clapton wanted the Guitar back and Todd was not in the mood to give it up".  That is just a theory based on hear say, I really don't know. Anyway I attempted to blab about it a little more and I mentioned that I would gladly give $10,000.00 for the guitar.  I did not get very far with my offer. Todd just clammed up and changed the subject again. (Oh Well).  Today that original guitar would easily bring half a million dollars.   (That far back $10,000.00 was actually a reasonable offer)

In any case in 1983 I decided to paint one. I originally used several different artists before I finally found someone who could do justice to the 86 different shades of day glow, pastels and neon colors.  It has been done totally by hand, totally by airbrush and combinations thereof.   I showed the painted version at NAMM 1986 & 1987 and I even pictured it prominently on the cover of my 1986 Catalog along with my version of Eddie Van Halen's Red White & Black candy stripe model.  I mention these facts just in case someone gets the idea to try and stop me from producing these paintjobs. I am grandfathered in by virtue of time.  



Eric Clapton in the late 60's
Maybe it was the seventies 
Just look at that collar on his shirt.


In the 60's Cream era, Eric looked different in all of his pictures. He would constantly wear his hair differently, He would constantly change his whole look. One day his hair was red then, The next day he had dark hair and was wearing a Fu Manchu, then clean shaven, Muttonchops, Afros, Pageboys and SF Freak Scene. 

Personally my absolute favorite Clapton guitar work can be found on the "Cream" albums and with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Give a listen to "Sitting on top of the world" or "I'm So Glad"...   Nothing came close in those days.


Eric Clapton,  Backstage With His BC Rich Seagull


According to Bernie Rico Senior "When this photo appeared in an ad for BC Rich Guitars.  Fender threatened lawsuits and told the magazines they would pull their ads if the magazines ran photos of Eric with guitars other than Fender." 


They also threatened to sue BC Rich, but that one advertisement in Guitar Player Magazine was enough to get BC Rich noticed in the electric guitar world.  BC Rich up until that time was making Acoustic Flat Top Flamenco style guitars.

Ed Roman


Ginger Baker is the World's Best Drummer
Just ask him,  He'll tell ya !!!

Seriously though, he is my absolute favorite drummer.
Ed Roman


I wish these guys would get back together forever !!!
They are all excellent musicians, but put 'em together and nothing even comes close.
They could still rule the world, if they could only get over the petty bullshit !!!

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