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Eastman is a string Instrument custom shop. For over 50 years they have produced beautiful Violins, Cellos & Violas. Their entry into the guitar market will probably sound the death knell for several of the overpriced brands that are sold these days.

The Eastman guitars are are priced extremely affordably, Their $2,200.00 model compares to the $5,000.00 Triggs R5.  Most Gibson models can't compare to the Eastman.

I like the Eastman better than anything Gibson puts out, They are even priced better than Heritage. D'Angelico, Hofner & D'Aquisto will most likely feel some pain from this company also.

Stay tuned for more news on Eastman Guitars.

Ed Roman

New Eastman Blues Deluxe (02-25-10)

 Do Not Confuse Eastman Guitars with Eastwood Guitars 

They are not connected in any way and it is purely coincidental that their names sound alike.
Eastman is a high quality all solid wood high end company
Eastwood is a company that caters to the lower end of the market.



Blonde Pagelli

Eastman Guitars 

Fully Hand Made, Fully Hand Carved, No Pressed tops, No Laminate tops,
Unbelievably Affordable Prices!

The Eastman/Roman Blues Deluxe Made from 100% Solid Wood

Eastman Guitars, Eastman Blues Deluxe

The Eastman/Roman Blues Deluxe Made from 100% Solid Wood

Compare This Guitar to any other guitar within twice it's price range and it will astound you!!!!!




Many Models Available with Solid Top Only

  Pressed Plywood Tops, Almost all Models

Hand Carved Solid Spruce
or Solid Maple Top

Pressed & Steamed Plywood back & sides

Pressed & Steamed Plywood back & sides

Hand Carved Solid Mahogany or Solid Maple Back & Sides

Tun-o-matic Bridge

Tun-o-matic Bridge

TONE/PROS Tun-o-matic Bridge

Mop Dot Inlays

Mop Dot Inlays

Mop Block Inlays

Schaller Made Inexpensive Pickups

Gibson Proprietary Pickups

Seymour Duncan Pickups

 Available With Some Options

NO options Available

Available With Countless Options  See Below

Some options available on All Solid Wood Eastman Guitars
that are not available as options on Gibson 

Remember Eastman are all Solid Wood Guitars
They are not even set up to do laminating

ALL SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION Bigsby Vibrato Available Frequensator Tailpiece Available
Brass Art Deco Tailpiece Available Ebony Tailpiece Available Maple Top Available
Mahogany Body Available Maple Body Available Ebony Fretboard Available
Ebony Pickguard Available Tone/Pros Bridge Available Ebony, Rosewood or Pau Ferro Bridge
Grover, Sperzel or Schaller Tuners Ebony, Pearloid, Gold, Chrome Tuner Buttons Available Real MOP or Abalone Inlays
Flame Tops or Quilt Tops Maple, Mahogany, Korina Custom Neck Woods Available 1500 G Neck Modification Available
Finger Tailpiece Available Handcarved Spruce Top Available Bound Body, Neck & Headstock
Custom Inlays Available Bound F Holes Available Stereo or Mono Output Available
Piezo System Installed Available MIDI System Available Choice of  Duncan. Dimarzio, EMG Pickups
Choice, Tom Holmes, Lollar or Fralin Pickups Matching Headstock Available MOP or Abalone Trussrod Covers

Eastman's Famous Spirit Varnish:

Eastman's luthiers are renown world-wide for the quality of their hand-applied spirit varnish. Drawing on generations of expertise gained in the world of violins, Eastman has perfected a finish that enhances both the beauty and tone of the instrument.

Eastman's Rich Lacquer:

To create this handsome finish, Eastman luthiers use spirit varnish and finish with two coats of lacquer. The lacquer is then buffed back almost to the spirit varnish leaving the protection of lacquer and the luster of spirit varnish.