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To Everyone at Ed Roman's

I wanted to send a short thank you note for showing me that Eastman Guitar. I would have been another Gibson casualty because I was ready to buy a Gibson for almost $4,000.00 more money. The Eastman makes mince meat out of the Gibson. When I got back home I went into my local store in San Diego who sells nothing but Gibson guitars. I tried over 15 different models and about 40 different guitars. When I was at your shop I played a Triggs R5, 4 Heritages, and the Eastman. The Eastman the least expensive and it sounded far better than everything else except the D'Aquisto Teardrop. The Heritages were disappointing because I had heard so much good about them for the last several years. Your salesman clued me in that Heritage was no longer the one to buy.

I have mailed you a check for $2,200.00 full payment on the Eastman rust colored 17" model with the cutaway, including case shipping and insurance.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a pro musician and I make my living playing. I don't have money to burn on that BS hype that Gibson feeds the suckers.

Herbert Jackman

Ramona Cal.

Hey Ed

The Eastman has turned out to be the best guitar I have ever owned, After I got past the initial broken pickguard I must comment that I like it better with each passing week.

I have had the guitar for about 7 months and I am no longer playing my Byrdland or my 175 !!!

In fact I would like to trade them in towards a solid body electric. The Quicksilver looks interesting, If you can make me a good enough deal on a JET,  I would surely love one of those.

I will be in Vegas In early October, I will bring the other 2 guitars or perhaps I could send them to you.

I am serious about this, So call me at your earliest convenience.

Donny Martin
Johnstown, PA