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I have been selling Dean guitars for 40 years, I remember when Dean was a 17 year old kid just starting out with radical shapes and innovative headstocks. The quality of Dean'soriginal guitars is legendary. Many people discounted them as not being credible due to the headstock and other radical things that Dean was doing. Few people are aware that the large headstock was actually tuned so that the neck would resonate better and therefore make the guitar sound better. Another little known fact is that on the Gibson Korina models of the mid 50's (the most sought after of all the Gibson's) Some of these had forked headstocks much like the Dean's. A forked headstock 50's Korina V can easily bring over $250,000.00

Since this was originally written the Vintage Market has tanked and the prices on all those vintage Gibsons has taken a huge nose dive! It's about time the American public finally smartened up.

Dimebag Darrell

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