Roman Custom Shop Guitars

Assortment Of Custom Guitars Built
You Can Order Anything You See or Anything You Want!

Abstract Diddley Do Wop

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Abstract Rockingbat in Gothic Pearl Green Over Matte Black
Another Ed Roman Exclusive Design

Abstract Rockingbat in Gothic Dried Blood Over Matte Black
Another Guitar You Won't See Anywhere Else

Ed Roman's Baker Guitars Come in 18 Different Colors
Prices start as low as $1,000.00  Average selling models $1,295.00

Brian May's Ed Roman RVC Model 2005

Ed Roman Abstract Pagan Model
Exclusively From Ed Roman's Custom Shop

Ed Roman Abstract Scroll Bass

Man O War Guitars (Custom Made For The Band)

Nothing Is Too Wild Or Crazy For Ed Roman's Custom Shop
If You Can Draw It We Can Build It

Abstract Kingpin Guitar

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Abstract Custom Thunderduck

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Ed Roman Also Specializes In Hard To Find High Quality USA Made Instruments.
Ed Roman has Hundreds of Models, Shapes & Brand Names.
  That Are Not Available Anywhere Else

 This page is an assortment of custom guitars we have built over the past 15 years.
If you are interested in having a custom guitar built Call Ed Roman (702) 597-0147

Ed Roman manufactures 13 different brands in house
specializes in carrying numerous other custom & boutique brands.


Thinline 2 1/2 inch deep Hollow Body Guitar
This comes numerous ways
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Custom Made RVC Traditional Singlecut Old School Guitar
We make these for Leslie West, Elliot Easton, Brian May & others !!!

 RVC Guitars



Most Gibson's use humbuckers, We feel that the glue in the neck joint and under the fingerboard deadens the resonance, takes away from the sustain & causes you to lose tone from your neck & fingerboard.
The P90 sound, which is basically a fat single coil seems to actually benefit from these drawbacks. We have built these for numerous Rockstars and they always choose P90 or P100 pickups. Naturally you can get humbuckers but it doesn't have the vintage old school tone that is associated with this style of guitar.



Custom Inlay Work

Custom Inlay Work On A Roman Centurion


Gibson Les Paul Retop 1995 Ed Roman Guitars

Built & Distributed in The USA by Ed Roman Las Vegas

Quicksilver Guitars, Our Best Selling Custom Made Guitar

We guarantee we will beat any catalog or chain store price on any std production guitar.
Limited Editions, & Rarities

Ed Roman Magic Twanger Custom Made Guitar In Koa
Over 50 tonewoods to choose from.

Roman,  LSR RB1  (Many available body-shapes)
From $2,200.00 to $3,400.00 Average
This one was made for Rick Derringer

Custom Shop Symbol Guitar
Hand built available in any color or custom graphics.

Ed Roman Abstract Scroll Bass In Spalted Maple

Mysterycaster Neck Thru Body
Available From Abstract Guitars

Quicksilver Guitar

Compare a Quicksilver to any other handmade instrument.
Lower Price, More Features, Longer Warranty, Nicer Woods.
Much More For Your $$$$$

USA Custom Quicksilver Guitars:

Quicksilver Guitars


Roman Pearlcaster
$1,395.00 to $3,995.00  Average $2,200.00

The competition doesn't even come close. This Guitar is a no holds barred top quality guitar designed for the retro market. Instead of using cheap low quality wood and swimming pool routed pickup cavities this guitar is built to an exacting standard.      (Check Out The All Access Neck Joint)

This guitar is made with top quality parts and woods. If I couldn't have made it better than the original, I wouldn't have bothered to make it at all.    Ed Roman Neck Construction Is Better

The Pearlcaster guitar is fully made in the USA. The Pearlcaster will easily stand up to any custom shop guitar that costs three times as much.       Pearlcasters are fully direct coupled

The Abstract Kingpin
In Europe Similar Guitars Sell For $40,000.00
 Ours Start @ 8,500.00

Roman,  LSR Bolero Model  (Many available body-shapes)
From $2,200.00 to $5,000.00 Average
Ed Roman is the King of Headless Guitars
Parts & Repairs Steinberger, Klein, Moses, LSR

Roman Centurion Model
From $3,200.00 to $5,000.00 Average.

Roman Abstract Black Ice Model

Roman Pearlcaster
The Ultimate Clone
All Access Neck, Direct Coupling, Choice Of Woods, Electronics, Fingerboard, Headstock etc
Completely USA custom built to your specs, thousands less than a Masterbuilt Fender !!!!

Roman Eastman Custom Made
Built In Ed Roman's Shop
Carved From Real Wood, These are not made from plywood like Gibson, Heritage Washburn etc etc


Baker Guitars our least Expensive Custom Guitars
Now Available in Set Neck & Neck Through Models

Abstract Enterprize 2009

Ed Roman Lowrider Bass 2004

Ed Roman Abstract Rockingbird Guitars
Our best selling guitar in the Abstract line.

Roman Quicksilver Model
$1,995.00 to $5,995.00 average $3,600.00

Roman LSR Leslie West Rocket Model

Roman Abstract Caligula Model
Sold To Mark Kancler

Protect The Second Amendment
Because The Second Amendment Is the Only Thing Protecting The Constitution

Exotic Tone Woods  

This guitar really turns heads
This is not for the meek or the traditionalist !!!
It's also not for kids who want $500.00 guitars either !!!

Rockingbird Guitars

Original Ed Roman, J. Frog,  George Lynch Skull N' Bones Guitar
Comes With Certificate Of Authenticity

Abstract Hellion Model

Exotic Tone Woods  

Abstract Avanti Model
Beautiful Spalted Maple Guitars

Hand Carving The Front Horn on our new Hell Razor. This guitar is being built for Bruce Ebert of California.

We have built & designed Bruce at least 12 custom guitars. In fact he has was the first to order a Kingpin Guitar.  

This one is a very petite highly carved & beveled rock guitar that will sustain for ever and hold tune real well.

Currently there are over 150 different body shapes we have done.

We are replicating many of the cool discontinued guitars from the 60;s 70's & the 80's.

If Jackson or Hamer or Dean or BC Rich decide to drop a model from their line.  Ed Roman immediately mobilizes his custom shop and comes out with a neck through high quality version of said guitar.


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Reversed Jupiter Thunderbird from the Ed Roman Custom shop

Jupiter Thunderbird Reverse Built for Shon Hodgkinson

Exotic Tone Woods  

Roman Abstract Maximus USA Made Custom Shop Guitar
Abstract Maximus Single Cut 24 Fret Model

Star Guitar Neck Through Body With Floyd Rose Speedloader
Built For Paul Crook

Abstract Thunderduck USA Hand Made Custom Shop Electric Guitar
Reverse Thunderduck 2001

Abstract Vampire Tooth Guitar With Floyd Rose Speedloader
Built For Paul Crook

Paul Crook From Meatloaf, Anthrax & Sebastian Bach
 Uses Quicksilver Guitars