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One Of The Most Collectable Guitars Available

This Guitar was featured on the cover of the Prestigious "Guitar Maker"  Magazine. It was also featured on the cover of the Hammacher Schlemmer Mailorder catalog. Currently Ed Roman has Serial # 4 available for sale.

The Ultimate Travel Guitar

This guitar is the ultimate collector guitar for the year 2000 and beyond. This amazing guitar has been in the design stages for 25 years. The inventor/designer was just awarded a patent and has decided to go into semi production. I personally have purchased serial #4 for my own collection and currently serial # 6 is available for sale.

This guitar was featured on the cover of guitar maker magazine, and also on the cover of the prestigious Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog. I will have these guitars available for at least $1,000.00 cheaper than Hammacher Schlemmer and I will also have lower serial numbers.


This guitar is made entirely from strandular Carbon Graphite by the same manufacturer that builds all the LSR necks.




Amazingly this guitar goes together in 30 seconds almost in tune. It takes less than 30 seconds to fine tune. Choice of electric or round back acoustic model. This guitar actually can change colors between sets (call for explanation).

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Tim is one of the worlds leading authorities on guitar acoustics and the physics and properties of sound itself. When I started to read Tim's book I became aware of just how little I knew. I am currently negotiating with him to offer a copy of the original complete 7 volume edition on my website.
Mark my words, this Guitar will rank with the Gittler's, Veleno's, Auerswald's and other extremely hard guitars to find.

Ed Roman

As a collector of weird and oddball guitars, I fully expect the price of these original production series will never go down.
The guitar is pictured here without the backing. The backing is interchangeable and comes included in an electric and an acoustic version.

When the mass production model becomes available, the price will probably decrease but all the originals are hand built by Tim Whyte, the inventor and publisher of the prestigious "Journal of Guitar Acoustics."