Charvel Guitars

Charvels we Once Knew



San Dimas In Sea Sick Green

   According to our Sales Manager, Scott, many of the Charvel sales in the past were simply a matter of letting a customer pick up a Charvel and play it (when we had a walk in store). From that point a Charvel Guitar would sell itself. (As you probably know; we no longer have a retail - walk in store. We are by appointment only - like Ed ran the company when he was in Connecticut.)   We have had customers come to our showroom and buy a Charvel after playing one for a few minutes; and, they had not come to the showroom, initially, to buy a Charvel. This has happened several times since I've been here. Other customers have come here from great distances to try a Charvel and were sold upon playing the guitar. We have a few customers who have seen the collectability of limited run Charvels and bought them for that reason. Of course, we have customers who know and appreciate the quality and playability of these American Made Guitars.

Charvel San Dimas In Fiesta Red. The Above San Dimas Is A Bit Unusual: It

Has A Rosewood Fretboard & The Pickup Is Hard Mounted. It Plays GREAT!

Many Of Charvels' guitars are pretty straight forward. They don't go overboard with

aesthetics, this is not to say they are unattractive. They are simply well made, high

quality, fully functional musical instruments. They do offer some really cool Flame  


Charvel Yellow Flame Graphic

     There are also Flame and Quilted Maple tops available. Take a look at some of their

     Custom Shop items in the or on the Charvel Web Site. 

    Damn! Ain't That Pretty!?!


San Dimas With Hard Mounted Pickups In Trans Gold Candy

Or How About A Candy Plum SoCal? Great Playing & Well Balanced

With DiMarzio Humbuckers.

San Dimas In Trans Candy Magenta (Looks Great In Person)! Seymour

Duncan Humbuckers, Quarter Sawn Maple Compound Radius

Board & Neck

SoCal In Pagan Gold With DiMarzios & Floyd Rose Original.

It Looks Good As It Is, But It, Or The Purple SoCal, Would Look Fantastic

With A Flashy Custom Pickguard!


    So, what do we have to do to get you to buy on of these great guitars? I could       remind you of our return policy: If you buy it and don't like it you have 48 hours to contact us about returning the guitar (after you receive your guitar). I'm pretty sure that you will LOVE your new Charvel and returning it will be the farthest thing from your mind!

   If you see a color or graphic on the Charvel web site or ERG's web site that we do not have; we can get it if it is still in production. So treat yourself to a great guitar at a great price! Give us a call for your new Charvel!