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Titanium Floyd Rose Tremolos Ed Roman Exclusive

Nobody Beats Ed Roman's Prices!

Introducing the all new U.S.A. Production Model Series.
These guitars are USA Charvel "bumper to bumper."

The new line consists of three models in standard black:
 San Dimas™ Style 1 & 2, and So-Cal Style 1.

 Each model will also be available in its own extremely limited custom color

 USA Production Model Series are now available!! 

An EVH Shark Being Born

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EVH ART Series Guitars

We Also Age These Guitars To Look Like Relic's
Nobody Beats Ed Roman's Prices

Charvel Custom Shop Guitar

Charvel San Dimas 25th Anniversary
Also Available With Original Floyd Rose Tremolo!!!
The Ultimate Charvel Collector Guitar !!!
The First USA Charvel in More Than 10 Years !!!
First Ever 100% Legal Fender Headstock On A Different Brand.

Fully USA Made by the Jackson/Charvel Custom Shop.
Limited authorization with Fender traditional headstock.
Gorgeous flame top, Only 86 made for the entire world.
Gold hardware, heavy birdseye maple figuring.
Abalone dots on the fingerboard,  custom wound pickup.