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Since 1978, John has built some of the most innovative guitars in Rock N' Roll history.


A list of John's satisfied customers includes ZZ Top (who have purchased more than 150  guitars and basses), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Steve Miller, Lou Reed, Albert King, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Kathy Valentine (Go-Go’s), and Doc Watson. None of these artists plays a JBG guitar or bass because they are paid to or because they were given a free instrument. They play them because they want the best. John is probably one of the biggest Ghostbuilders in the business.

Between John, Ed Roman & a couple of other small independent luthiers most of the Ghostbuilt guitars made come directly from their respective custom shops.

John's shop is small but extremely well equipped, the old school  manufacturing facility shuns any CNC machines.

Andrew Jones (formerly with Patrick Eggle Guitars in England) is Production Manager overseeing a small but very talented staff.

John’s son Jake is now part of the team continuing the family tradition to a new generation.

While the history of JBG Guitars is primarily as a builder of custom instruments, the company has now branched out to include a modest production line including the NS Guitar & Bass. Designed by Ned Steinberger & built by John.

These Guitars and Basses offer some of the most innovative design and masterful craftsmanship available in any musical instrument.

Custom House Of JB Guitar



Superior Tone Delivery
Stunning Performance

The guitar is not just beautiful. It has some of the finest tones found anywhere:

Clear and articulate with equal capability for warm jazz sound and cutting rock tones.

This makes other hollow bodies sound muddy.

The Classic truly lives up to its name.

 Now is your chance to own a guitar built by the luthier of the stars, and at a price that is half that of other guitars with similar features.


For 25 years, John and his staff at JBG Guitars have made some of the most remarkable guitars and basses in rock history for clients such as Steve Miller, Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Joe Perry, Timothy Schmitt, Ron Wood, Mick Jagger Albert King, & Lou Reed. When legendary instrument designer Ned Steinberger was looking for a luthier to build his latest designs for guitar and bass guitar, he turned to John,
this resulted in the NS Basses & Guitars

John is best known for the work he has done for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Billy and John have collaborated to create well over 100 guitars through the years. Their friendship has evolved to the point where they constantly challenge one another to create some of the wildest guitars the world has seen, as well as some of the finest tones ever heard. Ed Roman & John enjoy  a long relationship building guitars together.

Now John has translated these years of experience into a new guitar design, "The Classic". This remarkable guitar features a carved top and back with a hollow interior. Unlike the pressed woods used in so many other guitars with an arched top and back, this guitar is truly “carved” from solid woods.

The pickups were custom designed & wound by Seymour Duncan himself  for this guitar. Details like the ebony pick guard, ebony tuners, and ebony knobs, as well as a flamed maple binding, are features normally found only on the handmade arch top guitars costing huge sums of money.


Triple Pickup Model
Stainless Steel Binding, Inlays & Pickguard

JBG builds about 1/3 of Billy's Billy-Bo Models for many years.