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 Billy Gibbons owns probably 1000 or more guitars
This page is just here to show some different ones
Many More Coming


If You Like Billy Gibbons Style Guitars
Ed Roman Can Build You Anything You Want !!!!




Brightly Chrome 2011 Jupiter Thunderbird Excelero

Big Muddy Guitar Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop
Neck Thru Body

 Built By Ed Roman 2007
See More Of This Guitar


Ed Roman's Improvements

 Over The Mass Produced Asian Made Gretsch Model

Roman Jupiter Thunderbird The Gretsch Billy Bo
Neck Thru Body Construction "One Piece" Set Neck  (Glued On 2 Piece Construction)
No Heel  Smooth Neck Joint Visible Heel, Seams & Rosewood Fretboard
Ebony High Quality Fingerboard Rosewood Fingerboard Only
Made 100% in the USA By Hand     Made In Japan
Available In Any Kind Of Wood Or Color Comes In one wood one color
Available In Standard & Reverse Models Comes only in standard model
Real Ebony Overlay On Headstock Comes with plastic fiber overlay 
Hard Mount Direct Couple Pickups Choice Of Pickup Spring mount you have no choice of pickups just Gretsch
Multiple Binding On Guitar Gretsch Is Single Ply Binding`
Choice Of Bigsby, Floyd, Tun A Matic Sustainer etc  No Choice Comes One Way
Available Billy Gibbons Style Painted Neck Rosewood Neck Only
Choice Gold Titanium, Silver Nickel Stainless Steel Nickel Only
Billy Gibbons Styled Pinstripe Available No Pinstripe Available
Headstock Choices Available One Only
BG 1 Model Available (Original Tom Holmes Design) Not Available
Available With Maple Fingerboard Not Available
Custom Inlays Available Not Available
Active Electronics Available Not Available
Available In Humbucker or Soapbar Or Filtertron Filtertron Only
Pickups Are Switchable Not Available
Headless Design Available Not Available
Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Body Available Not Available
Available In Headless Model Not Available
Double Z Tailpiece Available Not Available
Available With Custom Billy Gibbons Graphics Not Available
Available On A Quicksilver Platform Not Available

   Ed Roman Has Been Building the Jupiter Thunderbird at least 6 years before Gretsch ever made one

The Original Bo Diddley Models were custom made guitars with Gretsch Necks !!!!


 Billy's Famous PRS Made Explorer From The 80's
We Built An Exact Duplicate Of This For A Friend Of Billy's In Texas

Ed Roman Version,  Built Using A PRS Neck For Legality Reasons
We Put A New Fingerboard & Frets On The PRS Neck
Built By Ed Roman 2011


Magnetic Cavity Case Cover
No Screws...




This Guitar May Look Like The Gretsch
 Actually It Was Built 3 years Before Gretsch Ever Introduced The Guitar
The Gretsch Guitar Is Good Quality But The Above Guitar Is Neck Thru Body

Billy Gibbons

Billy At The Shop When We Were Running Clapton Fool Guitars

Custom Abstract BG-1
This Is The Precursor to the Jupiter Thunderbird !!!!!!
Designed By Billy Gibbon's & Tom Holmes Back In The 70's

BG-1 Like Billy's Original Tom Holmes Guitar


Custom Built In Ed Roman's Shop

Billy With Rare Non Reverse Shortened Billy Bo

Gold Metalflake

See The New Quicksilver Excelero
Scheduled for Delivery To Billy In April Of 2011


A side shot of the body. You can get a better view of some of the details.

Remember - this is not the finished model, but it is nearly there.


Billy With Customized Replica
Notice The Headstock Is Wider & Pointier Than Stock Gibson
The Body Is Slightly Elongated
Replicas Available  

Dean Shrimpfork ZZ Top Models



Ed is holding the very first production version of the Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird 
The very first one off the production line !!!!!!
These are very well made instruments & Billy personally numbered it #1
He pinstriped the guitar with a sharpie & signed it to Ed
This guitar is one of the jewels of Ed's collection !!

These Are The Furry Pair
Not the ones from the videos
The Videos Used the Fluffy Pair









Billy's Famous Cadzilla