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Over the first several years that BC Rich was in business they built all kinds of oddball crazy one of a kind models. Some of them were super cool and some of them were lame.  This page is an attempt to try to show as many different weird models as I can find. If you have a BC Rich guitar that you feel is different. I would love to post it on this page.

Abstract Guitars of California is a small group of very talented luthiers that built 95% of all the BC Rich neck through guitars ever made. 

Ed Roman

Original Gene Simmons USA Real Punisher  Bass
USA Made by BC Rich Back in 1993 !!!!
The Real Original USA Made Ones Are Rare & Hard To Find
Ed Roman usually has one or two available used or like new
It's getting harder to get these so the prices will steadily climb
CALL ED ROMAN 702.875.4552




BC Rich Seagull

This is the 42nd Guitar that BC Rich ever produced,  This was the same model they made for Eric Clapton back in 1975.
BC Rich ran only one ad with Eric Clapton in it.  Fender's legal dept. objected very strenuously.  The publicized Clapton BC Rich connection ended early on.
This one is the only early one I have ever seen with cloud inlays, Gold Hardware and all the electronics.

Firebird Style

This Guitar is now Available as an Abstract Guitar

This is an original BC Rich Guitar

 Choice of 22 or 24 Fret Models  Choice of Single or Double Neck Versions
This  is  an Abstract JD guitar  (The first ones "1990" used BC Rich necks)
This guitar is now available in an Abstract Model called "The Warpig"

Wraith 1993 Present
This Guitar is now available in an Abstract Model still called the Wraith

 Original Travel Guitar
We offer this same guitar with a tune-o-matic bridge.

BC Rich Double Vampires Tooth Vee
This Guitar Is Available from Abstract Guitars

Wave 1976 present

Exploder Style Guitar
  This model is also available from Abstract Guitars

This photo was taken in Ed Roman's old shop back in 1993.
Right after he purchased the BC Rich Factory.