Abstract Tiberius Guitar

Many New Improvements Over The Original Design

Abstract Tiberius Guitar, Ed Roman Guitars

We Have Several New Old Stock Turner Model 1 Guitars Left in Stock.
No Factory Warranty but Ed Roman will Warranty for One Year!


New Improved Roman Tiberius Model

Old Model One (Discontinued)

1 Neck Thru Body  One Piece Neck Construction Set Neck With Tone Defying Glue Joint
2 Ebony, Maple, Morado & Exotic Fretboard Available Turner Only Used Rosewood
3 Lightweight Version No extra Charge Turner Charged Extra For Lightweight
4 All Solid Wood Parts & Plastic Pickup Plate & Tailpiece
5 Hard-mounted Pickups Floating Pickups  (Not As Stable)
6 1 Piece Necks  5 Piece Necks 9 Piece Necks 1Piece or 5 Piece Necks
7 Dual Hum Traditional Mount Available Single rotating humbucker
8 No Heel On Neck Very Large Bulky Heel
9 Available In Custom Scales  24 3/4"    25"  25 1/2" Old Model Only Available In One Scale  24" 7/8
10 Custom Wiring Available Anything Limited Custom Wiring
11 Black Saddle Piezo System Available Others Also Highlander Only
12 Tone Pros Tune O Matic Bridge Standard Roll-O-Matic   (Not As Much Sustain)
13 Custom Inlays Available None Available
14 24 or 27 Frets Available 24 Fret Only
15 Circular Korina Tone Block For Enhanced Tone No Tone Block
16 Custom Knob Placement No Extra Charge Old Model Knobs Were Fixed Locations
17  New Improved Headstock Designs Old Model One Headstock Only
18 Multiple Choices For Headstocks Old Model One Headstock Only
19  Reinforced Headstock Volute Eliminates Breakages No Volute
20 Now Available In Korina Bodies Korina Never Available
21 Over 75 Exotic Wood Combinations All Mahogany Construction
22 Reinforced Bridge Mounting Inserts (The Bridge Could Bend & Destroy The Top)
23 Magnetic Cavity Covers Old Style Phillips Screws
24 Completely Hand Made From The Ground Up Made Entirely By CNC Machines
25 All This For Less Money Than A Turner The Turner Used To Cost Over $1,000.00 More

Comparison Of The New Tiberius & Old Discontinued Model 1

The Turner Uses A Set Neck. The Tiberius Is Neck Thru & It Has Much Better

Access To The Upper Register



Very Smooth & Clean Neck Joint

Much More To Come