Abstract Neck Thru Body

Abstract Neck Thru  Guitars


  Abstract Guitars Are Not For Your Typical Consumer
These are made 100% in the USA with premium woods & parts
The ones pictured here are available
Most of the ones we sell are custom ordered


The Ed Roman Abstract Line Of Guitars is a High Quality American Made Neck Thru Body Guitar.

Abstract manufactures many traditional shapes that are usually only available in a bolt on style or a set neck.
Ed Roman believes that a set neck guitar is inferior to almost anything on the market. Any glue joint between the neck and body virtually eliminates all the resonant overtones from the neck and fingerboard to reach the body. It also eliminates much of the sustain that the guitar would otherwise be capable of.  Bolt on neck guitars when done correctly are much better but they tend to be very bright and overbearing.
Ed Roman believes that if you spring load pickups like all the major corporate cookie cutter guitar companies do, The loss of tone and sustain is irreparable.

Abstract guitars employ direct coupling and the pickups are hard mounted right into the neck. This virtually eliminates the above problems.

Look at the smooth no heel neck joint on this guitar and you will see why the playability is also better than the traditional brand.

Coupled with the Real German Floyd Rose Tremolo, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Autotrim Tuners and ebony fretboards no one even comes close.


Quilted Quicksilver Katana Bodies



Ed Roman Makes Lefthanded Versions Of All The Guitars You Ever Wanted !!!
OK, So They Are Not Original !!!!
However The Quality, Tone, Components & Visual Look Is Usually Far Better Than The Original !!
 We Use Ebony Where Others Use Rosewood !
We Use Real Floyds Where Others Use Licensed Asian Models !
We Use EMG & Duncan Premium Grade Pickups !
Our Necks Are Quartersawn (No Luthier Joints Behind The Third Fret)
We Offer Custom Electronics, Midi, Piezo. Preamps etc,
The Quality Of The Woods We Use Far Surpasses The Big Companies !!!
Try One For Yourself,  See What You Have Been Missing !!


Thick Ebony Slab Fingerboard
Ebony Overlay On Headstock, Lightning Bolt Inlays
Fully Bound Neck & Headstock
Solid Mounted Stepped Pickup Cavities


Solid Maple Neck Thru Body
Easy All Access Neck Joint


Ultra Light Swamp Ash Body Solid Eastern Rock Maple Neck

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Seven String Neck Thru Body Scorpion


Scepter Model In The Fender Tradition !!!

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