Discontinued Guitars

Abstract Discontinued Guitars

These & other guitars have been discontinued for various reasons

Some simply didn't sell well, some had to be discontinued because Gibson sued us.
Some we were sent cease & desist letters on !!
Some of these guitars are temporarily unavailable because we are waiting for the outcome of our lawsuit.
We are confident that we will prevail just like PRS did and then we may reintroduce some of them again.

We at Ed Roman Guitars feel our designs are better & more in keeping with this millennium.
So it is pretty unlikely we will re manufacture too many of these again !!!
We have almost 50 great new designs on the drawing board at this time.
We are always looking for new cool designs and we are always looking for cool names for them.
Let us know if you can help!!!
When a manufacturer discontinues a model, you can always count on us to make up a replica for you. In most cases our replicas are far superior to the original model.

Without a doubt we have been carrying and selling BC Rich guitars longer than any other dealer in the world. We started in 1977 buying 2 or 3 hand made high end guitars a week and the rest is history. 

We hardly ever carried the imported models, Today's economy has forced us to bend and carry the imports. Most people today have no idea the difference between the imported cheese and the real deal anyway.  What a shame!!!  We guarantee to beat any price you can find on any BC Rich import model !!!!!  (Just look it up in any catalog,  Then call us,  You won't be sorry.)

Most of the BC Rich guitars that we have built,  (See Above) have all been made from original BC Rich bodycores, the original serial numbers are still on the guitar.
If there is no serial number, it is usually something we created for someone per their exact order!!!!!  We also have retopped and rebuilt over 300 BC Rich Guitars. There are a number of copiers out there who try to pass their crap off as something we have built. We have info on every one we ever did.

We have never represented one of ours to be a factory BC Rich. The Logo is different and the headstock does not have the familiar BC Rich tit on the top. It is very easy to distinguish our guitars from the production models.
We have estimated that we built or rebuilt,  slightly more than 2000 BC Rich or BC Rich styled guitars during a period of 17 years. During most of that time we were also a very large BC Rich dealer. Excepting for a short period of time we have been the largest BC Rich dealer in the world.
We have chosen to no longer offer these guitars because it might cause confusion in the marketplace. and because Davitt & Hanser "HHI" has asked us to stop making them.


Eagle Archtop
Ed Roman Purchased The BC Rich Factory In 1993
We Subsequently Made About 1000 Guitars & Conversions
Ed Roman Designed The Very First Archtop BC Rich Guitars
One Way To Spot An Ed Roman Made Model Is It Will Have Recessed Cavity Plates In The Back

Jackson has informed us that they are still offering this guitar in their custom shop
We will no longer make it unless they discontinue it and give us permission !!
We only made the one in the picture
The Jackson Roswell Rhoads actually cost's $2,000.00 less than ours anyway
 So call If you want to get a Jackson!

We made the first ones of these!!!!
They were originally called the Spider Bass

Originally designed by Ed Roman & Bernie Rico together
This picture is the very first one ever made !

Ed Roman Purchased The BC Rich Factory In 1993
We Subsequently Made About 1000 Guitars & Conversions|
One Way To Spot An Ed Roman Made Model Is It will Have Recessed Cavity Plates In The Back

Custom Built Right In Our Custom Shop 1998

  This is probably the first BC Rich Mockingbird to ever have a Tune A Matic on it.
Another Ed Roman first 1991

Designed by Randy Waltuch Original Owner BC Rich Class Axe Guitars
Now Available by Special Order Only
Call The Custom Shop  702.875.4552

This Design Is Legally Owned By Rick Derringer
The First Ones Were Set Necks & Made by Gibson, Then BC Rich Made It for Years.
The Neck Through Version is Always Superior To A Set Neck Guitar
Then BC Rich discontinued it for 6 or 7 years
 They Reissued It As The Chuck Schuldiner Model in 2006
We Still Offer This Guitar in a Neck Through High Quality USA Made Version !!!!
3 to 4 different companies offer this guitar today
  We Call Ours "The Ninja"

Rare All Gold Hardware Custom Made Bridge Supreme Model
Special Ordered With Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard
Custom Made In Our Shop 1993

BC Rich Original El Monte Body Blanks

Custom Made Replacement Body
We Still Have Several Original Models Like This In Stock

Old style bodyblanks no longer being built
Some models still available

4 Pickups with Custom Scale & Fret Locations
Custom One of a kind for Dave Meros "Spocks Beard"

The Elitist Discontinued

The  Wanderer Discontinued
New Model Balances Better

Old Model (The new one is sleeker & lighter

Old Model The new one is slightly asymmetrical like The real Tony Iommi Guitar

Old Model (The new one is slightly asymmetrical like Tony Iommi's Guitar} 

Old Model (The new one is sleeker & lighter

Old Model (The new one is sleeker & lighter

This is the old model with the wider shoulders
The new model is even closer to Randy's original

Old Model Juvenile Delinquent 1991 to 2004

Original Mustaine Type Vee
This is still available in stock
Including original Jackson made models