Seven String Guitars

Ed Roman Offers More 7 & 8 String Models Than Any Other Dealer In The World !!!

7 String Abstract Hellion Headstock

Abstract Offers Over 200 different 7 String Models & Bodyshapes
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Abstract Seven String Guitar
Abstract Seven String Custom  Available From Stock
Beautifully Spalted Maple Top   Neck Thru Body  100% USA MADE

BC Rich 7 String
We only carry the neck thru body USA made models so please don't bother calling for the kids stuff..

We offer 15 different versions of this shape in 6, 7 or 8 string




Ed Roman Scorpion 7 String



Zoraxe 7 String Guitar
Replicas Available $8,500.00



In 1993 Ed Roman Bought The BC Rich Company From The License-holder Class Axe In Warren New Jersey
Hundreds of Original California Made BC Rich Cores, Necks, Bodies etc Were Part Of The Deal.
All The Original Jigs & Templates & Machinery Were Included In The Sale,  BC Rich had been Ghostbuilding all the Dean guitars for several years, so all the Dean jigs & templates were also included in the purchase.
Today that company has evolved into Abstract Guitars.
You won't read much about this in the magazines because Abstract has opted not to advertise
Therefore the Guitar Magazines act as if it does not exist !!!!
However there are more than 200 different models of Abstract Guitars  !!   (10 Times As Many As BC Rich)
There Have Been Close To 2000 Neck Thru Guitars Entirely Handmade Since Abstract
Was Named in 2004 !
The New Owners Of BC Rich Have Not Made One Single American Made Guitar Since 1999 when Bernie Died !


BC Rich 7 String Guitar  By Ed Roman 1997



Roman Abstract Maximus Custom Shop Electric Guitar

Abstract Offers Over 200 Models of 7 String Guitars
All Abstracts Are Available in 6, 7, & 12 String Guitars
See The Entire List of Abstract Guitars