Lifetime Warranty

Extended Warranty

Ed Roman's exclusive warranty extension picks up where the manufacturer's warranty leaves off. It covers all defects in materials and workmanship. You can buy this contract for guitars you already own provided they meet our criteria.

Covered Repairs

Defects in materials and workmanship including but not limited to:
Warped bodies or necks; glue joint separations; delaminating; loose inlays; loose bindings; defective hardware including but not limited to bad tuning machines, bridge and tremolo parts, loose strap pins, etc.; defective electronics including but not limited to scratchy pots, active electronics, wiring, jacks, switches, pickups, etc.; loose frets (new guitars only).

Not Covered:

Normal wear and tear, accidental or deliberate damage, damage resulting from climatic changes, abuse, neglect, unauthorized repair or customization, repairs totaling greater than the cost to replace the instrument. Your instrument will be replaced instead. If the instrument is not available we will replace with something of equal value.

Taylor guitar finishes are not covered because in our experience they are prone to disastrous problems and we have lost money on repairing them over and over again.

Rickenbacker C Series Guitars are not covered. Warwick double truss rods are not covered,  McNaught neck joints and any neck issues  are no longer covered. 

Gibson Headstocks break so much that we cannot cover them, In fact we will rarely accept any extended warranty on any Gibson Guitar.

To Qualify:

This warranty is available for all new guitars purchased from Ed Roman. All other guitars must pass our inspection to qualify, including guitars purchased new more than thirty days prior to the purchase of the warranty.

Free Annual Inspection:

We provide up to 4 free annual inspections for any covered instrument.

Free Truss Rod Adjustments:

Unlimited free truss rod adjustments are available for the life of the warranty.

Cost of Warranty

Average cost of warranty $199.99 for lifetime or 129.99 for 3 years or 99.99 for 1 year.

Transfer of Warranty:

If you sell or trade a covered guitar, you have two options. For a $25.00 fee, you can transfer this warranty to your new guitar, provided it meets our criteria, or you can transfer it to the new owner of the guitar originally covered.

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