Letters We Have Received from Some of Our Customers

Satisfied Customer Andrew Ferruche with his Denim Roman Quicksilver Guitar


I mean I cannot even express how unbelievable this guitar sounds and plays. I recieved it yesterday. The sustain on this thing is beyond rediculous. Are you sure there isn't a preamp if there is let me know so I at least know to change the battery. I have an Eric Clapton Strat and this guy blows it away on sound and playability all day long. The paint job I love it. The neck is worth every penny with the upgrade. How awesome is this headstock. I have played good looking guitars but this plays actually better than its overall beautiful appearance. Use me as a reference please. Lastly I cannot express the gratitude I have for your professionalism. We had a problem with the truss rod and I am the one who tried to force it. However you went above and beyond making it right.

Thank you
Andrew Ferruche


Back in Spain, landed a few hours ago.

First of all, thanks for the royal treatment and the sound advice on the whole process of ordering my custom guitar. As an international business strategy consultant I appreciate professional business engagement and I can tell you, you have been behaving nothing short of amazing the whole time.
Maybe someone could perceive gruffness where I just perceive a no-nonsense approach and an utmost respect to serious players and collectors. You can make my words public, I think your degree of service is sadly a lost art.
Just wanted to check if the whole wire transfers were in order and if everything is on place. I would appreciate if the process is going to take some time, some pictures being taken of the process in order to appreciate the subtleties of how everything was done.
Best and thanks again,

Javier G. Recuenco


Quicksilver Diamond Plate Guitar
By Ed Roman

Dear Ed,

I've realized I've been a viewer of your website off and on for a number of years. I finally felt intrigued to write you directly and express my gratitude for your insight of the guitar & music industry. I've been a player for 25 years now (I'm 35) and have had my fair share of gear over the years. My primary focus was usually on playing and was never too up to date on guitar building or tone woods. After reading much of your rants & comparisons, I've really taken a closer look at my guitars. Yes Sir! You are correct, the big boys can certainly do way better in their production of what they call "top of the line models" especially for what they are charging. I never really knew all of the tonal issues between bolt-on, set-neck & neck-thru guitars. Never knew anything about the difference between spring loaded pickups or those set to the body directly. So thank you Ed for the great information, your Quicksilver & Centurion lines look fantastic. I hope to save my pennies for one. Best wishes to you and your staff.
Richard Sammet
Scottsdale, AZ
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Ever since I stumbled onto your site, especially the rants section, I have found myself putting your deprogramming lessons into practice with everything I see (not just with guitars). I feel like you have taught me a lot of things that should have been included in my college education that came to a close this past May.

I have been slowly purchasing parts over the past few months as I can afford them (student loans are real F**kers). But once I am down to the needs of a body blank and basic electronics, (and someone to build it) I will be giving you a call to come out and look at some wood for a neck, body, and finger board (that Kokarado [Laotian Striped] looks awesome, but how does it sound?), and pick an Abstract body style.

I know you are not too keen about people rattling on about there dream guitar after implying that wont be buying soon, but I already purchased a Hamer sustainer bridge from you and hope to buy form you again soon.

Christopher Freeman
Rush NY


Letter From Chris Cunningham
Chris Has 3 Ed Roman Guitars So Far

Well Ed, I've been playing the Abstract Prodigy almost non-stop for about 48 hours now and it's still hard to put down. I think you may have outdone yourself this time. I understand now why you're so crazy about Macassar Ebony as a neck wood. It feels as solid as granite and the sustain is unreal. It just keeps singing.

I'm also including a pic of all the guitars you've sent me so far. I know collectors have their place in the world but I'm not a collector, I'm a player. I can see now that playing that first guitar I bought from you was like taking that red pill in the The Matrix -- there's no going back. A guitar made in a factory and covered with polyurethane feels like a toy to me now.

When I put the palm of my left hand on the neck of one of your guitars and feel the natural finish of a 1500G neck treatment, it's like taking that first breath of oxygen after having been underwater for days. Keep up the good work and I'm sure it won't be too long before you hear from me again.

Chris Cunningham       

Chris Has A Quicksilver A Pearlcaster & An Abstract 36 Fret Prodigy


 Thanks, Ed.
 They did a nice job and I love my new guitar!!!
 Your organization is excellent and I thank you for a beautiful product.
 Dan Wopperer
 Rochester NY


Corky Laing,  Leslie West,  Richie Scarlet

Letter From TED NUGENT


Killer shit sir! My fave is the 1 on the 2nd link, 1st guitar pic, beauty made by you in 2005. How bout we go with that, but more body shape like the 1 u made me with derringer in back, & lets put another derringer in this 1!!

YIKES you sure make phenomenal lookin guitars sir! SALUTE!

Ted Nugent



Hey Guys...
Thanks for the email....my lefty Quicksilver is the talk of the town. Here's a picture of it when I appeared on stage at Cruefest this past August with Motley Cure and Godsmack. So....what do you have lefty that's on sale??? I may be interested in adding to my collection

Steve Lane
Raleigh, NC


Steve Lane   Of Effigy   (Photo At Crue-Fest)

Quicksilver's are popping up quite a bit on stage
"Pro Musicians Demand The Best"



Dear Ed:

I have been a reader of you website for almost eight years. I admire your opinions on the internet, and I wish you continue to speak of what you believe in. Everyone has their opinions -- you are just more verbose about them. It's a pity many people disagree with you. Your points are argued with solid facts and experiences, and yet, people still won't escape their delusional fantasy and admit to valid (and highly important) critiques you you present the world -- which would otherwise never be heard.

It's sad that collective hate is such a high motivator in today's society.  Keep up the good work and promoting you knowledge -- the public needs it.




Just got the Rockingbird. It exceeded my highest expectations.  It's Beautiful
You weren't kidding about the neck I can't put it down, What kind of pickups are those, They kick ass !!!!

I was a little apprehensive at first because of some bullshit I read on the internet but I think they are just a bunch of jealous competitors because the quality of this guitar is stellar.

I have owned over 50 guitars and this one is as good as I have ever owned, The neck is slimmer and faster than my Jackson

I realize you are busy, So I won't keep yappin' about this, but I just had to thank you for fulfilling my dream of having the worlds best guitar.

Take care, I will be ordering another one with a maple matching neck and no trem !!!!

Phil Demme
Morton Grove,  Illinois


Hey Ed,

Thanks for taking the time to field my numerous questions and supply me with solid answers. Despite what I'm sure is a busy schedule you took great care and time to insure I would make an informed purchase in the future. From my perspective that saves me money and guarantees I will get the most for my hard-earned dollars. I look forward to doing business with you.
Kindest regards,

Mr. Lea MacDonald.




Donny Osmond & Steve Lee
Steve is Las Vegas' Premiere Hired Gun.
Steve Lee Has Played With Almost Every Major Show To Hit Vegas Since The Dawn Of Time.
His Number One Player Is His Quicksilver 10th Anniversary Macassar Neck Guitar.


Currently The Donny & Marie Show Is Probably The Best All Around Show In Vegas.
Sadly The Show Draws An Older Branson Type Crowd But That Doesn't Diminish The Show At All.
If You Love Music, All Kinds Of Music This Most Excellent Show Will Amaze You !!!


Hello Scott & Ed

The Quicksilver #1661 came in this morning and I wanted to write you and tell you how incredibly happy I am with it.

First of all, I didn't go to work today I stayed home to play with my new toy. 

When I pulled it out of the case I was so excited and anxious to play it, I clumsily dropped it and it hit the floor making a horrible sound. I got panicked and immediately took it to my local guitar tech at Stanton Music.
Luckily there was nothing wrong but I had him take the cavity covers off and check the electronics. They were all very impressed with the magnetic cavity covers.  In fact they all really loved the guitar,  I had to tear it out of the hands of their guitar salesman  hee hee .

They had advised me against buying the guitar in the first place, they ate crow that day let me tell you.

I played the guitar into the night and you were right about the finger fatigue, usually my hands hurt if I play that much. With this guitar I felt as if I could play all night..

Thanks again for being so patient with me on the phone, I almost bought a PRS now that I have played them both I am incredibly happy that I made the decision to buy The Quicksilver
I saved almost $500.00 plus $316.00 sales tax in total cost and the Quicksilver came with a nicer top, nicer color and more options. You have made me a believer!  Please use my name as a reference, I will gladly recommend you guys  to anyone.
I had read some derogatory statements on the internet so maybe I was being over cautious by asking so many questions.
This guitar is less than 24 hours old and I am sure I will be using it as my main player guitar. I will be in touch for another one as soon as my wife lets me !!!!

Thanx so very very much

Audie Murphy Jr.


Hi Ed,
Well, my new Tacoma guitar arrived right on schedule on Friday, packed extremely well, completely safe and sound and working perfectly.  I know that because I've been playing it all weekend - it's great!  The sound is truly beautiful - perfectly harmonic sounds, bright, wonderful.  And, given he magnificent woods used throughout, as you well know it looks great.  It nearly plays itself, and while at the moment it's a better guitar than I am a guitar player, with this terrific guitar, a little time will take care of that.  Thanks for the strap, as well; my British friends will be especially happy with the free-form Union Jack design.  (I guess I'll have to play plenty of Beatles music with it....)

While it wasn't cheap, real quality almost never is; the guitar is well worth the money and the buying experience was easy, quick, and as advertised.

Somehow I think I'll be back for another guitar... or two, from you, Ed.  Thanks again!

Scott Steinhauer


Leslie West "Mountain"  West Bruce Laing With Ed Roman Quicksilver 

I just picked up my guitar last night from UPS, and all I can say is it's gorgeous! The inlays surpassed my expectations and are the perfect finishing touch. The blue top finish is breathtaking. I haven't plugged it in yet because I didn't want to disturb my neighbors and I didn't trust myself to keep it at a reasonable volume, but playing it unplugged it fits perfectly in my hands and against my body.

The one and only problem I have is that the toggle switch looks to be broken. it switches from one pickup to the other, but it wiggles loosely in it's socket. To explain the problem: at the base of the stem that sits in the body of the guitar there are two side pins that allow the switch to pivot. One of the pivot pin sides looks like it isn't held in place, and no amount of finagling will "click" it back into a place where it no longer moves only the way it should. So, it is operational, but not ideal.

Thanks again for the incredible guitar, and sorry to dampen the lauds with a complaint.

I am otherwise incredibly happy with this guitar - Jeff you do amazing work, and Ed - you sure know how to pick 'em

Take care,
Brent Graham


Keith Urban With His Quicksilver

Jim Hetzer to me
show details Oct 14 (2 days ago)

I've been a custom electric guitar builder for the last 10 years. I am now getting ready to leave my day job and do it professionally. I just wanted to tell you, that I consider your site and company the only current creative guitar mfg out there right now. You are taking your time to help a very small group of consumers. And we are very thankful for all your company has done.

Jim Hetzer


This Quicksilver guitar is even better than my Centurion and it cost $4,000.00 less, I know, I know that's what you said !!  Frankly I wasn't sure I believed you when you told me it was a better player and it sounded more versatile.  How come it's so much less money? I thought I loved the Centurion and I probably still do but $4,000.00 cheaper is a lot of money.
I just want an explanation !!!!!

Arne Ducille

Hello Arne

There should be no surprise here !!!  I told you when you ordered the Centurion that it was my flagship model and I also told you that your money would have been better spent on the Quicksilver.
When you received the Centurion you were ecstatic, So much so that you have bought 2 more guitars from me both less expensive but both boutique models. (Your first letter is somewhere down on this very page).
The Quicksilver is a team built guitar, Four people build the Quicksilver.
The Centurion is one man from beginning to end except the paint.
The construction method of the Centurion is very hard to do
The Quicksilver is relatively simple by comparison.
They both employ the exact same hardware electronics & pickups.

But as I said then and as I say now the Quicksilver wins because of it's unique exclusive neck joint fitting with the pickup tied into the neck. coupled with a several other facts !!!!

The same is true for PRS & Gibson
I believe a PRS $2,195.00 24 FRET bolt on CE Model will sound noticeably better than their $3,600.00 custom or even their $40,000.00 Dragon. I also believe that an $850.00 Les Paul Junior flat top guitar with soapbar pickups will sound better than a $3,900.00 59 reissue Les Paul or some $27,000.00 guitar out of their custom shop.

Gibson has sadly discontinued their lower cost Les Paul Junior the closest thing to it I have seen is the RVC Mojoman or Woodstock Model... It does cost more than the Gibson but it's handmade from 200 year old mahogany or Korina (Click Here To See Them)

Making bold statements like that are why I get criticized on the web over and over!!!!

People don't want to hear that.   It simply does not sound true.
I mean, How could it be true???

People will say that I am the worlds biggest A-hole over & over  !!!
Especially people who have been suckered into buying those overpriced cookie cutter production made guitars.


In 15 years of being on the web not one person has ever written me even one logical letter stating why I am wrong.  They will write & call me names, they will go on those silly forums and insult me and even my family.  (always anonymously)
But they never once have sent me any real pertinent data why the more expensive model sounds better.

I want to clarify that this is not just a matter of my opinion, I will gladly sit down for 10 minutes with any reasonably intelligent person and show them why I say what I say. Every time I actually do sit down with a doubting Thomas they generally get real quiet towards the end of the conversation. I can make you a believer but you have to open your ears and your mind.  Hard to do in this brainwashed society.

Companies Like Gibson, PRS etc hate my guts for saying this, they know full well what I am talking about !! they wish I would shut my trap.

Everyone today knows that the Japanese guitars that Fender made in the 90's were better than the American Standards, Deluxe Plus's  etc and the were less than 1/3 the price. Fender actually stopped importing Japanese guitars & went to Mexico because the $289.00 Japanese guitars were starting to cut into their main cash cow the American Standard.  The quality difference was astounding !!!!
Fender today is making some great guitars but in my opinion the American Standard is not one of them!!!!
Most people just don't know what to look for. They simply figure if they pay more it's got to be better.
Maybe in the good old days but certainly not today.  Today we have all those college educated marketing dweebs that sit in their ivory towers and come up with ways to trick you out of your money.

If you don't believe me check your bank account, hey where'd the money go !!!!  It's already too late, these big corporations have sucked everyone dry and then gone to China to make it cheaper and sell it for more.

When I worked for Gibson the Motto & Slogan was.  "If we charge the most people will assume we are the best."

That's BS & total hypocrisy.  I myself worked at Gibson and those exact words came directly out of the mouth of the owner & CEO of Gibson. Henry Juszkiewicz himself. 

If this wasn't 100% true I could be sued out of business for writing it here!!!!!

Hey this is becoming dangerously close to becoming a full fledged rant!!!!!!

Oh well I'll put it on the rant page when I get the time.


Hi There,
Thanks for the update. My friend loves his JET Guitar that I bought for him several years ago. If ever I need to buy another guitar, your site would be the first place I would go to.
Keep up the good work.
All My Best,
Ron Pizzi

Yo Ed

Thanks for the advice on the Black/Back Pickups, I always liked Seymour Duncans, You were right on target. These pickups are really monsters. I installed them exactly the way you explained to me and I must say I was really happy with the flexibility of the tonal range.  Will they make my SG sound better also, I use it as my spare guitar but lately I have been thinking about getting another Quicksilver as my backup guitar. 
When you get a chance please call me and I promise I will either get another Quicksilver or an LSR .
 Like I really need another guitar LOL your guitars are addicting.  My wife hates you more all the time!!!
I really love the Duesenberg and it gets the best Keith Richards sound I have ever gotten from any guitar even the Quicksilver.  What kind Of deal can I get on 8 sets of Black/backs , I am putting them in everything except my Duesenberg and my Gretsch.
William "Willie Wonka" Walcott
Milwaukee WI.

You were right about the sustain too.  Fucking Incredible,  Almost like a Sustainiac.

Hey Ed,
Nice addition with the neck video.
I realize your fan-base has a love-hate relationship with you. I'll tell you a story sometime. Something about don't mention Roman's name because he has a bad rep. -email... Flame time from me.
I, personally like your no-BS approach and I am proud to let people know I have personal interaction with you and the pieces I have acquired from you.
I purchased a BC Rich Gunslinger neck from you today. I didn't realize it was you I was talking to until I asked. I am glad I did because I prefer doing business with "the man." You have always taken care of me, Ed. Not just advice and recommendations.

I had a chip taken out of the horn of my Mockingbird when it was shipped back to me UPS from your shop after doing a fret-job late '90s. You took care of everything and said up front your goal was to get UPS to pay for the guitar and let me keep it. That's exactly what happened. I took the chip and super-glued it back in place.

Ed, you have a style a person either hates or loves. To the haters? Fuck 'em. I apologize for my candor, but you know...

Steve Purcell


"Scott Ian With Pearl"

Ed Roman Himself, As A Real Person.  5 Star Rating - World class

By Dan E.
I've spent many hours on the phone with Ed. Unless you have some background or experience with a true luthier, it's hard for him to explain why he does what he does and hard to soak it in as a novice or a pro. You don't get to Pro status without going through the novice part first. There is no confusion about his knowledge and long time education which obviously effects his sales style. One of his strongest points is his personality.

He'll tell you like it is and he doesn't give a damn if you buy his guitars or not. I love that. You can tell you are getting honest information if you like it or not, and it's genuinely honest. If I'm handing over a favorite guitar to Ed for 10 months to a year, I'm not nervous, scared or freaked out to do it in a heartbeat.

I plan to take him a LP for his magic to be preformed and will wait however long it takes. I've learned more about his approach to custom work and if Billy Gibbons and the like are happy, guess what. I know I can't go wrong. See you in January ED!



This email correspondence might wake somebody up 
Read it and see what you think !!!

Potential Customer Inquires About The Price Of This Quicksilver Avanti & Ed Responds.
Ed Normally does not respond with such a long letter !!
Customer is from New Zealand so Ed makes an exception

Hello Ed
How Much Does The Cocobolo Quicksilver Avanti With The Macassar Ebony Neck Cost. Including Shipping To New Zealand.

Barry Jenkins

Hello Barry

$5,000.00 to your door in New Zealand total cost..

Prepay by wire transfer and we will ship immediately

Hello Ed

Bearing in mind the price of a new Gibson Les Paul, I guess that price is realistic.  I'll think seriously about this. I take it we are talking US dollars ??
Barry Jenkins

Hello Barry

Yes We Are Talking US Dollars...

Please be aware that a Gibson Les Paul is not even a close comparison
The construction is completely different to say nothing of the fact that the Gibson is primarily built entirely by CNC Machines & then assembled in the USA.

The Gibson is one of millions
The Guitar you are asking about is one of a kind

The Gibson is made on machines by people who are not even necessarily guitar players.
The Quicksilver Avanti is hand built one at a time and ONE person built the whole guitar excepting for the finish which is done separately.

You get a signed certificate of Authenticity with the Quicksilver, It is sold as an art form and a guitar.

The Gibson is nothing more than a tool..  A Heavy, Cumbersome, Outdated, Old School, Tool with only one good sound !!!!  Les Paul Guitars Are For People Who Are Too Stubborn To Look At Anything New Or Better... I liken Gibson to a Harley Davidson ,,, and their players to uninformed people.

I myself have ridden a Harley for 41 years (The Same One) but I am keenly aware that it's actually a piece of Crap compared to BMW, Moto Guzzi, Honda, Yamaha & most of the new companies like Victory and all the small chopper builders out there,   I Would Never Buy A Harley Today !!!
Much like Gibson the components are all mass manufactured offshore, then shipped into the USA so the "Made In USA" stamp can go on it.

If The Quicksilver came from the Gibson company or the PRS Company and the same markups applied to it as the Les Paul. You can bet the Quicksilver would cost over $40,000.00 maybe more !

That of course, is way too much money for a guitar (unless you are a moron) and that is why Gibson will never be able to compete with a true custom boutique builder like us.  Not on any level of intelligence or morality anyway.

BTW The Quicksilver has multiple sounds and also comes in a wide range of woods & even body shapes... You can choose every single component on any custom ordered Quicksilver.

 bridge, pickups, tuners, knobs, fret size, fret material etc etc


I could go on for a long time about the technical advances. The much much longer neck, The better wood, better hardware, real MOP inlay, Gibson uses plastic inlays on most of their guitars.

I hope I didn't Bore You With This Dissertation,,,
I am passionate about guitars & I do know exactly what I am talking about..


Doesn't Live Up To Ed's Hype  


By Anonymous  (Of Course)        (spelling errors highlighted in red)

After visiting Ed Roman's website and reading many of his rants  I had the impression this was a serious store for serious musicans and that Ed was some kind of guru and champion of the guitar enthusiast. I visited a couple times and found out this wasn't the case. Ed claims his sales staff is more qualified than Guitar Center, but the guy who helped me was clueless about the the most basic aspects of some of the instriments--he actually reminded me of Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times, a complete space cadet. Instruments were kept in horrible playing condition (a new $4,000 Les Paul I evaluated had grimy old strings that seemed neglected for ages! How hard is it to spend $3 and 5 minutes for a fresh set?) I wound up purchasing the same guitar somewhere else.   Note from Ed  "I'll bet $1000.00 that's a lie"

I was even personaly scoleded by Ed for how I was strumming a Pearlcaster that I was considering buying--he seemed worried I might scratch the pickguard. This was insulting, as I regularly purchase and collect expensive instruments and know how to handle a new guitar.    I'm Sure That's Another Lie

The store doesn't carry true premium instrument & amp brands, but sells Ed's custom guitars (his signature bass sounded pretty good, but upon inspection was really shoddy in construction--which surprised me, given how much Ed hypes his knowledge of quality instruments and superiority over the "big" manufacturers.) In the end, the selection is quite weak, many of the instruments seem like they are stuck in an 80s big hair metal video, and you won't find the current line up of highly regarded boutique brands like Trussart, Tom Anderson, Sadowsky, Fodera, Victoria, Dr. Z, 65 Amps, Divided by 13, Swart, etc (the list goes on and on.) There are so many cooler stores out there, with better product, knowledgeable sales staff, and customer service. This is a small-time operation with an overinfated ego. 

 I guess I can't win 'em all. 
 If you do send in a negative comment it will be printed !!!   Read My Response To This Cretin

This was posted anonymously of course.  Why is it that almost always the negative comments are always anonymous.  also the spelling is atrocious to the point where I don't believe this guy makes enough money to be able to afford to buy expensive guitars regularly.  As far as the Space Cadet comment. Judging by the date this was posted, I think this guy probably was in the old store that I used to own Which I sold In the first half of 2007. 
The very first thing the idiotic new owners did was fire all the older higher paid competent people and hire a bunch of low intelligence geeks.  Many of them Guitar Center Rejects or Ex Sam Ash people who couldn't cut it.  One of them could have been Spicolli's twin brother !!  (No BS)   So that part of his story rings true.

The new owners failed within 6 months. They put these idiotic kids on commission and sent them out on the floor to kill each other .. Commissioned salesmen will say anything to sell you a guitar.. They will lie about anything or tell you what you want to hear just to get you to reach in your pocket.   NEVER TRUST A COMMISSIONED SALESPERSON  EVEN IF HE'S A REAL PRO. They are just better at hiding their sheer dishonesty.

Eventually I ended up with the company again. Oh well maybe someday I will be able to retire  ha ha.
At this time I have 2
Trussart pieces in stock, 4 Andersons, 2 Sadowsky's and 1 Fodera.  Granted I didn't have many of those but they don't sell all that well for me. The Trussart  are priced fairly and the Fodera's are worth the money but the Anderson's and the Sadowsky's are so incredibly overpriced that I don't do well with them. 

Since I don't do amp's at all  I suspect the guy who wrote the letter was possibly never in the store at all.

Possibly he was one of the hired paid for shills that work for one of the big retail companies that spew untrue things all over the internet about smaller independent stores and builders to discourage people from buying from them.  We get a lot of that !!!!!!!

These big companies have knock lists and if you are unlucky enough to get on it they will disparage you on the internet anonymously for months on end.   Never believe anything if its posted anonymously or if you don't actually know who is posting it... It's too easy to lie.


Huge Guitar Store  5 Star Rating - World class

By Jeremy H.
Ed Roman is huge. The selection is amazing, there are so many guitars in this place. I believe it is advertised as the worlds largest guitar store. The staff are very friendly and customer oriented. They are extremely helpful and you can tell they really care about the instruments because they won't let a customer grab a guitar unassisted.
Today We Have Downsized, 2009 You must state your business to make an appointment to walk into the store.. But we are planning a Guitar Museum in Vegas for people to be able to gaze at guitars.
Ed Roman 2011

Amazing Selection of Fine Instruments  4 Star Rating - Very good

By Nick D.
At first I didn't like Ed Roman very much because of the signs everywhere saying, "Don't Play The Guitars". This seemed contrary to logic and every music store I've ever been in since I was a little kid. So I walked up a salesman and asked and he told me how much abuse guitars take in stores like Sam Ash and Guitar World. This is obviously a store for serious musicians, i.e. you're going to buy a guitar not kill some time one Saturday afternoon. I found their selection of guitars both acoustic and electric very good. The store has a quiet almost museum like quality to it, which is funny for a music store. The salespeople were very helpful and not pushy. Of course, if you're really interested in buying a guitar they will let you play it first. I respect their concept and it's a great way to keep their quality under control, it just seems un-natural. According to this salesperson, Ed Roman Guitars does most of its biz on the internet.

Hey Man,

I am a poor Analytical Chemist with a large mortgage and multiple mouths to feed if you know what I mean.  I unfortunately don't have much money to spend on high end gear like your lovely Pearlcaster and Quicksilver guitars.

My current axe is the PRS Santana from 2001 so you know right away only go for quality LOL LOL LOL!

I would like to upgrade from the PRS but I am at a loss as to what the best low priced ( don't want to use cheap) guitar you would recommend.  I looked at the MK's and they look stunning but at 700 bucks outta the
price range I am afraid.

I saw the Dillions and they looked good but I have NEVER heard of them before. Also I have to admit it kinda sucks being lumped in with the axes parents should get for their snot nosed lil brats.

If you have a line on some used but not terribly abused eq that might fit the ole budget I would like to know about please let me know.


Richard Martinchalk.

P.S. I love the fact that you speak your mind. Keep preaching YOUR truth it's fucking refreshing.  I hate people who won't speak their mind because it's not PC. Even if you were wrong at least you were heard.


Hey Ed, & Tommy.

It's Pou Piam from Riverside, CA. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help last summer, and sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

My custom Non-Reverse Firebird (or as you call it, the Abstract Thunderduck) sounds fuckin' brilliant!

With my custom Roman guitar, I made a four song EP called "The 13th Evening" that's now available on iTunes, Amazon, and a bunch of other places.

I wouldn't have been able to get guitar solo sound that I did without my custom guitar. Now it wasn't always a quick (or cheap!) journey, but in the end I've got a killer record and guitar sound that no other 17 year old kid does.

So bottom line, thanks for everything all the time and effort that you put into my guitar really comes through.

Feel free to stick this on the website somewhere so people can see all the glory that is Roman!

Pou Piam


Thank you so much for your patience and time that you have put into me over the past few months.

I Received my Highly Figured Burl Top Quicksilver today and to be honest I was very hesitant to open the case at first. I did not know what to expect to see. Its not everyday you get to open a case to a $4,000 dollar guitar. Its like winning the lottery so to speak.

I finally had the balls enough to open the case and I was shocked by the beauty of the top and I picked it up and was pleasantly surprised at the weight of the guitar. The woods are extremely beautiful and the neck feels absolutely amazing. The action on it is nothing I have ever felt on any instrument I have played.
own a PRS Single cut and The Quicksilver is by far more superior to the PRS.

The pickups on the guitar are just as elegant as the guitar itself and play absolutely amazing. Also want to thank you for the extra strap that you sent with the case.

My only problem I have is the volume and tone knobs are a little loose and I am not sure what the purpose of the push pull pots are for. Can you give me a bit of advice on how I can tighten the volume and tone knobs and what is the purpose of the push pull.

Thanks again

My expectations were blown away I was expecting something similar to a PRS but nothing compares to the Quicksilver. I am planning on trading my current Crate stack and PRS For a more toneful amp such as a Marshall Tube, Mesa or a Peavey so I can hear the true beauty and tone of this guitar.

Brandon Tourigny

Hello Mr. Roman,
I just want to thank you for telling the truth and for truly caring about the quality of the instruments that you build. You are a refreshing anomaly in this Guitar Center Sam Ash world of bullshit spewing salespeople. You equip people with THE FACTS and they can either get into acceptance or criticize you for popping their non reality based bubble.

 I am going to come into some money soon and I am GREATLY looking forward to coming to your shop and spending as much as possible. I will call ahead as I am hoping to have a conversation with you although I am willing to bet that all of your staff share your vision.

My uncle in law purchased one of your guitars (sorry, I cannot remember the model) and I thought it was VERY well made and had great tone and feel to it. I work as a substance abuse clinician and I am well aware of the unpopularity that comes from telling people the truth. I have never met you but I TRUST you when it comes to guitar information. I recently went to Guitar Center as one of the employee\'s had asked me to bring in my guitar. He asked me to try out a new PRS DGT model. I tried it, it was o.k. but in my judgment not even in the same orbit as my CE.
There was also a guy in there who offered to trade me his 2001 custom for my guitar...no way. Enough already. Thanks for telling the truth. I hope your business continues to prosper and I look forward to meeting you and happily parting with money simultaneously.
Steve Bell

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 8:57 PM, J.Grant  wrote:

Ed, I'll keep this short. I need your help. I am the proud owner of three of your guitars...I love all of them - especially the Pagan - which I put in a pair of Bill Lawrence "Original Dimes." I am a good customer, but I made the mistake of going outside your shop to have a Warmoth VIP custom painted...That was in January of this year...I still don't have the guitar back, and the asshole at XXX XXXXXX XXXXX Will give me my guitar back, but none of my money. I paid him over $400 for paint and supplies... I have contacted him many times asking him to finish my guitar. He keeps telling me they are behind 2 weeks...and he's rude to me...I was supposed to get my guitar back at the beginning of April.. here it is going on the end of May...NO GUITAR.

I'm so freaking pissed off...I'm kicking myself for not letting your shop finish my guitar...and letting this asshole at XXX XXXXXX XXXXX finish it...Can you help me get my guitar back...finished! (or unfinished with all my money back - including shipping?) I shouldn't have to wait this long for a simple trans blue with a poly coat...or whatever he uses! I even sanded the old finish off...all he had to do was some minor sanding, and slap some paint and its all good...maybe 3 months tops!!!

Ed, I'm a good guy in this world. I'm buying a new house (my first), I'm a school teacher, I'm retired Army...Everything is going right in my life - except this...I should have used your shop, and I'm really freaking sorry I didn't...Is there any way you can help me please? I don't have anyone else to turn to except high priced attorneys...
James Grant

I would really have liked to publish the name of the shop that is giving you problems but I can't let my site be used as a weapon against another shop !!!   (Unless of course it's Guitar Center Ha Ha)

Dear Ed,

      I just had to write another E. Mail about my Two Quicksilver Guitars I bought from you. As you know I was ALWAYS a Gibson Guitar Lover from the time I was Nine Years old until 2002 when I first walked into your old store with my wife to see what Ed Roman Guitars was truly all about. I had found your web site about 9 months before getting off my Butt and going down to see the REAL DEAL in person. I also had a 1972 Gold top Gibson Les Paul Deluxe which I Toured with and used as my Main Guitar for 12 years. Warming up just about every Classic Rock Band there is I had a FULL Plate at that time and didn't have time to even THINK about buying a REAL Guitar like the 2 Quicksilver's I have now. But after reading just about everything on your Web Site, before going down to the store and meeting you in person which I finally got around to back in 2002 was one of the smartest things I've ever done in the 41 years I've been playing Guitar.

I had called and made an appointment with you so you could look over my 72 Les Paul Deluxe and see if you could get it back the way it was when I first bought it when I was 12 years old. Well, again that was one of the Smartest Things I've done in the 41 years I'm Playing. Meeting you for the first time and just listening to the knowledge you have about Guitars & anything with strings on it just blew me away.
Back in New York I had a good Guitar Tech who was Ron DeMarino but after listening to you for the first hour or so I knew you just blew my old friend Ron out of the water with what you know. Ron was a GREAT Gibson Guitar Tech because he worked for Gibson for 20 years before going out on his own and starting his own business. And like I said he always kept my Les Paul in good shape, but any of my other Guitars were always a problem for him. And when I bought a Steinberger when they first came out and brought it in for a setup well Ron just couldn't handle it. But that's enough of my old buddy Ron. He's retired now and his son took over his business and since I don't live in New York anymore I wish them both the best. Now lets talk a little bit about my 2 INCREDIBLE Quicksilver's.  

Ron DeMarino was John Lennon's guitar tech for more than 10 years....

The first time I walked into your showroom I practically got knocked down when I saw the Spalted Maple Quicksilver hanging in the showroom. I remember walking in with my wife holding my Les Paul and before meeting you I was drawn to that Guitar. My wife just looked at me and said Oh No. You LOVE that Guitar and you haven't even touched it yet. She saw the look in my eye. And since we've been married 29 years she happens to know me all to well.
As I waited for you to come out of your office I just STARED at that Guitar and said to my wife, I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Well, after finally meeting you and discussing what you could do to get my Les Paul back to life, we had made a deal for you to get me a Double Cutaway Gibson Les Paul, and for a GREAT PRICE. BUT, the catch was I had to let you Re top my Les Paul so you could get me the Double Cutaway Les Paul that I had been shopping for. I was shopping for one at least 3 months before meeting you and when you told me how much you could get me one for the deal was done. Three days later you called me up and said the Guitar had come in and it was all set up and ready for me to pick up. And that's when you told me NOT TO FORGET to bring my 72 Gold top in to drop off for the Restoration. That WAS part of the deal we made. I DID give you a bit of a hard time with that but deep inside I knew you would do the right thing. And boy was I right. After waiting 10 months for it to be finished when I first saw it I was breathless. You had gained yourself a Trusting, Happy, good friend and new Customer. There was NO WAY anyone else would be working on any of my other Guitars in my Collection.  

So about 3 weeks ago I was in to get the Certificates Of Authenticity for my 2 Quicksilver's and I saw the Zebrano Quicksilver with the Korina Back and it was like when I saw the Spalted Maple one. I immediately fell in love with it AGAIN. I don't know if I'll be buying that Quicksilver because I'm thinking of checking out your Single Cutaway Maximus and having my Dream Guitar built by you. But I have to say, in the 5 years I've had my two Quicksilver's I'm no longer a Gibson Guitarist. My Spalted Maple Quicksilver and my Bocote Quicksilver with the Mahogany Back are STILL my two Main Guitars. I don't even use ANY of my Gibson's anymore. They just hang in my Guitar Museum that I created when my Son moved out of our home. I'm really starting to think of selling off the Gibson's EXCEPT the 72 and getting rid of the Gibson Wall Of Paul's I have and replacing them with Ed Romans Custom Hand Built Guitars. I'm also thinking about getting myself one of your Centurion Guitars also. And you happen to have a Zebrano Topped Quicksilver Body in the Body Gallery that I'm thinking of buying to. That will make 3 Quicksilver's and who knows what else I'll be buying from you. All I know is ALL your Custom Built Guitars just keep getting better and better. Your knowledge in hand building Guitars is incredible and every time you develop a new model they just keep getting better and better in more ways then one. I'm very proud to know you and feel lucky to have you to work on my Guitars and every time I bring one in for whatever when I get it back it's always better then before I brought it in. Any Guitar players out there that don't know you should make it there business to meet you and have you do the work on there Guitars. As far as I'm concerned, in the 41 years I've been playing your the best in the business that I've ever met. They just don't come any better. Oh. There's one more thing. When I came in for the Certificates for the Quicksilver's they took some pictures of the both of them. When are you going to post them in the Quicksilver Gallery????? Please get them on there. Thanks Ed. If the pictures got lost or something let me know. I'll bring them back in for another photo shoot. But PLEASE get them posted. Thanks again for everything Ed. I'll be in this week sometime to discuss the Maximus with you and some other things I have on my mind. See you very soon my good friend. Stay well and keep building them better. Your the BEST.


                                                                                        Best Wishes Always,

                                                                                                              Charlie DiBuduo Jr.


I would just like to thank you for all the rants about guitars that have been quite informative.  I just wish that more people could know about you and the wisdom that you give to help people.  Unfortunately, if you look at most guitar forums (i.e. ultimate-guitar.com) you can see all the internet morons who trash certain brands and praise the usual suspects.

 I think that the worst thing I ever saw was when a poster said that people only buy B.C. Rich's because they are preppies who want to look cool.  Of course this same poster talked about how he was getting a Gibson Les Paul from his mom, who's the preppie here?   buy B.C. Rich's because they look cool, there's nothing wrong with that at all.  I think that the price for B.C Rich's is definitely not in the preppie range.  I buy them because they are a good guitar for a good price.  I shall not spend the big price on a Gibson when I could buy a B.C. Rich for much less, that is just as good (if not better) than them.  There is so much blind hatred for B.C. Rich, it makes me ill.

 I wish that these people could come to your site and read about this great guitar company.  Your story about the man who came to your shop and saw a B.C. Rich and fell in love with it, only to be turned off when he learned who made it, illustrates perfectly the ignorance people have when it comes to them.  If you can you must write more about these guitar snobs.

I thank you for your site.  I have to say that your rants changed my life, I really mean it.

Lemuel Smalley
Fayetteville, NC

If You Like BC Rich, You Gotta Check Out The Abstract Brand !!!!!!!!!
These Guitars really shine if you are a BC Rich or Jackson Fan


Mr. Roman,

  I would like to thank you for opening my mind. I was one of those guys that if I saw a band in a club, concert,    DVD, etc. and the guitar player's axe didn't have Gibson or Fender on the head stock I would be disappointed. I'd feel the band wasn't as good, or should be put on a lower level. Then I found your web sight. Reading what you had to say about guitars, the exotic woods, beautiful finishes etc. totally changed my mind. So much so I decided to build guitars. I'm sending you photos of my very first one. It's a neck through using Honduras mahogany. Zebra wood for the body that I re sawed so the grain on front matches the back, with mahogany sandwiched in between. Birds eye maple for fret board with flamed maple binding. I cut, radiused, slotted, fretted and inlayed the fret board all myself. I also inlaid the control knobs for extra effect. But the thing I'm proud of most is the finish. It is French Polished. I did the whole finish by hand, no spray guns or electric buffers. Yes, no electric buffing pads were harmed in the making of this guitar. So again I would like to say thanks and express my gratitude to you for opening my mind. Having said that, do you need any help in your shop?
Thank you,
Chris Komen    

P. S. Is that sucking up or what?

Dear Mr. Roman:

Please permit me this opportunity to commend to your attention several of your employees have proven to be the most courteous and helpful.

Principally I wish to thank Scott Krell for his many long suffering ministrations on my behalf. Scott has been of the greatest assistance in acquiring two guitars, several amplifiers and a myriad of miscellaneous paraphernalia and parts.

I would also like to thank Your shop for refinishing my 1963 Jazzmaster...a work in progress that I have every confidence will prove a fitting tribute to this fine old instrument that has served me for the past forty four years.

To Joseph in parts and Brian and Bobby in shipping, I extend my grateful appreciation for their attention to my many a variegated shipments over the past several months; all of which have arrived in a timely manner and in good shape.

My commendation is likewise extended to Eve, Jessica and Lindsey who are always most pleasant and never fail to locate and connect me with the individual with whom I need to confer.

The above employees, and many that I may have inadvertently neglected to mention, have been among the most courteous and helpful individuals with whom I have had a pleasure to do business. They are a credit to your enterprise.

Finally may I compliment you personally on the finest store, the most comprehensive inventory of products ad the most helpful staff that I have ever encountered, anywhere!

Most sincerely,
Peter Lipsio
Advisor to his Majesty King Abdullah
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Yo Ed

Magnificent!!! That's all I can say for my Centurion, The action, feel & playability are exactly what I wanted.... I now see the value in  ordering exactly what I wanted.  I'm sorry for driving you crazy on the phone!!!   I would have been more patient if I knew that the guitar was going to be this good.  Thanks a lot,  My next one is going to be a Redwood Quicksilver, I love the sound of the Sequoia !!!

Arne Ducille

Dear Ed,

No need to reply ... just wanted to pass along my compliments to you and your excellent operation. It's really wonderful to see someone supporting small and "obscure" guitar makers. And anyone who sells Burns guitars is cool in my book. If I get an extra $600 to "burn" (sorry, couldn't resist), I'm going to you for my Bison model.

Keep up the great work!
Bill Broun

Hi Ed,

I just want to send you a quick note to say thank you for all your help and that the solid white korina Quicksilver (w/ fretboard dots, tung oil finish) I received on Thursday (5/13) is fantastic! I couldn't be happier  or more satisfied with it. It plays great and looks beautiful. I know that you were concerned with the imperfections (smudges) on the wood that were brought out by the tung oil finishing process but I think it looks great. Gives it character. I can't say that it exceeded my expectations though. That's because I had such high expectations from this guitar in the first place and it did not let me down. Even my band mates could tell the difference between the Quicksilver and my Gibson CS-336. I wasn't all that satisfied with the quality and sound of Gibson and I knew there had to be something better out there so I'm glad I took a chance on the Quicksilver.

Thanks again Ed for such a fabulous guitar and thank everyone involved in it's creation for me too. 
Mike Romolino

Hi Scott,

My Quicksilver Guitar was just delivered. To say I am totally blown away would be an understatement. The wood, finish, frets, and neck are flawless. The guitar is just beautiful. Right out of the box the setup was perfect. No buzzing or dead spots.

As you may remember, I came into the showroom to purchase another PRS. I spoke to Ed and told him I had a 1993 Custom 24 and was looking for another one. We talked about the PRS for a little while and then he showed me a Quicksilver. I read all about the Quicksilver on the website and was not convinced that any other guitar was going to have the tone or playability of my PRS. Especially a guitar without a set-in neck. I played a Quicksilver in the practice room, and I was very impressed. I ordered a Quicksilver the same day.

And now for the meat-and-potatoes. Any other guitar I purchased, even another PRS, was going to be a backup for my baby; my 1993 Custom 24. I just finished an A/B with my PRS and my Quicksilver. My PRS will have a nice spot in my music room. My Quicksilver will now be in my hands. I can not believe how this guitar sings. The Quicksilver fit into my hands like it was an old friend. The tone is just incredible, even through my practice amp. Everything Ed said about this guitar is true. I am extremely happy.

Richard Larue

Hi Guys,

I was in a couple of weeks back and purchased the Purple JET.

Every time I play this guitar it continues to astound me.  I enjoyed it a bit in your shop, but that's hardly enough to appreciate just how good it is.  This instrument is so expressive and transmits every subtle expression so well.  It sounds like you are actually climbing into the guitar - you can feel the wood and strings working to do exactly what your fingers ask.  I am getting to be a much better guitarist as I hearing things and finding sounds that were previously invisible.  (not to mention a renewed love of the
instrument and pulling out charts and tabs to practice once again)

With respect to the tone, the flexibility of the pickup switching is allowing me to do exactly what I want in a way that I did not previously imagine.  Amazing "glass" but not brittle sound in the split positions. This guitar makes so many sounds and outdoes both the "Strat" and "Les Paul" thing better than either of those.  (I remember when I used to say, well I need a "Fender sound" on this track so I'm using my strat - HA!)  Clarity of tone like this is remarkably difficult without also revealing some annoying resonance or weakness - I can't see how its done - this guitar has no rival that I have experienced. 

(I don't even play my other guitars any more, except for quick practice on guitars I leave out or at places where I don't want to worry about taking the JET.) 

Your setup on this instrument is also perfect and much appreciated.

Frank  Baker

 See Ed Roman Made Bass Guitars  Wild Selection Many Styles

To Everyone at Ed Roman Guitars

I wanted to send a short thank you note for showing me that Eastman Guitar. I would have been another Gibson casualty because I was ready to buy a Gibson for almost $4,000.00 more money. The Eastman makes mince meat out of the Gibson. When I got back home I went into my local store in San Diego who sells nothing but Gibson guitars. I tried over 15 different models and about 40 different guitars. When I was at your shop I played a Triggs R5, 4 Heritages, and the Eastman. The Eastman the least expensive and it sounded far better than everything else except The D'Aquisto Teardrop. The Heritages were disappointing because I had heard so much good about them for the last several years. Your salesman clued me in that Heritage was no longer the one to buy.

I have mailed you a check for $2,200.00 full payment on the Easton rust colored 17" model with the cutaway, including case shipping and insurance.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a pro musician and I make my living playing. I don't have money to burn on that BS hype that Gibson feeds the suckers.

Herb Jackman
Ramona Cal.


Thank you so much for guiding me to the Pearlcaster I purchased. While I was caught up in the 50th anniversary hype of the Stratocaster, I was convinced that if I purchased one, it must be a better version. And thanks to you, I know own one. Please also pass along my thanks and appreciation to the young luthier that crafted this phenomenal instrument. He's really gifted and has truly crafted a masterpiece. I'm stilled amazed by the Titan neck and am so glad Ed Roman Guitars is promoting the value that this luthiery represents. I am also proud to say that thanks to Ed Roman Guitars, I now own several masterpieces, and that while I feel they're worth every penny, my Pearlcaster and Quicksilver are at the top of my list in the value for money category.

In closing, it's reassuring that this luthiery talent continues to develop and that Ed Roman recognizes this and helps it flourish. I can occasionally be swayed by a pretty website picture, but when I try to dig deeper and understand what makes the guitar better, I come up empty. Ed Roman makes it very tough on the competition because you've lifted the veil. I owe you a great deal of thanks and appreciate Ed Roman's commitment to offer facts and details that educates the buyer and helps us discriminate the wheat from the chaff.

Mike Meisinger

Hi Ed,

My name is Dave Linden. This Saturday I walked into your store to check out an acoustic bass made by Dean. Little did I know! I got your address from Dean's dealer locater, I recognized your name from a while ago when I was doing some research.

Dean gave me three dealers to choose. While driving down the road, getting ready to leave town, I called and got directions. Why I called you first, and only called you, I will never know. That phone call was an advent. Your girl guided me in. Rich, your salesman helped me out, or should I say" opened my friggin eyes".

Ed, I had no clue! All the research, hours and hours of online dealers, manufactures web sites, trips to L.A. to large name showrooms, what a waste of time. 20 min. in your store and I will never see things the same way again. Even if you don't read this ,I want to thank you for the eye opener. I was standing there looking at your Quicksilver guitars and I heard you talking to someone about a proto design wannabe DIY acoustic. Please excuse me from eavesdropping, Talking softly is not easy for me either. You said the one thing that my entire work ethic is based on. You said "you will have to prove to me that it is the BEST, If I can't make the very best, better than anything else, I don't want to make it !" Hey I heard this with my own two ears, and except for a select handful of men in the world, that commitment to quality does not exist. Ed, if you built Ferrari's they would get better!

So, needless to say I'm sold . I will begin immediately selling all my old guitars. I want your designs, simple yet rock solid. 1 quicksilver, 1 strat type, no trem, and that killer bass that Rich showed me w/ birds eye maple neck. I have been in so many shops, I can't count them all, never have I seen this quantity/quality ratio. I look forward to owning several of your creations.

Thank You,
Dave Linden

Here at Ed Roman Guitars we have a standard form job application. The application asks many of the usual questions and some that may seem a bit unusual.

For Example

1. What do you think of Ed Roman's DO NOT TOUCH policy regarding new and high end guitars?

2. What do you think of the MEGA SUPERSTORE MUSIC STORES?

We ask these questions to try and ascertain whether the applicant realizes why we do things a little differently here than most stores.

Recently an Applicant David O'Donnell answered the questions in such a way that I thought might be entertaining to my readers.  David sold guitars for a living in fact he was a 7 year veteran of Sam Ash Music in Hempstead New York.

1. What do you think of Ed Roman's DO NOT TOUCH policy regarding new and high end guitars?

Answer/  A customer who will normally purchase a high end instrument will usually not want a shopworn floor model. If an item is shopworn the retailer will be asked to discount it drastically. Also, some people intentionally ruin instruments, steal knobs and other parts or ask to to play instruments with their hands filthy.

2. What do you think of the MEGA SUPERSTORE MUSIC STORES?

From the perspective of a salesman who worked for Sam Ash before they changed to a Mega Store, I have very strong opinions on this subject !!!

Not only did that change end the possibility of being a career salesman (I personally went from making $40,000.00 a year to about $27,000.00). It also ruined the shopping experience for serious customers. Every single knowledgeable salesman left after that change.

Guitar Center is totally geared toward the hobbyist or non playing music enthusiast. Their concept of "vibe", which includes blaring different recorded music from all departments simultaneously is completely counter productive to the choosing of a musical instrument. They pay their salesman nothing and it shows.

David O'Donnell
Las Vegas NV

Ray DeTone & Mark Hitt
Both Quicksilver Players For More Than 12 Years
2 Wild & Ca-rayzzzie guys with 2 wild & Ca-rayzzzie guitars

Hello Ed

Just got the Quicksilver #453, I had a hard time putting it down so that I could write this thank you note. I can't believe the way this neck feels, I thought I had seen it all. This guitar totally destroys anything I have ever owned. This is the seventh guitar I have bought from you and probably the best playing one yet. People are amazed when they see my JET and my Gledura. I still have one of the early McNaught Tempest Guitars that you sold me back in 1998.  When I got that I thought that was cool, when I got the JET I was floored and the Gledura was even better.  The next one will be a Viking, Would you consider taking the McNaught as a trade? I gotta go the Quicksilver is calling me. Thanks for building me the best guitar I have ever owned.

Lou Trainem
Monticello NY

Hi Ed,

I just had to let you know that I am just blown away by what you are doing --- promoting real quality instruments as opposed to mass-produced garbage. I remember when one local guitar store dealt Alembic back in the 80's. I thought they had probably gone belly up, but was pleasantly surprised to see that they are doing quite well.

I have been slowly perusing your website, and have learned a ton. My outlook on guitars has changed radically. I used to think that to get a quality instrument at a price I can afford (professional musician) I would have to settle for something not too attractive, but that has a decent sound. Now I know about all these hungry young companies making axes that blow PRS away for so much less. (I would've bought an 80's Kramer over a PRS because of quality/price, for example.) I used to go to Guitar Center and drool, but I went last week and thought: "all overpriced crap". Most of my friends are also musicians, and I am a totally converted person. I will be spreading the 'good news'!


Dear Ed Roman;

This check is part of the balance for the Abstract Centurion guitar with the pig inlays. I'd like to thank you for creating a website that opened me up to world of truly custom made guitars. Sam Ash and Guitar Center stores no longer capture my interest. Also thank you  for taking me a tour of your Connecticut shop while I was there. When I ordered my first and second guitars from you I had requested that the Buzz Feiten system be installed on them.

To be honest I really wasn't convinced that there was any difference in sound; probably because I tune my guitars so carefully and with a very accurate strobe tuner; you would be pressed to tell me that my guitar out of tune. I said, "What a heck" and ordered the modification anyway.

I then received my Green Birdseye top JET Earlewood #126; I'm sure you've seen it. I still wasn't convinced after playing it a week. I then reset the intonation to the Buzz Feiten specs and tuned up. After one strum I was then a believer. Not only is my JET Earlewood the best looking and easiest playing guitar in the world, it is also the best sounding.

I'll match my JET up against any guitar on planet. My JET makes my beloved Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 feel like an Ibanez. I thought nothing could top my PRS. If people are buying JET Earlewood guitars just for their looks that’s understandable, but they are missing the best part; they play like heaven. Imagine playing full bar chords with distortion and still sounding sweet.

I can't wait until I get my Abstract Centurion with "Buzz" system and pig inlays, I'm sure that'll be next to "Hog" up all my attention

Dan Ali

Allan Lanier With His Avanti & Buck Dharma With His Abstract
Blue Oyster Cult

Dear Mr. Roman,

I am 14 years old and I play both guitar and bass. I Strongly agree with all of your opinions on guitars. Just because other people use them doesn't mean they are good. I believe you have to play and decide that for yourself.  I, myself, despise guitars such as Gibson and Fender. I think if you want  mass produced pieces of crap, you should buy one of them. Lots of my friends  think they are good because their precious preppy punk bands use them. Of  course they never try any guitars out and they just go by what other people say, but its not my problem. I greatly appreciate you revealing this to the public. I own a Spector bass, and Parker guitar, and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks again for sharing the same opinion. If you have any idea how to convince my friends that all those Gibson's and other guitars are truly garbage.

please let me know.



Hello Louis

I am impressed with your conviction at such a young age. You have what is known as leadership qualities. Many of your friends are doomed to be Indians but you will probably grow up to be a Chief.  Remember that there can be no Chiefs without Indians, So stop trying to convince your friends to be open minded. When they grow up they will be the Indians.  And you can have the last laugh.....


There is no racial slur intended towards our Native Americans commonly known as Indians. It is simply an old expression I heard when I was quite young. And it stuck with me.


What a great deal, The Turquoise PRS you shipped me came in at almost $500.00 cheaper than  my local Dealer, (Guitar Center).  I have never purchased mail order before but I will buying all my guitars from you, from now on. It's definitely true what you guys say about giving the best price. The closest price I could find to you guys was at a store in Pennsylvania. According to them the guitar was a factory blem and didn't have much flame. The one from you was one of the nicest PRS guitars I have seen.

Johnny Labrie
Framingham Mass.

Hey Ed
You were right the Quicksilver was so much better than the PRS I couldn't believe it.  I appreciate you taking the PRS in trade, I should have bought the Quicksilver first.  I did get 2 good years out of the PRS but I had no idea what I was missing.
The bridge makes a huge difference, the guitar stays in tune better, the color is better, the flame is better and the sound is indescribably better. I like the controls better, even the tuners are tighter and much easier to lock down.
I will keep this guitar my whole life, I really appreciate the help you guys have given me, Stephen & Scott are both a big help whenever I need anything and every time I talk to you I learn more about the guitar,

Never-ending thanks
Forever Your Customer
Johnny Labrie

The other guitarist in my band won't stop playing the Quicksilver, I predict, He will be calling you for one soon, he's already rounding up the cash.   His name is Kyle Overton He lives in Boston, you will be hearing from him very soon.

Ed Roman

I recently bought the EVH  red, white & black candy stripe Kramer styled guitar that you built for Charlie Beckley in Boston.  He told me you built it for him in 1993. He did not want to sell it but was forced to because one of his kids was very sick and he needed the money for doctor bills.  I paid quite a bit for the guitar, in fact I found out from one of your people that I paid $800.00 more for it than what it sold for in 1993.

I am writing to tell you how incredible this guitar sounds and plays. I can't believe the neck, The minute I picked up this guitar it felt like a long lost friend. I will never sell this guitar!!! I have been looking for something like this for over 15 years. It was well worth what I paid for it !

I contacted  your shop and told them that I needed a new nut because the old one cracked in shipping, they sent it out to me no charge and told me they would be glad to help me with any problems that may ever arise.

Thanks for your great web site, Thanks for building this incredible guitar. I have been reading your web site.  Thanks for your no BS attitude. I will never even consider doing business with any other store.

Carl Corcoran,
Perth Amboy, NJ

Hughie Thomasson "The Outlaws"
With one of his 2 Pearlcaster's

Subject: Tell Ed I said "Thanks!"

First of all I must say, your website is awesome!
The facts disclosed to me were the main guide for me in my hunt for the elusive guitar I was searching for.
First off, a little background...
In 1996, I was firm Les Paul player. I felt (and still feel) that the tune-o-matic bridge is the only way to go for a hardtail. I was also in the belief that Les Pauls were just about as good as it gets for the money. (I'm speaking USA made guitars) This is before the ridiculous price increases and insane "Reissue" overpricing and now the VOS series (not to mention other business ventures Gibson has slapped it's name on...have you seen the guitars at Target?)
I've given up on Gibson now as a reputable company.... the business of making money is now more important to them than making fine instruments. Probably been that way for 20+ years but I just never realized it. The repair shop still does good work (a saving grace)  but the diversification of the models is just confusing and has devalued the Les Paul line all together (in my opinion).
Anyhow, in 1996, I went to a music store in Wilmington that just became a PRS dealer. (BTW, the east coast of North Carolina is a music gear "dead spot"....no boutiques here)
My reaction to the PRS was severe! Man, what a guitar! It was a 1995 model that still had the old style heel. I asked the salesman how much...he said $3200. I was floored, but I just had to get me one of these PRS guitars! I asked him if it came in a non-vibrato model...and I didn't like the bridge on it either. So I asked if it was available with a tune-o-matic bridge. He said custom orders only. He told me that they use to make one back a few years ago, but discontinued it. Then I asked if he would trade a Les Paul & some cash for a PRS. He said he'd take two Les Pauls for one PRS. I was appalled! Needless to say, I walked out without a PRS that day, but I vowed I'd find a used one with a Tune-o-matic on it soon.
Years of searching....
Eventually, the internet came along but I never even saw one on Ebay!
After reading Ed's web pages, I became aware of the model I was looking for and armed with this information, I finally found one...on Ebay!
It's a 1991 Limited Edition.
The numbers on it are 112122.
It's on the FedEx truck right now...so I still haven't played it.
I've attached some pics of it hoping you could tell me anything you might know about this guitar.
My gathered gleaning of the internet offerings on this model tell me that only 300 Limited Edition models were made. These and "custom ordered" guitars are the only PRS guitars that have a T-O-M bridge.
In my search I have seen a few of these models....all of them had flame tops, Redwood (which has some cheesy story about the wood's origin), Maple or Cedar. They also came with bird inlays and gold hardware (so I'm lead to believe).
Not so on this model! This model looks to be a glossy black, which may make it impossible to find out just what type of top it has on it. Also, it has chrome hardware instead of gold and dot inlays instead of birds.
My questions are...
How can I find out the type of wood the top is made of?
Is chrome hardware original on this guitar?
Does the absence of bird inlays, no flame top, chrome hardware and black color make this a "no frills" version of the Limited Edition? If so, would you say this is much rarer than the other "more adorned" models? (although maybe not as beautiful)
It's sad that it took ten years to find one particular guitar, and even sadder that the one I finally found on Ebay is just a plain black model. But I really love the old PRS necks and 10 years is a long time to wait.
BTW, I paid $2,180 for the guitar. I hope it's a good one!
Thanks for your time (whoever answers this)
Thanks again for all the valuable info on your site!
Potential customer,
Clay Harley


Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your web-site, I now have a much more appreciation for American made guitars from the comments you made. I've been playing for 26 years and I have settled for cheap, crappy junk because I didn't want to spend the money for a good, well crafted instrument but that's all going to change! It might take me awhile to save the money but I'm sure in the long run it will be a wise investment . I'm also tired of messing with these local music stores that won't give you the time of day unless you look like a damn rock star and most of them carry crap also. If you have any suggestions on some guitars to check out, please get back with me. I hope I will get to do some business with you.

Dwane Doner

Hi Scott,

I received the packet with the polish cloth and warranty information in it. Thanks for sending it out to me so quickly. Also, thanks for recommending the 370 over the 360. I'm very pleased with the sound I'm getting from it.

 I've enjoyed my interaction with you and with Ed Roman Guitars, and will recommend your store to anyone that is looking at a Rickenbacker purchase (or any other high end guitar purchase).

 Daniel Prevett

Denny Laine

Founder & Original Lead Singer Moody Blues
11 year member of Paul McCartney's "Wings"
With His Quicksilver

Hello again Ed,

Thank you for your response, I realize you are very busy. I believe you are probably operating one of the very best and most respected guitar shops in the known world - and you are not even in L.A. or New York!

Joanne actually followed up and sent me the trem bar - please thank her again. I am very much looking forward to visiting your shop as soon as I can, and will bring the PRS with me so that you may evaluate what needs to be adjusted.

Thank you again for a lifetime of expertise, and for putting it all out there on the web site so that guys like me can find you and utilize the knowledge!

Mike Cardoni

Hello and congratulations for your excellent work, both on your site and your business!  I am 24 years old, from Greece and live in Germany for the purpose of studying sound engineering was and still am ,at least impressed with what I have so far read and seen in your site and look forward to having the chance one day, and buy such wonderful instruments such as the Jacobs, Jaros, JET and other fine ones. The truth is that by reading all this info I finally realized how the industry works.

Let us say I saw light at the end of the tunnel. I came across some of the things you mention, about yourself being flamed and called names from others and I find it pathetic. I do not know who you are in person and what you stand for, but I take the everyone is innocent till proven guilty, approach with you as I do it in life! (Although I know that the opposite works in a more defensive manner and one can avoid nasty mistakes. But it may also take more time to learn valuable lessons from those aforementioned mistakes. do not judge anyone for nothing less than what he or she is in life. Well enough said, this is only a greetings mail and a hope to do business with you one day. I like your style and attitude. And I would like to meet you one day!

Thank You for your time in reading this It was just an idiot's attempt to somehow say something, maybe not worth said at all!

 Yours Truly,
Alfonso A. Vlachos


 Hi, Mr. Roman -

Thank for being so courteous and telephoning me so promptly. I am rushing to get the instrument out the door to Ron before today's end per your instructions. I am enclosing a copy of my prior email to Scott and you with my cover letter to Ron with the instruction that he should contact you upon receipt of the instrument.

Forgive the patchwork effect of this email. Below is copy of the text from the letter I read to you earlier today. I will send you a hard copy shortly.

Thanks again for all your help. If you need to reach me feel free to leave me a message at home or to contact me in the office.

You have my gratitude for your help.

Best regards,
Ross Berkal

Dear Mr. Roman:

I am one of your new customers and recently purchased a Heritage Eagle Classic guitar through your staff member, Scott Krellenstein. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for several reasons.

First, for making me aware of the manufacturer Heritage. As - after 25 years as an electric bass player - I recently decided to undertake a change of primary instrument, I was completely unaware of Heritage as a guitar maker. I can tell you that had it not been for your enthusiasm for Heritage (as apparent in your excellent website) I would neither have been aware of Heritage nor considered them as a maker for my new instrument. Though I have literally just received my new guitar I must tell you that Heritage’s workmanship is virtually unparalleled in my experience (your shop did fabulous set-up work on the instrument as well, thank you), and it is very clear why you go to such efforts to make guitarists aware of their instruments. Heritage is very fortunate to have such a supportive, articulate retailer of their instruments.

Secondly, I would like you to be aware of the outstanding service I received from your staff member Scott Krellenstein. Scott made a considerable investment of his time and energy in helping me to make an intelligent and appropriate purchase. This was not without difficulties as - for the reasons explained above - I am still acquiring a sense of the different technical's involved with guitar rather than bass. As far as I am concerned, the difference between a good retailer and a great retailer is the service offered to the customer. Scott has not only an excellent knowledge of your store, its inventory, and the subtleties of differences in Heritage instruments, but also - and more importantly, in my opinion - a considerable musical knowledge. I needn’t tell you that this is something of a rarity when dealing with music retailers, who often know little about either music or retail. Scott’s attention to the customer is the best possible advertisement your store could have. Your prices are beyond competitive (as you well know) and quality service renders your reputation indisputable, in my opinion.

Thank you for making for making my recent purchase a positive experience all the way around. You can be certain that my future guitar purchases will be from your establishment.

Best regards,
Ross Berkal

Mr Ed Roman

This letter is to express mine & my husbands appreciation to your wonderful store. My 2 sons  17 & 15 visited your store on Saturday,  They haven't stopped talking about your store for 4 days,  They both love Joe Satriani and they both want to buy the Ibanez gold colored ones you have on display. The salesperson who helped them made a very favorable impression on them.  All they talk about is about all the fantastic guitars you have in the store.  I just wanted you to know my husband will be in your store in about a week to get 2 of those guitars.  By the way your price for both of them was almost 500.00 less than they could buy them from the store they have been taking their lessons at.  We were quite upset about that because they have been taking lessons there for close to 2 years. The teacher in the store is a wonderful man, he actually recommended that we go see you.

Mrs. M. Layne
Kingman AZ

While they were in Las Vegas they visited two other very large stores your prices were 100.00 better each. One of those stores wanted to charge 50.00 each more for the cases.  Frankly we would buy them from you even if your prices were slightly higher. The experience my 2 sons had, would be more than worth it!  Incidentally, none of the other stores even have the Satriani model in stock.

Thanx Again!


Ed Roman & John Mayall


See attached for quote from the Guitar Factory out of New York. Due to your reputation I would feel most comfortable if I could make this purchase through Ed Roman Guitars. The guitar is a Gibson SG Standard in Ebony with a Gibson custom hardshell case. The price is $989 plus $20 for shipping  (see below), the purchase would be made with a credit card. If this is something you can do feel free to call me at 609-xxx-xxxx ext 3358 - Eric Emery

Just for your information I was in the local music store looking at guitars with my son and there was this man picking up everything and playing, as I walked by he said If your going to buy a new guitar go to edromanguitars.com. Well I didn't and ended up returning two guitars because of problems with them. By the way the store I was in will match the price, I am just leery of what I will get.



Hello Eric,

They gave you a better than average price. Usually SG standards sell in most stores for at least $1,200.00.  So it appears that they were being fair with you. I can still beat the price but not by as much as I usually like to.  I can beat that price by about $50.00 plus I can save you the sales tax which is another $80.00. Shipping from Las Vegas with insurance will be about $30.00.  Your savings will still be about $90.00.



I just received my Earlewood #80 guitar from Ed Roman and I just want to say If I would have had this guitar back 30 years ago I'm sure my career path would have been different!  You make the best!

Best Regards and looking forward to owning more of your guitars!

Carlos M. Gonzalez, Jr.


Leslie West With His LSR                            Rick Derringer With His Pearlcaster

Dear Ed

Thanks for the killer deal on the Jackson Soloist, your price was $200.00 better than Guitar Center and $175.00 less than my local store,  plus I saved over $70.00 in Tax,  Guitar Center wanted to charge me tax on a mail order guitar, f#%k them where they breathe. I truly hate them and I won't even buy a pick from them !!!!!

Rob Frost
Providence RI


I wanted to thank you for visiting with me on the phone …the website is incredible…your store is a national treasure!!! … I now have a reason to come to Vegas!!!...but, I will be sure to make and appointment first!

Bob in KC

Meatloaf With His Pearlcaster







Hey Ed

Thanks for turning me on to that geezer in Massachusetts with the  EVH  Frankenstrat,  I didn't think I would be able to find one.  The Guitar plays and sounds incredible. He told me you built it for him in 1992. (Can I buy a Black Back  Pickup for it). I can't believe how stable the guitar feels, It has more sustain than any other guitar I have ever owned.

Thanks Again..

I want to buy another one from you without the candy stripe red & white paint job? When I play out I don't want to use Eddie's signature paint on my guitar.

Chris Reis
Madison Wisconsin

Dear Ed Roman 

I purchased a Rickenbacker 360 left handed, from your organization about 2 weeks ago.  I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the two young clerks who assisted me before the salesman.  It was totally my fault, I showed up without an appointment and the young lady who greeted me was able to get several of your staff to assist me.

Being left handed I am not used to being treated well, as I am sure you know no one gives a shit about the lefty guitar population.  I had been looking for a left-handed Rickenbacker for almost three years.  Your store was the only place I have ever been able to find one.  Imagine my delight when I had a choice of nine different models to choose from.  I thought I had died and gone to Rickenbacker Heaven.

I will never ever buy a guitar anywhere else as long as I live.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Ed Roman you are "The Man"

Customer for Life,
Maurice, W. LoPetomane

My name is Dave Rainey,

and I live in Helendale, CA. On a recent visit to Las Vegas, I purchased a Heritage Blues Deluxe in Blue Burst from Jon at your showroom.

I just wanted to let everyone at Ed Roman's know what a fantastic experience it was dealing with everyone there. Due to an error on my part, the shipping address had to be changed, and your shipping staff handled it professionally and with great skill and courtesy. My Blues Deluxe arrived safe and sound almost before I got home from vacation. Jon was a super guy to buy my guitar from, knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, and professional. I must also say that I am really pleased with the quality of the instrument. You can be sure that I am recommending Ed Roman Guitars to anyone who is looking to buy a quality guitar.

I have nothing but praise for your entire organization, which I feel is first class all the way around.

Again, thanks! DAVE RAINEY

Signing off for now,
Dave Rainey

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day."

Rick Derringer 2008 Album Cover With His Ed Roman LSR Guitar


Hey!  Great site.

You've kind of taken on the function of a Consumer Reports of the guitar world and that's definitely needed.  I just wish there was something comparable to it in the realm of amps and audio.  I'm getting so tired of seeing the cost cutting and overall corporate approach continue to degrade the quality of amps in particular.  When you open them up, they just seem to get more and more cheesy as the years go by.  Before too long, if it's not already too late, the young kid coming up to play guitar is gonna have no clue what a real amp is or should sound like.  They'll just mindlessly buy some transistorized piece of crap made in the shape of an amp with a novelty glow-in-the-dark hand-picked 12AX7 in it for that thundering "real" tube tone.  But look on the bright side, it has 10-way channel switching so you can easily switch between your 10 least shitty sounds.  Distortion is distortion, right?  Its also lightweight so you can easily take your shit sound with you wherever you go.  (This lightweight quality is no doubt achieved by utilizing advanced designing concepts, not from the transformers being half as big as they should be.)  And most importantly, it has an effects loop so you can utilize all of those essential spaceship noises (to cover up your shit sound).  Even a lot of expensive amps seem to
be declining in quality.  I just wish there was something around with the clout of a WCG in this realm that would take the cost cutters to task.

While they're at it they should really lay the hammer down on all of the absolute junk "all-in-one" shit that's being force-fed to the entry level pickers who don't know any better. The dildo in the store sells this crap by ridiculing quality equipment with something like, "Why carry all of that heavy stuff around with you when you can have all of your sounds in this small package?"

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!  I'm a guitar teacher and one of the hardest things to get across is that YOU CAN'T REALLY LEARN TO ROCK IF YOU AREN'T PLAYING THROUGH A REAL AMP!  Anyway, guess I'm done with my rant.  You got me in the mood, lol!  Maybe I'm just wishing, but it would be very useful if there were some relatively unbiased arbiter in the amplifier field.  I realize that tone is a subjective thing, but quality isn't.  If you know of anyone out there that might qualify as such, please let me know; hell, let everyone know.

Also, the reason I originally started to write was that on the bottom of your used guitar page you forgot to mention the bombing of the USS Cole in your quiz.  I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I'm sure that the 17 sailors that were killed and the 39 injured would think it is worth mentioning.

Anyhow, I admire your integrity and I hope, and am sure you will, keep up the good and honest work.  (And keep up the humor as well, lol!)

Have A Great Day,
Ed Frillman


Hello Ed,

I just got the JET guitar, Thanks for all the help,  Frankly I didn't expect you to be so helpful,  I used to see on the PRS site that you didn't help people that much.  BS to that,  Whoever is saying that obviously never bought a guitar from you.  This is the second guitar you sold me and both times the deal went 100% smooth and I am an extremely happy client.  I will refer you to all my friends.

I am so glad that I called Tom Ivory and got his recommendation on you.  Otherwise I might have gone elsewhere.  Tom gave you a glowing referral and told me he had bought more than 10 guitars from you.

I still don't understand why those people on the PRS site bash on you so much, You are obviously a pro and I want to reiterate one more time how happy I was with both guitars.   My next guitar is a Quicksilver for sure.

Matt Moritz
State College, PA

Ed feel free to give my name and number out as a reference.


Subject Complement

I just bought a Heritage 555 from you, Thank you for the fast seamless service and a great axe. I am recommending your shop to all my friends. Your price is unbeatable, anywhere.

Bruce Corigliano

Rick Derringer


I am sorry to waste your time, I know you are extremely busy, but I have been scouring your web site for the past month or so and to make it simple, you have really opened my eyes.  Sounds kind of pathetic, huh?  Now I know why that "Kramer" (import) I bought back in 1984 played like crap.  Now I have a better appreciation for this beat up Hamer Steve Stevens I have that's just been sitting around for the past few years.  Now I know where that gut negativity I have towards stores like Guitar Center and Mars came from.  Now I remember that quality is important in all aspects of life, not only guitars.

I just wanted to thank you and tell you that you have made one very positive impact in another person's life.

I will soon be buying another guitar.  I hope to buy it from you.  I just have to make my decision how much I want to spend and exactly what I need. I just want you to know that someone really appreciates your knowledge and honesty.

Future customer,
Matt Lauber


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the Trans Green Jackson KV2 that I recently bought from you is beautiful!  The flame is gorgeous, and as you told me on the phone, not a single mark on it, because no one but you guys has ever touched it.  Set-up is excellent, sounds great.  Please pass the good word along to whoever checked it out before you guys sent it.  I couldn't be happier.  I have a Blue Ghost Flame KV2 that I might want to talk to you about doing a trans finish on, or maybe one of the "Tribal" graphics that I saw on a couple of other guitars on the site.  The green one steals the show next to the other guitar.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  I'll call you soon about re-finishing the other Jackson.  Thanks for a beautiful guitar, Ed.

Talk to you soon,
Michael J. Fasse


I don't care what anyone says, You and your web site are the greatest thing that has ever come along since I have been playing guitar.  (25 years).

Thanks for your brutal honesty, and I love your rants. I am loving this Quicksilver Guitar to death. I have never owned as nice a playing guitar as this one. I thought the PRS was the shit until I got my Quicksilver. Let me add I have had every conceivable guitar that you can imagine. I have even had 2 custom guitars made. They don't even rate being in the same room with my Quicksilver.

Fletcher Evans,

Just wanted to tell you how much my husband loves the guitar you sent. It's his birthday present and he is delighted. He loves the  sound and it sure is a beauty. THANKS!



That Pearlcaster guitar is the sweetest playing guitar I have ever had.  I have always been a Fender player and I thought I always would be. I can't believe how good it holds tune & how good it sounds,  It cuts through so much better that my Original 1963 Stratocaster.  I originally bought the guitar because I didn't want to take my old Strat on gigs,  After playing this guitar I am more concerned with protecting it than my old favorite.  I think I just got all caught up in the hype.  I paid 9 times what the Pearlcaster cost me and the guitar doesn't come close.

Lester Brimhall,
Boise Idaho


Wow,  All I can say is Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Monson

Dear Ed

Finding your web page was like being an adopted child and I finally found my biological parents. The emotion was overwhelming. Your theology and comments were words straight out of my own heart. I would add one saying "The typical club owner doesn't know the difference between a guitar player and guy who owns a guitar". When you can't do anything else, or be successful at anything else, you can open a nightclub. Be there play there, can't take the lifestyle anymore.

Anyway, down to business. You said you take trades. You have a 100 anniversary Gibson 335 for 3701.00. I have a Fender Custom Shop Tele, Jr that came with Seymour Duncan Pickups. I think it listed for $2,800.00 and has a certification of Authenticity. Wish I could spell Authenticity? Anyway,   Fender can't make crap anymore. It was a piece of crap when I got it. Fret rattle, The P90's sounded like a Kay guitar. I had some Gretsch White Falcon Pickups that fit the pickup holes like they were made for it. I added Gold Hardware. I have a friend who is a reluctant luthier, who mainly rebuilds pianos, but builds guitars and repairs virtually anything. He redressed the frets, leveled them and put the Gold hardware on it. Someone who has a hard on for Fender would love it. However, I have one one for the Gibson 100 anniversary guitar that was priced at 10k, but now 3701.00, I guess. You say you'll take trades. Any chance of you taking this tele on trade on the Gibson after you examined it. It's an immaculate finish on it and I guess some guy name Jose who sweeps the floors in the Custom Shop finished it and at least the finish is perfect. The frets rattled and weren't level when I got it. I think the Tele, now, is a world class guitar, but then again, what in the hell could I ever own that would impress you? I can't imagine after seeing your web pages. Let me know if I have a snow ball chance in hell of getting you to take it as a trade or not. I think the greatest potential of this guitar is you converting it once you get it. Never in my life, have a seen such a  dealer, such a web page, such an incomprehensible collection of guitars and knowledge in one place in my life. And, yes I can suck up with the best of them.

Bert May


Abstract Roman Baker Guitar
Neck Thru Body Custom Shop Edition

Dear Ed

First off, I would just like to say that you have the best web site on the net and you know more about guitars than anyone. Now that I have this off of my chest, I have just a couple questions concerning guitars and prices because i am interested in buying from you.
1. Do you sell any kramer frankenstrat's, if so how much are they.

2. In the picture that is under Kramer's for sale at the top of the page, there is a Eddie Van Halen Kramer with one humbucking pickup slanted and his design, is that for sale, and how much?

3. How much is the kramer spatter paint job w/ the emg pickup? Thanx a million, ur the best.


Hello Ed,

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for your help and excellent customer service this past Saturday.  I'm the chick who bought your translucent green Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar.  Alan was also great and patient in answering all of our questions.  Thanks so much to both of you for the tour of all of your displayed guitars and necks and especially the guitar shop tour downstairs; I was always interested in guitar luthiery.

After we left your business, my friends and I could NOT imagine ever purchasing a guitar at Guitar Center or Sam Ash.  Thanks again for everything.

Sun Kim

P.S.  According to your email instructions on your website, I made sure my email was less than 150 words.


Thanks so much for seeing us on Saturday. You saved me over $600.00 from Sam Ash on my sons PRS Guitar. I was impressed with your vast knowledge about guitars and the guitar industry. Ron Jr. has been walking on air all week. He never dreamed he would get to see guitars actually being made. He is bugging me to take him up to see you again. Ha Ha I know you are busy and probably don't have the time. All he talks about to his mom and me about is your store. He would love to work for you when he gets a little older.

Thanks again

Loyal Customers for Life,
Ron Wilson, Ron Wilson Jr.,
Philadelphia, PA


I just got finished reading your rant on the pitfalls of E-Bay.  I wish I had read it about a year ago.  I shipped my Steinberger off to a supposed dealer in San Francisco.  I never got paid and I never even could get through to him.  I got ripped blind.  Thanks for publishing the most informative, strait forward and most complete guitar web site I have ever seen.

I will never buy from any other dealer but you!

Jeffrey Muckels,
Poughkeepsie, NY


God, I love your guitar site! Makes all the rest totally sterile. Read your rants and opinions and I thought, Damn, this guy could be my twin brother!! You just "nail it'' on your guitar stuff AND your politically incorrect opinions. From now on your my "go to'' for anything guitar---your inventory is amazing and the pictures are too good to be true---I bookmarked your site with an AAA so your on the top of my list. Keep up the great work!

Bob Wiese


Regarding my Parker Fly Pickup Upgrade:

Just a quick note thanks for a great job and getting the guitar back to me so quickly !

Had a Band practice last night and the Parker sounded fantastic,  Clean sounds now have enormous depth and the overdriven sound is now really fat. I can finally get a nice warm (On the edge of overdrive) sound.  Which was simply impossible before with the DiMarzio Pickups. And The clarity of the top end is maintained.

I think Parker are definitely not doing their guitars any favours with the Stock DiMarzio Pickups.  But the Blackbacks have transformed my guitar. Your web site is right,  I won't be selling it now.

I have one question, Is it possible to adjust the height and angle of the pickups or is this modification non adjustable. The neck pickup is a little low and also tilts toward the neck slightly.

Thanks again for your help, Best Regards,

Antony Baird,
Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Thanks,  Ed:

I contacted you recently regarding a Rickenbacker,  I was really happy with the treatment I got. Your price was $300.00 cheaper than anyone else who had it in stock, You were able to answer questions that no one else could even come near answering.  The guitar came in perfect condition and was packed extremely well.

A salesman at the Rickenbacker factory told me that you were the only dealer that had deep stock on the 360v64.  He also told me, he thought a lot of the negative postings that I saw were unfounded and probably untrue.

It pisses me off that I held off doing business with you because of some anonymous jerks online who have chosen to bash you. These people are probably other dealers who are jealous of you, They are trying to undermine you the only way they know how.
I buy about 4 guitars a year and I will be calling you first each and every time. In fact I am planning to visit you in January to try out a Quicksilver. That is one interesting looking guitar!

Thanks again for recommending the Buzz Feiten system on my Hamer,  I loved it, no other guitar I have ever owned has sounded this good!

Ron Merrill,
Brookline Mass


OUT-FUC$ING-STANDING!!  Absolutely flawless job.  Beautiful top and finish.  You guys totally nailed the cherry sunburst.  Plays and sounds great too.   Thanks for a very professional job.  Customer for life.

Now, if I could just get you guys to figure out how to do the lighted,  smoking pickup thing.  I've got an Ace production model that's been asking for it. Let me know.

Harry Rose,

Ed Roman................

I don't care what anyone says, You are "the man."

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!

God Bless

Wayne Lanier,
Rochester NY

Dear Ed

Just a short note to express my appreciation for all your help. Jamie has been on Cloud 9 since we left your store. You made him feel like a Star!   He says he wants to apprentice in your shop.  He would like nothing more than to be around guitars all day.  We were all incredibly impressed to see the guitars actually being made right there.

I want you to know that I appreciate your honesty and so does Jamie,  Whenever myself or my husband take him to Guitar Center or Sam Ash it is very obvious that the people there don't have any idea what they are talking about. It always feels like they are lying to us.
We were about to make a very costly mistake at Guitar Center, Thank Heaven that Jamie found your website.

Jamie plays with a bunch of other kids and they are actually getting pretty good. He says he can't wait to tell them about your shop. You really got through to Jamie,  He hasn't stopped talking about you since we were there.

Have a good Christmas

Marilyn Wilson,

Letter From One Customer to Another:

Sorry it's taken a few days. Work has been ungodly busy. As far as what you're asking about the guitar: the guitar may not be completely all Ed said it would be in terms of all the sounds it achieves (simply because that's all subjective anyway, what sounds like a Strat tone to me may be different EQ-wise to you, etc.), but it is DEFINITELY a close enough match.

It has versatility coming out its' ass. It definitely runs and covers the gamut (and then some) of all the tones I need. I don't find that coil splitting does much for heavily distorted tones, but who does? Clean, on the other hand, is a whole different ballgame. Splitting the coils with the Duncan Blackbacks gives all the Strat and Tele sounds, and the beauty of leaving the PU's in humbucker mode is getting those sounds beefed up and warmer, just without any muddiness like you would on Les Pauls, PRS's, etc. (solid mounting works wonders for pickups). There's not too much gain to distort the clean sounds, either, which is not easy to do on humbuckers of this nature. Seymour took his time voicing these, you can tell.

As for dealing with Ed: he seemed very appreciative and patient whenever I called to give specs and what not. I even had to split payments up between checks and Visa for the remaining balance, which really helped, and he was cool with that. I've talked to both Ed and his shop foreman several times since and they always check with me to see if/how the guitar is holding up.

You can tell when he's having bad days maybe, sure, but he's never been completely unbearable. He seems to be like his website conveys: if you take your time with him and reason with him, you can trust him and his staff to build you a great guitar. You should definitely know a great deal about what you want in one too though. As I say, if you spend some time and do your homework it WILL pay off. Any recommendations Ed has made were dead on, too. I'm glad I didn't go with a floating bridge on this guitar, although I will have another axe with one in the future.

The Quicksilver for me is an instrument whose subtleties can each be appreciated, like a well-defined chord: every note stands out even though they're played together. When you play it unplugged and/or with clean tones BEFORE crankin' out the distorted tones, you'll know what I mean. This is definitely a very-well designed instrument that balances perfectly for me.    As far as Harmony Central is concerned: I can't take a negative review into play because I can't appreciate the false credibility one is trying to establish by not signing their name to a review.

Want to ask them why they think it sucks? GOOD luck! That totally invalidates these so-called "people" for me. Plus, spend a lot of time at Ed's website, and you will see amongst the 500-some pages that he will go the extra mile to try and make you happy if there's a screw-up. Ever notice that he ENCOURAGES people to check into any business' background? Not afraid of referencing the BBB, either. He firmly is dead set against most production companies because he shows many examples of HOW they rip you off, and as far as I'm concerned, he's dead right on every one of them. THINK about what you shell out your hard earned money for: for swimming pool pickup cavities? For Spring-Mounted humbuckers that will invariably cause muddy tone? For lower cost (and conversely lower-tone) foreign parts like soft-metal bridges and noisy pots? I've owned enough guitars myself to know that Ed's expositions of these people/companies are true. I'm tired of being ripped off when I'm purchasing a so-called quality guitar, and so is Ed.  SCREW 'em all, Period.

I also noticed that some people thought the Quicksilver was "just ok" for them, and that's fine too. Not all guitars are everyone's cup of tea, they're all very subjective. But I can assure you they are of a much greater quality than off-the-shelf-NON-Custom production guitars of the same and/or HIGHER price than what you would pay for a similarly-appointed guitar from Ed's shop. And remember, you're not limited to the Quicksilver, as you can see on his World's Best Guitars page. If you decide the Quicksilver isn't for you, he's got like 15-20 other lines (and then some) of high quality instruments.

The bottom line is that you'd be better off finding a model for yourself on his site than buying a God-awful-white-bread-boring-and-very-overpriced production axe, because from personal experience with production instruments, you WILL need further satisfaction with them at some point. Why? Because you DIDN'T have it made the way you wanted it in the first place. They make you conform to their mold. Well, I say screw 'em! Next thing you know, it's a pickup here, and a new color there, and these tuners suck, etc., etc. And for the sake of argument, let's say you DO get that in a production instrument. What did it COST you? I can guarantee it will be far more than it would be from Ed. And plus, the quality of the instruments he sells is FAR superior. And if your options end up running you a little more in the end, the cost is still quite reasonable. It may take a while to get it, yes, but like the Heinz commercial, the best things DO come to those who wait. It will be worth the wait, trust me.

 As for the "other" questions you had:

1. this guitar DEFINITELY met, no, surpassed, his architectural requirements. This sonofabitch is rock solid.

2. The electronics can be whatever you want because it's a CUSTOM GUITAR. Mine has a 3-way switch, 1 volume, and 1 tone (both push-pull pots, one to split each humbucker). They are brand new, high quality, clean, and very smooth feeling pots.

3. Yes, I did originally order a Jaros, and I'm glad that it didn't turn out the first time and I ended up switching to a Quicksilver. I decided that shape-wise, it wasn't for me. I was also curious about the bolt-in (not bolt-on) thing, and plus I ended up not being able to afford a 3/4-neck-tennen guitar, but I plan on going that road at some point with another one.

4. The other guitars I've owned are listed in my Harmony Central.com review (sorry, it's a detailed list).

5. The only thing I recommend is to make sure you're mostly decided on what you want in it before you go to buy it. If you're curious about a different wood or two, ask Ed what would be best for your playing situation. He has a pretty good feel for what's going on.

6. I plan on getting an axe with a vibrato at some point, and am not sure about going 3/4 tenon, or neck-thru, or what not. I want to go quilt-top and possibly piezo and/or MIDI at some point too. I'll decide on it when it comes time.

I hope all of this helps. I've cc'd Ed in this, as you can see, in an effort to perhaps try and break down what you need/want/are looking for in a guitar. Hopefully Ed can build you an instrument of perfection for YOU personally. He has for me. Good luck!! :)  If you have anything else to ask, let me know.

Chris Naish
Saint John, NB, Canada

P.S. NO, Ed does not pay me to praise him and his shop, in case anyone is wondering. His staff works very hard to produce the best instruments in the world, and it shows. Trust me.

P.P.S. Ed, if you read this e-mail, feel free to post any of my statements to your heart's content. I'm a very satisfied customer! Thank you and your staff again for a wonderful instrument. Finally someone does things right in the guitar world.




Hi Ed!

Man, after going through hell and high water, I finally got my guitar, and even though you guys forgot to put the pickup frames (which I’ll do here with a luthier I know) and the binding has some details, I must say it’s a tremendous state-of-the-art instrument. Its playability is out of this world, the neck is smooth and the fret board has no dead or weak spots whatsoever, it’s just perfect, the Steinberger tremolo system is wonderful, I wouldn’t change it for a Floyd Rose in a million years, and the sound of the black/back pickups, words can’t express how glad and satisfied I feel with this guitar, should I ever think of having another guitar made, no doubt it’ll be with you.

Thanks for an excellent guitar,


George Oroszco-Zembrano
Valencia Venezuela

Hello George,

I'm sorry about the trouble with the shipping company,  We won't use them again!!  As far as the pickup rings go, That's the way we install those pickups, The Goof hider rings are only put on to make the pickups look like they fit properly.  If you mount the pickups correctly there should be no need to put them on.


Ed,  You Rock!

I read your articles about PRS guitars and I agree with you 100%. I think you're the right guy to answer my question about the value of old PRS vs new PRS guitars. I have an '89 Custom 24 with a "10" quilt top, tortoise shell finish, gold hardware,  fretboard w/moon inlays, and it is signed by Paul Reed Smith on the back of the headstock. The top is as good as any of the Private Stock guitars on their website. I am the original owner and I special ordered the guitar with the features I described. I don't want to sell it, I just want to know what it's worth for insurance purposes and I trust that you'll tell me the truth with no B.S.

Thanks for your time,
Charlie Loach

Hello Charlie,

$3,000.00 to $3,800.00 depending on how nice the quilt is hope that helped... If it is a numbered signature, $5,000.00.


Salutations Ed,

Let me introduce myself. I am John Sandry and I have been viewing your website for a couple of years now. Great site, also great insight on life. Your rants are dead on. The reason I'm bothering you with this e-mail is that I want to buy a Les Paul style guitar from you. After going to the locals ( Dave's Guitar La Crosse Wisconsin ) I realized that the only guitars in my price range I could get from them was either a cheapo "@#*phone" made with pride in the third world or an overpriced Gibson. Oh, they also had PRS and custom shop retops, but to afford these, I would have to sell my car and cut down to 3 or 4 meals a week.

That brings me to your e-doorstep. I would like some prices on Heritage 150 models you have in stock. The color(s) I'm interested in are almond burst or some type of light brown burst. Flaming or quilting isn't important ( I realize that figuring = +++prices ). A guitar that looks like a Gibby signature "Jiffy Pager" if you get my drift. As an up sell, I want it with the changed pick guard, bridge, tailpiece, and treble/rhythm trim ring if that is possible.

Ed, I'm willing to spend $1000 to $2000, hopefully closer to the former than the latter. I don't necessarily need a screaming' deal, I just want an honest price on a USA built guitar. Please reply when you get the time. Thank you, John P.S. What the hell is an aged guitar? What does Tom Murphy do, throw 'em in the trunk of his car with some cinder blocks and drive around Hell's half-acre for a weekend and then put them in a tanning bed till the nitrocell crazes? Tomfoolery!


Hi John

I know what a Joke........  Sometimes people are not too bright...

I actually know people who have bought them, They seem like intelligent people when you talk to them.  But somewhere there must be a screw loose.

Anyway I am sure I can put you into a nice Heritage for between $1,200.00 and $1,350.00... That would include the bridge and pick guard  you request, some flame and a high quality hard shell case.  Plus real MOP inlays and Grover tuners...  Prices start as low as $950.00



I just checked out your site for the first time. I've been on Usenet for many years and frequently see your name getting bashed, particularly on RMMG. Hell, I get plenty of bashing on RMMG because I'm a right wing opinionated Ahole but that's a different matter. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I read most of your site and although you may indeed be "full of shite" as many people on Usenet say, I happen to agree with, or at least not disagree with, most of what you say. Besides, most people on Usenet are full of shite, some of it just stinks worse than others. I'm full of shite myself but I'm usually right so who cares, right? Keep saying what you believe and screw 'em if they can't handle an outspoken dissenting opinion. I'll keep you in mind for future purchases or mods to guitars, I'm impressed with what I saw on your website. BTW, I see you were wearing a H-D shirt in a few pics - what do you ride?

Odin Mattes

G&L & PRS Guitars, Fender & Dr Z amps, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Sig Sauer Pistols, Armalite rifles, Budweiser & Jose Cuervo.

Hello Odin

I agree we are probably both full of shite, but at least, I don't try to validate myself by dropping company name brands after my signature. What have these companies done for you, that you would choose to advertise them in your tag line on your e-mail. Screw them I say.  In any case I love, Sig's,  I have 3 of them and I am getting their Assault Model SMG in January, But I prefer the Glock on the pistols. I own an Armalite and 3 H-D's. When I drink beer which isn't very often, I drink Bud and I love Jose Cuervo. I don't know dick, about Dr Z amps although I have heard good things. The other ones you mention I have outgrown forever.........

You have a Cool Name "Odin",  I mean that is totally cool,  I suggest to you, that when you sign your name.... Don't feel like attaching a brand name to your life is gonna make people think any more or less of you. I'm 52 and I have tatoos, for that I am not sorry, however I wish I could remove the one on my arm that says Harley Davidson.... Yes I am full of shite, and yes I am also a right wing opinionated Asshole, But I was really full of shite the day I got that Tattoo. Be Cool.....

Ed Roman

PS what is RMMG

Amazing Website!

I've been Hot-rodding my own guitars for over 30 years, and you're really telling it like it is.

Often I've noticed fantastic players get awesome sounds despite the quality of their instruments....rather than because of the quality!

So it's great to see someone doing things the right way as a craftsman.

I'd like to see your shop sometime, and was wondering if you do the standard stuff too? Like set-ups, fret work, etc.

Getting someone who knows what they're doing here in town is difficult. Nope, I never trust the Bozos at Guitar Center or Mars Music. I usually wind up telling them about the Gear they're trying to peddle.....instead of the other way around!

I've always told my buddies: "These chain store employees want to sell you the latest piece of junk to get their commission, and they couldn't care less about your Sound."

Anyway, your Website looks great, and I plan on turning all my guitar-playing friends onto it for an education in "How things ought to be done. "Welcome to Las Vegas!

Ken Campo

sent: Thursday, September 25, 2003 1:37 AM

Subject: Roman Acquisitions

Hello Rich,

Just a quick note to say a heartfelt "THANKS" for working with me on the Quicksilver Tiger Eye (STUNNING!!!), Baker Bushwhacker  (I'm Truly speechless...), and the Pearlcaster--Best "Strat" I have ever owned and I have 2 others....

I have to give it a break for just a little while as I also just bought my first PRS Private Stock (also in Tiger Eye).

Also, please let Ed know that I appreciate the care and workmanship that went into these wonderful guitars that bear his name. Jan, my wife loves the Quicksilver Tiger Eye, the Spalted Maple Bushwhacker as well as the Alembic Tribute the best of all 26 guitars in our house.

Future considerations will be a Koa BC Rich Bich and the Jackson Shattered Glass Soloist. If you come across any other unusual ones, please let me know.

Dave Joseph

I live in Utah, and was visiting my sisters house in Henderson Nevada on Saturday the 27th, and I decided I'd come into your store. I'd visited the website many times, and thought that your store looked like my heaven :), so me and my brother in law thought we'd drop by.

The selection was awesome ( Unlike Guitar Center, where they don't have a single guitar I'd be interested in purchasing) and there were tons of guitars I'd love to own.

You showed us around the store a bit, like your shop in the back where you do some custom work....And I just thought that was awesome, Thanks a bunch


Subject: Happy customer!

I wanted to drop a line and let you know that the recent guitar > purchase (Samick Royale ) from you has made me smile indeed! I  will be purchasing one of your upper line (JET or Roman) guitars in the near future, and needed  to fill the void with a decent guitar while waiting to decide exactly  what I  want on my custom. I played the same model in a local music store and  was impressed with Samick's quality, but the price was a little high.

When I saw the same guitar on your site for a great price, I gave you a call. I  must say that everyone that I have talked to at your store has been  extremely professional, and most willing to answer questions  (including Ed himself!).

It is refreshing to find an outfit that is as straight forward as you  are In today's marketplace.

The guitar has since arrived, and in perfect  playing order. I am amazed how well that it plays, and couldn't be  happier with the price. If this is your low end guitar, I can't wait to play your high  end.

I will most certainly recommend you to all of my friends. You have  earned a loyal customer. I will be contacting Ed soon with my custom  order. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, now and in the future,

Jim Drake


THIS LETTER CAME February 0f 2003

Even though I disagree with Rick Hammer I am printing it because at least he had the balls to sign his name.




Dear Rick

I read your letter and I am sorry that you don't agree with or believe what I say. I can assure you I check all my facts.  I can assure you that PRS would sue me if I lied or stated any blatant untruths.

Here are my answers to your comments...

1. Your first sentence has two misspellings "disapointed" should be disappointed and "comparisson" should be comparison. there is no comma after the HI greeting and I will comment that you are entitled to your opinion.

2. In your second sentence you only make one spelling mistake but your grammatical composition needs some serious attention. You state that "YOU FIND IT VERY INCORRECT" Believe me I am 100% correct  (I counted 12 incorrect spellings in your letter).

3. In your third sentence you state that "PRS GUITARS ARE HAND MADE"  You couldn't be more wrong!  In fact PRS guitars are completely and totally made on machinery. even the sanding operations are done by machine. I can't think of any other company that performs as much of their work on CNC machines as PRS. If you don't believe me I suggest you call the PRS factory and ask them outright if their guitars are hand made or machine made.

4. I am not going to break your entire letter down because time does not permit it, And I don't mean to sound like a wise ass in correcting your spelling, punctuation and grammar but you are obviously either 13 years old or very poorly educated. There is nothing wrong with being 13, and there is nothing wrong with being uneducated. In fact I myself was 13 once and I am also a "Voluntary Educational Non Participant" (Fancy  for Dropout). But when you write a letter like yours and make statements that are so completely wrong coupled with the fact that your spelling and grammatical correctness is very immature you further enhance my position on programming and brainwashing. I certainly am not an expert in punctuation and grammar but I think about what I write and I don't ramble off statements like yours regarding opinions not facts and the fact that PRS workers work hard and deserve more.  Hey this is turning into a run on sentence  ha ha....

5. I looked at PRS's new 2003 catalog recently.  It actually shows pictures of people working on guitars by hand.  THAT IS TOTAL BULL$HIT. those pictures are posed. contrived and totally misleading.

PRS sends their inlay work out to Pearlworks, I am sure that they are doing almost no hard carving except on an occasional private stock model. I have nothing against any one who works at PRS, I am sure they are all nice people, even the ones that come into my store to spy on me. You make a statement to the effect that PRS workers don't deserve to be dissed, You state they are hard workers. You are coming out in defense of PRS and for this I admire your tenacity. However you are wrong, your facts are wrong, your information gathering is suffering from not enough questions being asked of the right people.

PRS workers probably work very hard, but they do as management tells them,  They have little or no control over how the guitar is designed, built, advertised or sounds. They go about their day as any worker probably does. They do what they are told and probably do the best they can with whatever they have to work with. At 5:00 when the whistle blows they go home and that's probably that.  In the old days I'll bet they worked late, I bet they cared much more about what the guitars were going to play and sound like than they do today.

The last thing I will address is your apparent distaste for the my Quicksilver Guitars. By the way,  the Quicksilver was inspired totally by the pre 1995 PRS. I used the pre 1995 PRS as a benchmark in designing the Quicksilver. I'm not ashamed to say that I learned a great deal about guitar building from Paul Reed Smith, and some of his earlier employees. I am willing to bet $100.00 that you have never played a Quicksilver, I'll bet you probably have never even seen one close up.

You of course are entitled to your opinion and you are completely entitled to hate me and hate my guitars and hate the ground I walk on. That's what so great about this country. We can still hate people publicly and not have to worry about getting shot for it. Just remember everyone including me is entitled to the same privileges.

I don't hate you, I just hate that you really don't have your facts together, and you really should spend at least a few minutes to check what you say. In your Post Script you say that " You don't mean to be a jerk about this and that you love my selection".  Why don't you buy a PRS from me, I absolutely guarantee the best price on any 2003 PRS model that you will get from any dealer anywhere!


Ed Roman

Rick's Post Script  "PS" below


note from Ed
Why am I not surprised that Rick Hammer also likes Gibson Guitars?


 Pearlcaster Guitars

Hi Ed,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for my recent Pearlcaster purchase. I have only had it for a few days and it has already exceeded my expectations! I have owned a couple of Fenders in the past and I got rid of both of them. They just were not all that great. But my Pearlcaster is a keeper!

   The fit and finish is excellent. Jeff Terwilleger's Caribbean Burst Finish is nothing short of a work of art. The bird's eye maple neck and fretboard are also eye catchers. I have left it sitting in a stand several times so that I could sit and look at all the cosmetic touches. Wow!

   But let's not forget the most important part: How does it play and sound? "Wow" again. I was thinking about switching to mini humbuckers until I heard the Duncan single coils; I'm glad I stuck with the single coils. My Pearlcaster has, by far, the broadest tonal palate of any of the guitars I own. Regardless of which position the 5 way blade is in, or where the volume and tone knobs are; the tonal palate stays extremely well balanced. I have read a few reviews online of Pearlcasters. They alleged that Pearlcasters had a thin sound and fell short of the classic Stratocaster sound. Well, there is nothing thin about sound of my Pearlcaster! It certainly does not fall short of the Strat sound; it meets and exceeds what a Fender is capable of delivering. I would describe a Pearlcaster as a 'Stratocaster on Steroids'!! (And that's without active circuitry.) Your method of direct coupling the neck to body makes a huge difference. Your bolt on neck method is probably much of the reason Pearlcasters sound the way they do.

   The Pearlcaster's playability is fantastic! The action is light, quick and responsive. The worth or value of the raw, 2200g neck cannot be overstated. One really needs to play a guitar with one of your custom necks to fully appreciate the difference between your necks and the cookie cutter necks on most other guitars. The fretboard is also excellent. All things considered, my Pearlcaster has quickest action of any guitar I own. (I think it has improved my playing. It has definitely has made me faster guitar player.)

   I really enjoyed my tour of your facility on my recent visit to Las Vegas. After seeing your small, private showroom Guitar Center and other Music stores are laughable! (The small office downstairs has more variety in stock than Guitar Center.) I would also like to thank Bob for showing me how to fine tune the setup on my guitar (learning how to fine finish fretwires was invaluable). Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're supposed come that way! My guitar was not completely set up and I like to do my own work as much as I can. The result being: A custom fit!


Thanks Again,

E. Richard Bowen