Legend and Abbreviations

Legend & Abbreviations

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This page is assist you in figuring out what my descriptions mean.

Due to dealer agreements & competitor complaints
many companies won't allow me to print my LOW prices.

This policy extends over to written Email quotes that could
 be used at another dealers store as a price wedge.

Please call me if you need a price on a new guitar.
 I will beat most all prices quoted by any authorized dealer on new merchandise.

This is a breakdown of all the brands that Ed Roman has had a hand in production, design, ownership & development.  Some brands are excluded because there might be only one model that was exclusive.
The ones in Green are still active and in production.
This list isn't complete, There are several major brands we cannot mention.

Brand Name Basic Construction Build Style Country of Origin
Abstract Neck Thru Body  250 Models Hand Made     USA Only
Baker Set Neck Archtop Hand Made USA & Imports
Blues Deluxe Set Neck Slimline Hand Made USA & Imports
Centurion Set Thru Neck Archtop Hand Made USA Only
Eastcoast Custom Shop Assorted  40 Plus Models

Ed Sold It

USA Only
Fabulous Fakes Assorted 300 Plus Models Assorted Assorted
Jaros Guitars Deep Set Neck Tenon 1 Model Hand Made USA Only
J. Frog Bolt On 80's style  5 Models Hand Made USA Only
JET           (Jeffery Earle T.) Set Neck Conical Archtop 2 Models Hand Made USA Only
Lowrider Basses Bolt On Neck  Traditional


USA Only
LSR Bolt On Headless 50 Models Hand Made USA Only
Mosrite     (Fillmore) Bolt On Set Neck  16 models Hand Made USA & Imports
Pearlcaster Bolt On       Traditional Hand Made USA Only
Quicksilver Bolt On, Neck Thru,  75 models Hand Made USA Only
Roman & Blake Neck Thru Basses  4 Models Hand Made USA Only
Roman Custom Shop   RCS Basses, Acoustics Electrics Hand Made USA Only
Roman Floyd Rose  Neck Thru    3 Models Hand Made USA Only
Roman & Lipman Neck Thru Basses  2 models Now Defunct USA Only
Roman Vintage Cstm   RVC Set Neck  Traditional   9 models Hand Made USA Only
Scepter Bolt On    Droptop Style Hand Made USA Only
Schon Guitars  (Grover Jackson) Neck Thru   1 Model Hand Made USA Only
Scorpion Bolt On    Shredder Style 8 models Hand Made USA Only
Viking Deep Set Neck Tenon Hand Made USA Only

When buying a used guitar,  We try to adhere to the descriptions below


Call  Call me this guitar has a story attached to it, too long to describe in print.
New Absolutely brand new with full warranty. (Sometimes I can't advertise the item as new)
NOS New Old Stock.   Just what it sounds like.  We acquire many guitars from other dealers.
Mint Mint Item is so perfect it defies description  (very rare).  Can also mean brand new
Dead Mint Same As Above, Might be new,  Might even be pre-owned but definitely never used or played.
Mint Perfect condition, no scratches,  pre owned by a collector and not played.
Near Mint Between Mint and Excellent
Excellent May have some minor surface scratches, No dings, almost mint.
Very Good May have 1 or 2 dings but guitar is generally fresh and very clean.
Good Some dings but guitar is still clean and 100% playable.
Fair Still more dings and even deeper scratches
Player Collector grade that has been devalued by modification. (Usually a great buy for a player)
Poor Sad shape, paint may be crappy, frets could be worn medium playability.
NFG Sadder shape, crappy looking & playability blows.
POS Saddest shape. Basically a Piece of $hit
A few more words about condition

I always try to be honest and fair when I rate guitars, It usually pays off in repeat business and less return problems. I hate returns so I tend to be a little heavy handed with my descriptions. I may rate a guitar "Good" that a competitor may rate "Very Good". It is possible for me to make a mistake,  contrary to popular belief  I am not infallible. If you disagree with my assessment, I will try to do whatever you want to make the situation right.

Common Abbreviations
Used in my description line on the price lists
10 Top On a scale of 1 to 10 this means that the top or face (Supposedly) is the best.
AT Archtop, Otherwise known as a Box or Jazzbox (Jazz Musicians are cool cats)
B0 Bolt on or Bolt in neck.
Call Call for description, Sometimes a one word description is not adequate.
CE Classic Electric, (Relating to PRS)
CE Cutaway Electric, (Relating to acoustic guitars)
Celeb Celebrity owned (Usually this will be fully documented)
Dblnk Doubleneck Guitar
Ecoustic Acoustic guitar with electronics and pickups.
EQ Equalization, Equalizer, Equalization Circuitry (usually means active)
ES Electric Spanish, Pertaining to Gibson 330/335/345/347/355 etc
ESP Electric Sound Products (Located in Shibuya and Nagoya Japan)  All ESP Guitars are made in Japan & Korea & China      LTD is NOT an ESP
FAUX False, Imitation, Fake, Ersatz, Reproduction,  Not Necessarily Counterfeit.
FRT Floyd Rose Tremolo.
Grfic Graphic paint job, Usually there won't be enough room to describe the graphic.
HSS Humbucker Single Single (relating to pickup configuration)
In Play There are current negotiations and hagglings with several interested buyers.
In Transit This means the guitar is on it's way in and all info is not available yet
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid,  (Really that's what it stands for)
LP Les Paul (Relating to Gibson, Heritage, Epiphone or copies thereof)
Mega Flame The nicest sharpest flamed maple available at least a 10 top.
Mega Quilt The nicest sharpest quilted maple available at least a 10 top.
Nitro Nitrocellulose Lacquer (A preferred finishing technique among the vintage crowd
NOS New Old Stock
NJ Nagoya Japan  it does NOT mean New Jersey (Relating to BC Rich)
N/T NT Neck Through Body. (The most costly and absolute best way to build a guitar)
OHSC Original Hard Shell Case
ORIG Original Condition (this means guitar is 100 stock no modifications)
PAF Patent Applied For "Crafty, Dimarzio trademarked this abbreviation. Gibson can't even use it."
PRE 95 Relating to PRS (approximately April 1995 is when the neck heels changed ) Mass Production started later that year (Buyer Beware)
PRE CBS Relating to Fender (1965 was the year Leo Fender sold out to CBS)
PRE GIB Relating to Steinberger 1992 was the year Gibson closed the Newburgh factory.
PRE GIB Relating to Tobias (Look for serial numbers below 1100)
PRS Paul Reed Smith
REV Usually means reverse headstock but it could mean reverse body in some cases,
SG Solid Gibson or Spanish Guitar, (relating to Gibson people argue on this one)
SIGNED Autographed by some Rockstar or pseudo Rockstar or even Rockstars. 
TT Transposing  Tremolo,  (Relating to Steinberger)
USA Made in the USA.  (people have actually asked me what it stood for)
UV Universe (Relating to Ibanez Steve Vai 7 string models)
WOP Work in Progress.

Sometimes it is possible for a wrong year to be posted on a particular guitar.  This may occur on some early 70's SG's and possibly some Fenders.   This of course may is not done on purpose but sometimes I am forced to guess on the year of a guitar.  BC Rich for example is hard for me to identify the exact year but I am usually not far off.

I will gladly refund your money if a guitar is advertised as a 1982 turns out to be a 1992 or  a 1971 Strat turns out tp be a 1978.  But unless the guitar is sold as a particular vintage year model I am not responsible when a 1973 SG turns out to be a 1972 or a 1974 Strat turns out to be a 1973. If you have a problem with this policy simply tell me about it before you buy and I will be glad to give you a year guarantee or a refund if it turns out to be even one year off.

The reason for this policy is to prevent a return of a guitar that was purchased as a 1993 Strat and 3 months later a customer discovers that in actuality it is a 1994.  There would be no significant difference in value in a case like this so I would not offer a refund.  However in the case of a significant value difference I would be glad to to offer a refund or an adjustment.

Steinberger Models
Most of the People who worked at Steinberger did not know these

When I worked for Steinberger back in 1990/1991, I was primarily responsible for naming all the models, I came up with the names Legend, Matrix, Racer & Performer for the L,M, R & P series. For the headstock series that was called a Sceptre.

I believed that the guitars should have an identifying name that people could remember.  I didn't become completely fluent on Steinberger  nomenclature till about 6 months after I picked up all the merchandise in their closed warehouse sometime in early 1997. I know when I worked there there were always naming conflicts going on all the time and 95% of the employees didn't know the actual names of all the models.  It's very confusing to say the least.

Well Ovation already had used the name "Legend" so very few people in the USA ever got the printed literature pertaining to the names. Europeans still call me for the Matrix or the Legend.  There was a short period where they changed the names to "Elite" There was the GT Pro era and God knows how many other naming conventions that never seemed to stick for long.

Below is the original number & letter designations, Confusing as they are, I decided to use this as a universal way to distinguish one from another.

Prefix G Guitar
Prefix X          Bass
L Legend (Oar shaped all graphite model like Eddie Van Halen used.
LW Legend (Oar shaped wood body graphite neck model) (Actually sounds better)
M Matrix, ( Pseudo Strat shaped model like Joe Perry, David Gilmour, Vito Bratta play  Originally Named "M" For Mike Rutherford who designed it.
P Power Vee (The mini V shaped model like Leslie West or Andy Powell play)  Before switching to the LSR WB-1
R Racer (Low end version of the M series no trans trem or EMG pickups) made in Korea
Q Quint or Quad Bass
S Scepter (The short lived headstock model)
K Kleinberger  (The Steve Klein model)   Made entirely by Steinberger
T When T appears in the model number it means Trans Trem included
S When S appears in the model number it means Std Trem Included
A When A appears in the model number it means Active EQ circuit is included
1 When 1 appears in a model number it means 1 humbucking pickup
2 When 2 appears in a model number it means 2 humbucking pickups
3 When 3 appears in a model number it means 3 single coil pickups
4 When 4 appears in a model number for a Guitar it means 1 Hum 2 Singles


When 7 appears in a model number for a Guitar it means Hum Single Hum

A   GL3TA     was a guitar, with a mini oar body,  3 single coil pickups, a Trans Trem  & active EQ 
A   XM2A       was a bass,   with a full body, 2 humbucking pickups & active EQ
GM4          was a guitar, with a full body & 1 humbucker & 2 single coil pickups
GP2           was a guitar, with a  mini vee body & 2 humbuckers
GM1TA      was a guitar, with a full body, 1 humbucker a Trans Trem & active EQ