Price Guarantee

Ed Roman's Price Guarantee Is Fairly Simple:

Ed will beat any stocking authorized dealers advertised price
on any new  brand of production guitar.

Ed Will Refund You An Additional 10% Plus Refund 100% Of The Difference

Bring in that Musicians Friend Catalog !!
Print out a sale special from the internet !!
 Ed will always beat the price!!!!
The Only Exceptions
Limited Editions, Hard To Get Items, Low Seriel Numbers & Collector Models

See Ed's Blowout Page

Ed On Negotiation:

"I will not be insulted if you try to negotiate or make a better deal. I realize that human nature is such that every one wants to get a good deal. 

When a customer starts negotiating price, he is telling me that he is a serious buyer - which I take seriously.

Obviously I have to make money when I sell something. How else could I pay the rent or make the payroll or put food on the table?

Customers should try to understand that I have a large investment of inventory. I have dedicated myself to being complete and up to date, stocking all the hard to find parts and high end boutique guitars.  This also of course costs money."

The more we sell the less we have to charge. So if you like what we are about, tell your friends & support us by buying all your guitars here. Currently our prices are low except on rare and oddball items but we will be able to go even lower if our volume increases.

Due to dealer agreements and competitor complaints many companies won't allow us to print our LOW prices.  This policy extends over to written Email quotes that can be used at another dealers store as a price wedge. Please call if you need a price on a new guitar. We will beat most all prices quoted by any authorized dealer on new standard merchandise.


Many companies have forbidden us from posting  our price guarantee on  pages that are associated directly with them. For example, Taylor Guitars  told us that we could not post our guaranteed lowest price on any of our Taylor Pages.  They even went so far as to get a court injunction from listing even their list prices.

Companies that don't want to print their list prices are to be feared. That means you as a customer have no point of reference to do any comparison shopping. Did you ever try to get a Gibson price list of any kind? It's damn near impossible. They won't even let you in the Gibson Booth at NAMM unless you are a Gibson dealer. Some companies prevent us from even offering free freight.

So remember, just because you don't see a price posted doesn't mean you shouldn't feel free to use our guaranteed lowest price guarantee.

For example....  What if everyone downloaded music from the internet,  and never bought the actual CD, Tape or Record.  In that case, all the record companies would cease to exist. The studio owners would all go out of business,  they could never afford to keep their doors open. The musicians would be limited to home recording, eventually no one would care if their records sold, and the entire industry would simply flush itself down the toilet.  Bye Bye music scene. 

So try to remember,  we need to make money  so we can keep bringing you all these extra cool guitars that no one else will carry !!! 

So please, don't beat us into the dirt too hard the next time you want to buy a guitar.

Limited Editions 
I cannot guarantee to beat prices on limited editions.  In fact my prices on those may even be high  (but I usually have them when nobody else will).
I will beat any price that you are quoted.  I can and will keep my prices lower than the competition.  Except on limited editions and one of a kind guitars.

Tell me If you get a better price, and tell me from who!!!!   Please don't feel embarrassed or funny about using this service. How else will I know if other dealers are cheaper.  I check around a little but I can't afford a full time person to check all the competitions prices all the time,   We Still Try Though !!!!!

Solid Colors & Standard Models

In the case of solid color models  or standard models like PRS, Parker,  Gretsch, Fender, Jackson, Gibson BC Rich, Rickenbacker, Tacoma, Washburn, & most Major Brands etc. I will always guarantee to beat any price.

Unusually Fine Tops

Sometimes, when dealing with guitars like Centurion,  PRS,  Quicksilver, Gibson, JET,  & Abstract  there are situations where the figuring on the top is extra special. In cases like these, I cannot always guarantee to beat a price. 

30 Day Guaranteed Lowest Price Guarantee
You Cannot Lose With This !!!

You're guaranteed the lowest price from Ed Roman. If at any time within 30 days of your purchase from us, you find the identical item in stock and advertised by an authorized dealer at a price lower than what you paid, We   will fully price protect you. Just call or bring in the original ad, along with your original receipt, and we'll gladly refund you 100% of the difference, plus another 10% of that difference. 

An "authorized U.S. dealer" includes online or brick & mortar retailers which are authorized dealers for the sale of items in question, including the item at issue. Item must be advertised in a local or national paper, internet, magazine or catalog by an authorized U.S. dealer. Discontinued merchandise, gray market merchandise, demo and exclusive models, factory seconds, open box items, limited quantity items, closeouts, misprints, financing and taxes are all exempt. Photocopies of ads or receipts will not be accepted as verification. It must be the actual Advertisement from the newspaper, magazine or catalog.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price AKA List Price is the suggested retail selling price of a product provided to Ed Roman by manufacturers. We always sell products at prices lower than MSRP exceptions are limited editions, autographed models, low serial numbers and extra special pieces,  Our limited time sales are intended to be limited time sales, our low prices offered during these sales will not be in effect after the sale.

Unlike Some of the corporate big box stores we do all repairs in our own shop. We also do repairs for over 250 dealers in the USA alone.  We absolutely will not discuss your repair with you if it is our shop through another dealer. We also protect all dealers by not showing their customers guitars on our website.  The customer is also fully responsible for all charges incurred, including but not limited to, freight to and from the repair service center, parts, labor, handling fee and surcharge/estimate fee (if any). Merchandise not picked up (and paid for) within 30 days after notification (using the contact information provided to us) of completed repairs will be sold by Ed Roman to pay the cost of repairs.

Recently there has been a rash of situations where we have fixed guitars for dealers and the dealers cannot afford to pay the bill. In several cases the dealers have gone under and stuck the customer for their guitars. We cannot be responsible for those situations. If you can prove the guitar we have is yours we will be glad to deliver it to you as long as the dealer gives his permission or he has gone out of business. The bill that is open must be paid by whoever picks up the guitar.

The Beautiful Guitars on this page are all built in Ed Roman's Custom Shop Las Vegas NV.

There's No Place In The World Like Las Vegas !!
There Is No Guitar Shop In The World Like Ed Roman's !!!!!
Guaranteed 400 Different Models Of Guitars You Won't See Anywhere Else



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