Themed Guitars

Shelby Cobra 40th anniversary theme
Stainless steel binding, stainless steel etched inlays


This Is Just One Of Over 100 Different Harley Themes Available
Back in 1984 Harley Approached Kramer to build them 6 prototypes
The people at Kramer contacted me because of my experience in the Bike World
Back then no one really knew what a themed guitar was.
So we simply used 6 different Harley logos on 6 different Kramer guitars.

Les Paul 1962 Corvette Reissue


Pink Floyd Theme

The Stars Light Up, The Rainbow is actually an inlay, Full Midi System On Board
Piezo System On Board, Korina Body, Custom Made From The Ground Up In Ed Roman's Shop
This Guitar Sold To John Teti 

Lamborghini or Any Automobile, Or Motorcycle You Can Think Of !!!!
Built Entirely By Ed Roman in Ed Roman's Custom Shop

 Ed Roman Will Help You Design An Exhibition Guitar For Your Corporate Headquarters.
Currently Building A Guitar For Breitling & Sony

 THE Above Guitar Is The Abstract Mutilator Guitar


Blue Angels Quicksilver USA Made Guitar By Ed Roman

So-Cal Speed Shop Guitar
Very Cool Guitar But Not Very Unique, Fender Made Thousands of Them For A Great Price.
Still the design is awesome Ed Roman is always looking to buy these.
One of the things that is so great about Fender unlike Gibson,
OK, They mass produce guitars in other countries like Gibson

Except Fender sells them for a fair price instead of trying to steal the consumers wallet.

Terminator Theme From Ed Roman 1997

The Famous Skull N' Bones
Beware of Bootleg Models The Quality Is Nowhere Near These


King Crimson Theme

Hamer Logo Theme

Beer companies were probably the first to recognize the advertising potential of theme guitars

Corvette Guitar By Paul Reed Smith
Paul Reed Smith Mass produces guitars also, The quality is always good
The basic design of a Paul Reed Smith is a little old by today's modern standard
However the construction, fit and finish is the best in the business for a mass produced guitar!!!
They don't offer 1/10 of the options of some of the boutique brands like JET & Quicksilver.
Still they are about the best guitar you can buy in a Guitar Center !!!

Betty Page Theme

The Who Themed Quicksilver By Ed Roman

Batman Theme Guitar

Rat Pack Las Vegas Theme

Very Cool Van Halen Logo Guitar
This Guitar Currently Available For Sale
Built Back In The 80's It's In Almost New Condition


Michael Anthony's Mad Anthony's Pepper Guitar