Stolen Guitars

Stolen Guitars

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If you have had your unique guitar stolen. Ed will be glad to post a picture here !!!!

If you see this Guitar it was stolen from a good customer of ours in LA.
Some Slimy Crackhead Stole It Out Of His Car.
We are making him another one I hope it will be done by mid 2008

Ed Roman is offering a $2,000.00 no questions asked reward !!!!!

Basically This Guitar is Worthless
Because over a million people a week see this website.

So, what are you gonna do with it.
I suggest you take the  $2,000.00 & Be Happy !!!!

Ed Roman

This Fender Guitar Is Stolen

It appears at least 10 times on my website.
it is marked stolen in several other places.
If you see this guitar or any guitar shaped like this it is stolen
This was a one of a kind body shape

This Guitar was stolen from The Hard Rock Casino In Los Vegas!!!

It belongs personally to Ed Roman and it was on display along with some other guitars that were stolen.

The perpetrators have returned all the guitars but this one!!
I am effectively making it worthless by posting this.

If you innocently already bought this guitar I will allow you to keep it .
 I will pay you $5,000.00 if we can get a criminal conviction on even one of the 3 criminals who stole it.
 There is a police report filed in Las Vegas

Ed Roman


Attention Dumpster Divers
Stealing From Paul Reeds Smith Dumpster May Be Illegal


Here is one that we fixed

Accused Faith Hill guitar thieves sentenced

09/03/2006 4:35 PM, AP

Two men accused of stealing guitars once used by Faith Hill and Nickelback have been sentenced to probation. Jeffrey H. Lanahan, 44, was accused of stealing at least a dozen instruments from his employer, Paul Reed Smith Guitars. He gave them to Michael J. Kelly, 42, accused of passing them along to another man who sold them on eBay.

Lanahan and Kelly, who had pleaded guilty, were sentenced Friday. Circuit Judge Ronald A. Silkworth ordered Lanahan to serve three months of house arrest and five years of probation. Kelly was sentenced to three years' probation.

Both men must undergo evaluation for drugs and alcohol, as well as pay restitution for the stolen guitars. Of the nearly $60,000 worth of guitars, all but $21,050 worth were recovered. Lanahan agreed to pay $21,050 in restitution, while Kelly will pay $5,000.

Lanahan & Kelly apologized.

Lanahan worked for the company for eight years until he left in 2004. His task of delivering guitars allowed him to establish relationships with clients, such as U2 and Jimmy Buffett. Company officials reported the missing guitars to police in May 2005. An investigator found a man selling the merchandise on eBay and traced it to Lanahan and Kelly.

Ebay is a Thief's Best Friend

These Dirty Maggots should be Drawn & Quartered, Tarred & Feathered.