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Vox Delta Body Phantom
Also Available in 9 String or 12 String

These guitars were made in the 60's They were very cool, The quality was marginal however !!!
Today we make versions of these in Neck Thru Body (Click Here)

Ralph Novak (Novax)
Another Unsung Genius
Check out the Fanned Frets

Rick Gledura
A genius with wood, his guitars not only looked amazing they sounded fantastic
Occasionally I still get one of these gems.

Another one of the many Les Paul Killers on the market
Duesenberg Guitars

Suffice it to say that Dave Bunker Sr was way ahead of his time
He also Ghostbuilt all of the USA Made Ibanez Guitars from the 90's
Do a google search on this guy
Dave was one of my early inspirations,
He played touch guitar with Elvis in the 50's & the 60's

Dave Bunker Touch Guitar
Do A "You Tube" Search On This Incredible Instrument


Andreas Schmuckler
Austrian builder & designer extraordinaire.
With A Name Like Schmuckler it Has To Be Good !!!
Currently they aren't worth much,  I am looking to buy them !!!!
I have several available to sell !!!

Below this, I have included some guitars that I have made
This is a self serving attempt to get you to look at some of my own creations
This is nothing more than an advertisement that I have attempted to sneak in.
I have designed some of these from the ground up
 others, I have borrowed ideas from other builders
I attempt to create the worlds finest guitars !!!!
with the competition above, It's not an easy job !!
Ed Roman

 Ed Roman  Scorpion Model
This guitar was inspired by Caparison & Ibanez.
These got off to slow start, We only sold about 50 over 3 years.
 In 2008 alone we have already shipped over 100 of these to Europe.

One of my earliest J. Frog Guitars
Beware of imitations, This is the official original

Roman Blues Deluxe Medallion Series

This Guitar is my attempt to create the worlds finest Slimline, Solid Wood, electric 6 string guitar and still be somewhat affordable.

This comes in your choice of Maple, Spruce or Mahogany hand-carved 1 1/2 " Solid Top.
This guitar is 100% real wood, no laminates. You can mix & match the back & side woods also.

Spruce Top Mahogany Back & Sides
Maple Top Mahogany Back & Sides
Maple Top, Maple Back & Sides
Mahogany Top, Maple Back & Sides
Mahogany Top, Mahogany Back & Sides
Mahogany Top, Maple Back & Sides.

You can place the knobs & switches anywhere you like.

You can choose a Talon Tailpiece like in the picture or an Ebony Tailpiece, You can have a Bigsby, or a Tone Pros or even an Ebony bridge.

There are multiple pickup choices, multiple inlay choices, multiple fingerboard choices, multiple binding choices.

You can select an ebony pickguard or an abalone/pearl pickguard, celluloid or no pickguard at all.

there are 15 different electronics packages and the sky is the limit on your own design!  Select a piezo or midi system, Choose your own tuning keys, color of hardware, etc.

There will be less than 100 of these built by the end of 2011 & the price averages in the mid $3,000.00 range. This guitar competes head on with the 10,000.00 Ribbecke Testadura which is considered to be one of the best in the world. There is a 4 year wait on a Testadura and currently there is only a 3 week wait on the Ed Roman Medallion Series,  Blues Deluxe.

Currently Available in Natural, Black, Burgundy, Ice Tea, Blue Translucent, & Several Shades of Sunburst.

Ed Roman Offers Full Financing Anywhere In The USA


Custom Ed Roman Pearlcaster Made For Kassim Sulton

Kassim Sulton
Meatloaf,  Utopia, Hall & Oates, Celine Dionne, The Cars, Todd Rundgren & MAny More


Macassar Striped Ebony Neck



The Pearlcaster & Scepter lines are my answer to the leader in our industry
Much less money than their custom shop models.
Countless options available here!!!!

The Quicksilver is still my best selling instrument
It is my most versatile & best sounding for relatively cheaper than most others

Click Here For The Worlds Best Guitars

The Rockingbird is my best selling Abstract Model


New Lower Prices on the Rockingbat

This Guitar competes directly against 
The Hamer Californian & The Jackson Soloist
See Abstract Guitars over 150 models currently available
 2008 there will be 30 different "V" models alone

Ed Roman Offers Full Financing Anywhere In The USA

Schon Guitars
All the originals built by Jackson in the 80's
Hard to find Ed Roman has them



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