RVC Custom-Made Koa Single Cutaway Guitar

RVC Custom-Made Koa Single Cutaway Guitar

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One Of The Original RVC Prototypes 1995

 Raw Chunk of Koa Wood

We Built 3 Guitars Out of This Piece Of Wood

Solid One Piece Koa Body With Solid Macassar Ebony Neck

Body With Neck Fitted In
Pickup Bolts To Neck

Observe Non Traditional Neck Joint
This makes for better sound and far better playability

Neck With Mother Of Pearl Inlays Hand Fitted

See Neck Tenon Extending in Below the Pickup
On Later Models we Actually Attach the Pickup Physically to the Neck Tenon
This Increases Sustain and Overtones Tremendously

When Frank D. was in Hawaii on his Honeymoon about 30 years ago  he purchased a solid block of striped Koa.  

He had always wanted to build a guitar utilizing this wood.

When Frank found my website and saw what my custom shop was doing with Koa Guitars he decided that he wanted my shop to build him his dream guitar.

As you can see above the neck extends directly into the pickup cavity. The neck pickup will be solidly mounted directly to the Macassar striped Ebony. 

In the above photo the fingerboard has not been mounted yet. It is hard to see in this photo but the rim of the guitar is raised about 1/4 of an inch all around the entire perimeter. This gives the guitar a spectacular effect when the light hits it. Many of the competitive mass produced guitars available don't carve the tips like this. Most of them simply plane off the edges and let the edges taper off to a flat edge.

Finished Product