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Ace Frehley   Les Paul
BB King   Gibson Lucille
Billy Gibbons   Jupiter Thunderbird
Bon Jovi  (Whole Band)   Kramer
Bootsy Collins   Bootsy Bass
Buck Dharma   Ed Roman Cheeseburger Guitar
Carlos Santana   PRS stage played & hand signed
David Bowie   Kramer Ferrington
David Crosby   Country Gentleman
Dimebag Darrell   Guild
Disturbed   Ibanez
Eddie Ojeda   J Frog
Elliot Easton   RVC
Eric Burdon   Fender Strat
Eric Clapton   Fender Strat
Fred Sonic Smith  MC5   Mosrite
George Harrison   Promo Photo 1965 World Tour
Jack Blades   Hamer Scarab Bass
Joe Walsh   Les Paul
John Mayer   Fender Strat John Mayer
Les Paul   Les Paul
Leslie West Mountain Les Paul
Mark Slaughter Slaughter LSR & ABSTRACT
Mark Kendall   Quicksilver
Mick Taylor         (Sold) Rolling Stones Standell
Lita Ford   BC Rich Locomotive
Paul Reed Smith    
Paul Stanley KISS  
The Ramones    
Richie Blackmore Deep Purple  
Richie Sambora Bon Jovi  
Rick Springfield    
Robben Ford   2 Baker Guitars  Handsigned
Robin Trower    
Ronny James Dio    
Semie Moseley    
Slash   Quicksilver Signed Under The Finish
Spencer Davis    
Ted Nugent   Personally Owned Kramer 1984 Handsigned
Ted Nugent   Quicksilver Hand Signed Under The Finish


1968 Elvis Presley�s Autographed Ovation Acoustic Guitar

This is the only known guitar ever signed by Elvis Presley with proper documentation. After meeting Memphis karate instructor, Kang Rhee, on February 29, 1971, Elvis wanted to exchange gifts. Elvis presented his Ovation guitar to Master Rhee during a visit to his dojo. The face of the guitar is hand inscribed by Elvis, �To Master Kang Rhee, with Gratitude from Panther, Elvis Presley�. "Panther" was the karate name given to Elvis by Master Rhee. Elvis later requested his name be changed from �Panther� to �Tiger� due to the negative connotations that could arise from the then unpopular Black Panther militant group.

This Ovation Deluxe Balladeer guitar serial #1798 has a spruce top, black fiberglass bowl back. There is slight warpage with several splits to the top with one specific area slightly delaminating.

Accompanied with letters of authenticity from Master Kang Rhee explaining how and why Elvis gave him the guitar along with a letter of authenticity from Memphis Mafia member, Joe Esposito as well as the Elvis Presley Museum. Additionally there is a 1981 video of Kang Rhee holding the guitar talking about why Elvis gave it to him.

The story of Elvis giving this guitar to his Karate instructor in Memphis in the 1970's is legendary among fans.

A documentary that came out on television in the late 1980's has a segment with Master Rhee holding the guitar. Telling the story himself. He is still in Memphis and can be contacted to verify the story.



Andrew Dice Clay Backstage Pass  
Bob Schimmel CD  
Cast Members  Star Trek  Gene Roddenberry Movie Poster  
Cast Members Star Wars Movie Posters  
Christina Applegate Photos,  Numerous  
Chuck Berry Record  
Denny Laine Album Shadowbox Wings
Eddie Van Halen    
Eric Burdon    
Frank Gorshin Video  
Gerard Marsden Photos Gerry & The Pacemakers
Jimi Hendrix Letter To His Girlfriend  
Jeff Beck Large Poster Photo  
Les Paul    
Leslie West    
Marie Osmond Photograph  
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Tommy Shaw    
Chuck Norris    
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Autographed Guitars

Riva Guitar Signed by the Members of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Riva Guitar Signed by Members of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Signed Top of Guitar

Stiger Autographed by Vince Neil, Tommy Lee & Nikki Sixx

We Donated This Guitar To The American Cancer Society


Autographed Guitars & Stage Played Guitars

Guitar owned by Mark Slaughter

Tom Petty's Guitar

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Ace' Frehley Custom Made Guitar 1990
Seymour Duncan Pickups Installed
 It weighs about 4.5 lbs

Custom Sculpting Done For Ace Frehley 1990
All Sculpting Work Done In Ed Roman's Custom Shop
Gibson Copied This Design In 2009 But It Didn't Look As Graceful




Jennifer Batten
Washburn from the Jeff Beck Tours

Currently 3 Paul Stanley Signed Guitars In Stock
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We Don't Fart Around With Squire Guitars For Signature !!!


Colin Hay

Men At Work

Signed By Eric Bloom
Blue Oyster Cult

Signed By Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach
Jason Bonham, Evan Seinfeld
No Longer Available

The previous reviewer nailed it: The great staff were down to answer questions and talk shop for hours, if that's what you want. No pressure, you get to try out the instruments, yet when you do make a purchase they don't just pull it off the wall (fingerprints, screwed up action and all)  like the competition. What competition? In my humble opinion, Ed Roman's is a breed apart in the field of musical instrument stores. A Mecca for the veteran axe-man, yet nonthreatening enough for the beginner picking out his/her first instrument. When I was there, a salesperson noticed me staring longingly at a "Dean From Hell," (Dimebag Darrell limited edition), and took it down for me to play into a Randall. Playing "Domination" on that thing was as close to it as I was ever going to get. Minor annoyances such as rent and car payments derailed my crazy train, and after carefully handing it back, I instead perused their ample selection of instructional materials. I walked out of there into the July heat with a big smile, 2 books and a G3 DVD. I really need to get serious about improving my skillz, and this store provides inspiration in spades. Yet another well-deserved 5-star rating. 



Signed By Ted Nugent


BB King Signing A Guitar

Bettie Page Custom Finish Fender Guitar, Ed Roman Guitars, Las Vegas

Autographed by Bettie Page



Richie Blackmore's personally owned stage played Stratocaster
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Roman Pearlcaster Autographed by "Supergroup"  Damnocracy
Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Jason Bonham, Evan Seinfeld

"Gavtone" Custom Purple Guitar Autographed by Steve Vai
Used by Steve Vai on the David Lee Roth "Eat 'em & Smile Tour"


Mosrite Guitar Signed By All 4 Members Of The Ramones

One of the most sought after Fender Models The Fender Custom Shop Mary Kaye Stratocaster
Personally autographed By Mary Kaye shortly before her death

Guitar is reasonably priced and still available !!!!!
Because It Was autographed
"To Ed My Dear Friend All My Love"
The autograph value is almost non existent

BC RICH Kerry King Warlock
Signed by Kerry King

Kramer Elliot Easton Model
Signed By Elliott Easton
Autographed Guitars

January 1, 2009 I purchased a storage locker full of "Guns & Roses" Memorabilia

Over 25,000 pieces of G&R Memorabilia & 20,000 pieces of Great White Memorabilia
The contents of the storage locker was owned by the original manager of both bands Alan Niven
(the son of David Niven, the English Movie Actor)
The entire lot is still being sorted out and cataloged
Interested parties with money to spend should contact Ed Roman ASAP
(702) 597-0147

The Main Guitars are the ones made by Chris Derrig & Max Baranella
I have been told the 4 on the front left without pickguards are Chris Derrig's
The one on the right without the Pickguard is "THE MAX"
 I have been told that only the ones with pickguards are Gibson made