Exotic Wood Quicksilver Guitars

Quilted Maple Quicksilver
Built For Avi Kalichstein 2011

Quicksilver Guitar Cocobolo Top
Technologically nothing compares
Read the comparison between the Quicksilver & PRS

Bocote Top On A Quicksilver With A Macassar Ebony Neck 

Solid Ash Body Quicksilver

Striped Koa Body Quicksilver  Magnetic Cavity Covers

Korina Back On A Quicksilver
This Is The Back Of Leslie West's Early Low Serial Number Quicksilver

Figured Bubinga Quicksilver

Quicksilver Bubinga Guitar custom built for Sean Keane


Spalted Maple

Tasmanian Blackwood Cohagerie Quicksilver


Still The Most Popular
Quilted Blister Maple

Gibsons Are Made With Maple Tops We Use A  full 1/4 thicker Top Than Gibson


Flamed  Maple Quicksilver                     Angelstep Maple

Honduras Mahogany Quicksilver (Oil Finish)

Plain Sapele Quicksilver

Macassar Ebony Neck Model For "Buck Dharma" Blue Oyster Cult

Figured Myrtle Burlwood Quicksilver

Macassar Ebony Top

 Macassar Ebony Neck

Exotic Madrone Burl Quicksilver

Giant Sequoia Exotic Reverse Chevron Flametop
Also Known As Redwood




Variegated Saman Quicksilver  With F Hole
A variation Of Koa but does not grow on Hawaii
If it doesn't grow on Hawaii it's not real Koa
Just like If it doesn't come from Champagne France it's not Champagne



Black Limba Quicksilver


Alder Quicksilver


Cocobolo Quicksilver


Brazilian Rosewood Quicksilver

Magnetic Cavity Covers


Walnut Quicksilver  With Slight Yellow Burst

Walnut Quicksilver Flatliner


Petrified Maple Quicksilver

Myrtlewood Quicksilver

Myrtlewood Quicksilver

Abstract Body Blanks




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Quicksilver's In Highly Figured Beautiful Cocobolo Wood

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Solid Walnut Top with Clear Finish
No enhancing
Guitar Built By Ed Roman

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