EVH Frankenstrat

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This is the most famous & recognizable guitar Eddie ever made. What can I say about this guitar. It’s the shit!!!

Normal people look at this thing and have to think it is the ugliest thing they have ever seen. Guitarists look at it and think the exact opposite.

Eddie has played this on every tour & it has the battle scars to prove it.

Eddie broke the original neck which led him to replace it a handful of times.

Most of the guitar doesn’t even work! The neck pickup is dead and disconnected. The selector switch is not doing any switching. And the pickguard is not guarding any picks. Probably the most useful thing on the guitar is the 1971 quarter place under the bridge as to keep it from pulling backwards. And to top it all off, Eddie put truck reflectors on the back of the guitar. Why?? Because he thought it looked cool.

1984 Version 1 1984 Version 2 1984 Version 3

Interesting Footnote: At one point the guitar had a Hockey stick or “Banana” headstock neck which was originally designed by  J. Frog.  Kramer made it famous.

J. Frog, is the designer genius from the early 80's who built George Lynch's Skull N' Bones guitar. He also built several other famous signature guitars check it out.

Available As A Do it Yourself Kit