Custom Carved Guitars

3 Dimensional Carving on a Pearlcaster Body


Carving & Engraving

Custom Built Alien Model Made For Steve Vai

Ed Roman Abstract Rockingbat Hand Carved Guitar

Built In our custom shop right on the premises

Call For Information

Even the back is carved

The rarest of all Rickenbacker Guitars ever

Ed Roman has two Brand New Pieces in stock

Get out yer' wallet & prepare to dig very deeply

Carved from one piece of wood

Call us if you want one of these babies !!!!

Carved V prototype we did for an Asian company who wanted to mass produce something cool !!

We can build you one of these for $3,500.00 or sell you the import version for about  $350.00

The import version is surprisingly decent !... even the pickups sound pretty good.

We have 100 of them in stock...  When they are gone there will be no more !!!!

Lots of tedious carving here !!!!

Only 3 were ever made !!!

Abstract Rockingbird Model

Hand Made In The USA  prices start at approximately  $1,900.00

This has been our best selling Abstract model and is pretty much guaranteed to be a classic someday

Very Cool Carved Guitar

Our Most Famous Carved Guitar

The J Frog Skull & Bones. Built right here on the premises in our custom shop

Ed Roman is the only place to buy the original one

All others are Fakes


Call Ed Roman Guitars if you want to buy one !!!!!

Billy Sheehan,  Johnny Frog &  George Lynch


Rare Double Skull Model

We only made 10, No longer available


We will reissue The V Skull in 2007 

A maximum of 10 will be built !!!

Orders accepted until March 2007

The Only Real Original One !!!

Talk About Custom Carving !!!

Carving Up The Wazoo

More Skull Designs

Even More Skulls

What's the Deal with Musicians & Skulls???