Mosrite Mark II Left-Handed Guitar

The Mosrite Guitar That Johnny Ramone Made Famous

Ecept in the Left-Handed Version!

All the exact same modifications have been performed all the custom electronics have been carefully replicated right down to the
mismatched knobs, just like Johnny's. Beware of copies that don't say Mosrite On Them. Johnny Always Played Only Mosrites!

Sale Price: $2995.99 Includes Hard Shell Case

There are other people & corporations who control many artists names when they die. Johnny Ramone is no exception now that he is dead. Just like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley & many others. If you choose to buy into that hype, I feel sorry for you, because in many cases, these people are simply profiteering on your idol. Be aware that Johnny Ramone, always throughout his entire career, played a Mosrite guitar. Anyone who tells you different is lying. Anyone that shows you a picture of Johnny playing a Mosrite guitar with another name on the headstock, The picture has been photo-shopped. I have seen such pictures and It makes me quite upset. I myself was there the day Johnny kicked off the Mosrite model named after him. I am positive that he would never have played anything but a Mosrite !!!!!

In this country we are fed so much Bullshit that eventually it becomes true,  I can remember when people would never buy Chinese products. Nowadays our country owes the Chinese 15 trillion dollars because all the kids today have been "Dumbed Down" so that they would not recognize good quality any longer. For example Today, Everyone knows that Johnny Ramone played a Mosrite. But in 20 years from now whoever owns the name, will potentially reap the profits. Unless of course they go out of business before that.

Ed Roman - February 2011

Brand Mosrite Frets 22
Model Mark II Hardware Chrome
ORIGIN USA Inlays Micro Dots
Designer Semie Moseley Case Optional
Neck Construction Bolt On Body Alder
Condition New Bridge Tune-O-Matic Mosrite
Color White Neck Maple
Nut Width 1 5/8" Pickups Duncan Dimarzio Custom
SKU 1G Tuners Grover
Extras Hard Shell Case Included Extras .
Notes Left Handed Version

A Word About Johnny Ramone & Mosrite Guitars

Now that Johnny Ramone & Semie Moseley are no longer with us, there are people out there who are claiming things that I am sure are simply not true.
These people want you to think that Johnny played their guitars when he was alive.  
 NOT !!!!
I was one of the lucky people who got to meet both Johnny & Semie. Personally, I think it's despicable for any company to take credit for designing any part of any of the Mosrite Guitars.  Especially when they know damn well that Semie himself isn't around to call them a liar.
I think it's totally despicable for any company, to use representations or pictures of Johnny Ramone, who always played real Mosrite guitars,  posing with something that is obviously an absolute fake.
If you are going to make a fake, I guess I can understand that,  but to use a persons name after he is dead to try and represent that he actually played a different brand. That just plain sucks !!!!
Fakes will always exist, lets face it not everyone can afford the real thing. My thoughts are a fake is OK as long as it is represented as a fake.
Ed Roman
December 2010