Spalted Maple

Below are Some Examples of Spalted Maple Guitars

Custom Spalted Maple & Cocobolo Guitar

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Spalted Maple Bodies

Spalted Maple Viking Raw With No Finish
Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop

Amazing Spalt on this Quicksilver
Tops like these are reserved for our best guitars
Tops like these don't grow on trees
Hey, wait a minute !!


Baker Guitar with Spalted Top
 USA Made Neck Through Body Guitars

This Bass has an incredibly wild finish on it, This is done in a combination of ways and requires a tremendous amount of skill and patience.  A job like this can take up to week to do.

Centurion By Ed Roman

Gibson Les Paul Retopped In Ed Roman's Custom Shop
Not the best picture of this
It came out looking a lot better

Quicksilver with oiled top & piezo system

Dean Z, after playing this you won't want a Gibson !!!
The tone & resonance are awesome.
That big tuning fork headstock resonates like a banshee.

Rich Warm Deep Spalt

This is Ed Roman's personal main player guitar

  It is called "The Elephant Man" because the wood is misshaped and worn through in spots
Originally Ed thought it was too ugly to sell so he figured he would use it.
Everyone loves this guitar so much that Ed is offering relics where the wood is worn down like this.
$5,000.00 for a guitar like this one
Ed says "If these other Jibroneys, chare $10,000,00 to $30,000.00  for just chips & scratches."

" We can do it better, more realistic and of course as always, cheaper !!!!!!"


JET Guitar
This picture is a little washed out.
But JET guitars offers some of the finest Spalt we have ever seen.

"Quicksilver Guitars are Awesome Guitars"

"Quicksilver Guitars are Awesome Guitars"

"Quicksilver Guitars are Awesome Guitars"

"Quicksilver Guitars are Awesome Guitars"

This guitar is lighter than a Les Paul
This guitar plays circles around a Les Paul, The action is set lower.
Due to the Tone Pros bridge & the strings thru body it out-sustains a Les Paul
This guitar Is less money than a Les Paul
This guitar is hand built completely in the USA unlike a Les Paul.
Tone is subjective!!!
This guitar has split coil pickups so it offers more different tones than a Les Paul
Why would anyone want a Les Paul ?
Maybe they have been brainwashed since being a kid
Maybe they like heavy, cumbersome, outdated guitars.
Maybe they are rebelling against modern technology.
Maybe they are insecure, and want to join the groups of other lemmings.
Maybe they are trying to recapture their youth.
Maybe they like paying hand made prices for machine made guitars.
This little rant is not supposed to piss anyone off. (I'm sure it will)
This is written because...
I would like to see people think for themselves & stop being taken in by paid for magazine ad's

Another Gibson Retop
Done in Our Custom Shop
Ed Roman has done 750 of these using many different woods

Why Do a Retop ?
To fix the guitar after some one drilled it out, damaged it, or put a tremolo on it.
To make it sound better.
To make it unique.
To Upgrade the incorrect hardware the factory installed.
To change the standard mounting or position of the pickups.
To be an anti traditionalist.
To make your guitar look much better.
To make your guitar a true extension of your own personality and not someone else's.

If you own a PRS with a tremolo or one of their substandard, wraparound bridges. Or possibly a BC Rich, that has one of those cheesy Badass bridges or Quadmatic wraparound bridges. Or any guitar with a trem or crappy bridge.
A retop will solve all your problems!!!!

Sometimes it's cheaper just to out and buy a new guitar. But then there's that old nostalgic sentimentality that you have attached to Old Betsy. You can't put a price on that. Maybe the guitar belonged to your dad and you want to honor him by playing it. Very admirable but that old time technology will limit your playing severely. Dad would probably not want that.


Not My Idea Of A Very Pretty Spalt
But It Is Spalt Nonetheless


Wild Spalted Maple

Spalted Maple For Your Next Guitar
Call Ed Roman Now !!!!