Martian Redwood aka Sequoia

Rick Gledura (Luthier Extraordinaire)

I asked Rick where this beautiful wood came from? He told me he found it while hunting for "Wild Snargian Boar" on Mars. Everything is red on Mars, The water, The rocks the sand and of course the wood. I told Rick that I would fund his next Martian expedition.
All he had to do was bring back a sufficient amount of this wood.

Seriously though, This redwood was one of my most successful experiments, Couple this with a Korina back and a Macassar Ebony Neck and you have got one of the finest tonal combinations out there.

Consequently, I tested it with some other wood combinations, I tried a  Korina neck and I tried a Rosewood fingerboard, The Gaboon Ebony or Macassar Ebony neck proved out the most versatile & comfortable. I tried a Hard Rock Maple neck with a Gaboon Ebony fretboard and that worked real well.

The guitar that I tried these combinations on was mostly on Bolt In Neck , Quicksilver's and on one deep set neck Centurion. Over the past 15 years, I have been trying all sorts of different wood combinations, in my search for the the Holy Grail of woods.

If you want to build a custom guitar, give me a call if you have questions on wood properties, I will try to assist you in finding what is right for you. Remember my findings are completely subjective to my own tastes, so please don't simply take them at face value based on what I like. You might like something completely different.  That is why people want a custom guitar in the first place.

Ed Roman

  Here is an example of a piece of Natural Quilted Redwood  I used it building a Quicksilver Guitar
It looks like Bubinga so much that we constantly make mistakes with pictures.
However it weighs much less than Bubinga  and I like the Redwood tonally over the Bubinga

Natural With No Finish....   

Put some clear on it and look to the above left !!   (Same Body)

This beautiful tonewood appears slightly browner when you apply clear finish to it