Quicksilver with Bocote Top
Dark bands of reddish yellow and black. 

Bocote, from the family Boraginaceae, grows in northern Florida, the West Indies, Central America, and southward to Brazil and Argentina. Bocote is grayish, yellowish or tobacco colored to reddish brown, with irregular dark brown or blackish streaks and variegations, with more or less of an oily or waxy appearance; fine to medium grain. Basic specific gravity > 0.84. Holds its place well when manufactured. A readily worked timber, finishing very smoothly. Durability is rated high. The particular variety we use is yellow with black and dark brown straight streaks. Very hard and dense, it makes excellent fingerboards with a distinctive look. 

From Central America; Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica.
Color ranges from nearly white to golden brown, with irregular reddish to dark brown streaks. The grain is typically straight, but may vary from straight to roey. The texture is usually fine to medium, with a somewhat oily or waxy appearance.
Common uses include cabinetmaking, decorative veneer, fine furniture, interior trim, balusters, excelsior, floor lamps, moldings, parquet flooring, and wainscoting.
Specific Gravity is .74 (very dense). Turns easily.

Source:, November 1998

Some Examples Of Bocote Wood

Bocote Picks