Beer Themed Guitars and Paint Jobs

Ed Roman will create you a special guitar with your favorite
Beer Company's logo or any logo you can imagine.

I'll even make a copy of the famous Heineken guitar for your bar or bedroom !!!!

Fender Squire Rolling Rock Guitar

The Only Fender Beer Guitar We Have Seen

Rare Foreign Beer Guitar      Lawsuit Fender Headstock

Sold as a collectible only !!!!    $125.00  Cheapo Guitar
Gtr Center, Sam's Club, Costco Quality 

Washburn Bud Light

Hamer Miller Guitar

Hamer Miller High Life


Fender Guitars Partner Up With Miller to Do a Beautiful Glass Picture

Miller Left Handed 12  String

Miller Bass Guitar

Dean Budweiser  Guitar

The Most Famous Beer Guitar In The World

 Probably the only one worth any money.

Why is this guitar so famous? Only because it is Charvel # 1.  That's Right the first guitar to be sold as a Charvel in the world.   Whoopdy doooo !!!!

In my opinion this guitar should have had something better than a beer commercial painted on it. In fact, I would bet money that if this guitar was a simple black or white, it would be worth three times what it is now.

Notice the hand gripping the guitar  tightly. That most assuredly belongs to it's owner. He won't let it out of his sight for even a minute.  I believe he is a bit unrealistic as to the guitars value.

This guy apparently worked in a music store (Gracins' in Hempstead NY)he bought it way back before anyone ever heard of Charvel. My hat is off to him for that. Most people won't buy anything unless their wife, and 3 of their friends tell them it's OK to buy.  

This guy has built his life around this guitar, It's a bit sad in my opinion. I think he probably takes it to bed with him at night.

Oh well, I take my Wildey 454 Magnum to bed with me!!

Ed Roman


Charvel Serial # 001 Heineken Beer Guitar

The Birth Of A Legend !!!!