Custom Guitar Necks

Custom Necks and Inlays for Double Neck Guitar
These necks were for a custom Jason Becker Guitar

Custom-Built Replacement Neck
Available with Ebony, Maple or Rosewood
Specify Scalloping, Inlays, Headstock Angle, Fret Size
We also offer this in a neck through body design


This custom neck extends all the way through the body.
we can make you one with any style headstock you like.
We can use any type of fingerboard wood you want.
You can even order it scalloped or specify any inlay at all.
Baritone, Tenor or Piccolo neck
These take about 45 days to build

Neck Thru Body Guitar
Design Your Own Shape.. We can make any shape you like !!
See Neck Thru Gallery

Neck Thru Body Batman Guitar
See Neck Thru Gallery


Custom Guitar with Neck Through Body
All Korina Body,  All Korina Neck
We Can Construct Any Guitar This Way

Ultimate Custom Neck Through Body Single Cut Guitar
See Neck Thru Gallery

 To our knowledge, No one in the USA is making replacement necks for Ibanez
In fact we don't know of any company worldwide that offers them.
Some customers have cut the top so that this neck is an exact replica.

More Necks with Pricing


This Is an All   Korina    Quicksilver Guitar   with a    Brazilian Rosewood   Neck